Social Media hosting is a service that is specially made for social media services. It is capable of creating a lot of users who are bound together to share relevant information with respect to each person's niche. The social media is characterized by many features and functions such as ability to input a lot of communication and information tools which can be operated on any software ranging from your smartphones to your desktop and your laptop. On the social media hosting, you also have the opportunity to share photos, posts, videos, ideas and all other activities. You can connect and reach out to everyone around the world in your own convenience as long as you have a connection with them online.

Things To Consider For A Social Network Hosting

1. Security

For anyone to run a successful business and a social network as such, he must have a safe and secure environment that is very reliable.

2. Control Panel

The control panel is also an important aspect because it deals with the proper control and management for the hosting service you opt in for.

3. Backups

The hosting service must be able to provide you with a free backup that helps to backup your data from time to time.

4. Fully Managed

The server is one that has full-time support team that is always ready to help in case of any need for it.

5. Money Back Guarantee

You can be assured to be served to your satisfaction. You have 100% guarantee to get your money back in case you are not satisfied with what you have been served with.

Some of the managed Social Media hosting software and their functions are listed below.

1. Softaculous

It is a WordPress software that contains a lot of applications that can be easily installed. With Softaculous, you can save a lot of your time and money.

2. Cloudflare

This provides you the best delivery of your contents, a good uptime rate with fast speed giving you a very superb experience.

3. CPanel

It is a software that provides you with a control panel that manages your website for you so easily, blogging tools, custom error pages, file managers and security from malicious attacks.

4. Spamexperts

This is software that secures your social network from spam, malware, hackers and virus on a regular basis. It provides you with the utmost effectiveness and accuracy.

All these listed social networking software are capable of providing the following functions which makes them very unique.

  • Full-time Dedication

They provide you with full-time support to provide solutions to all you may need or inquire. They are experts in any administration of your system and all data, optimization of your server performance and as well provide you the best Web hosting support Service

  • Free Installation Of Application

You are allowed to make installations of your desired applications as much as you won't up to 1000+. As much as the application may seem to be, the software is not affected, it is very fast in processing any information and very easy to use.

  • Daily Free Backups

You are also provided with free and daily backups which is done by an expert to keep your data and files safe and make it available for restoration at any time you may need it.

  • Free Domain

Use any domain name that you love and register the domain using any among the list of domain names you desire. If you registered a domain and you desire to change it, you are allowed but it will take effect only within the period of 48 hours after you have registered.

  • Protection And Security

You have a firewall and security suite which keeps your account from malware. BitNinja is the best option used here for the security.

  • Free Transfer Of Site

In case you already have websites and accounts that you used before, you will be helped to transfer these files and databases without any stress. You are also guaranteed an uptime rate of 100% for a very fast and efficient performance.

  • Free Encryption Activation

The encryption activation is free and always available for all the software. The work of encryption is to improve the security of the website.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee offers you an opportunity to use the service for a specified period and see if you are satisfied or not. Peradventure you are not satisfied with what you are offered, you have the license to get back your money. For more detailed information, click here.

Building will be the main VPS server and, whereas the apartments are the isolated server space each user is allocated.

Now that we’ve seen what a Virtual Private Server is, let us move on to understand its type. There are two types of VPS Hosting available, namely, Managed VPS Hosting and Unmanaged VPS Hosting. In this article, we’ll help you understand what Managed VPS Hosting is and how it helps your business.

Managed VPS Hosting

With respect to the name, it is a hosting service provider that keeps your server managed for you without having anything to worry about. Whatever you need to do on your server is fixed by the service providers. It is best for business owners because it will make them to be less worried and concentrate more on their businesses. You can use the managed VPS hosting for any business of your choice, you don't have to be an expert in the niche of the business. Therefore, let us consider some of the benefits of the managed VPS hosting below.

1. Full Root Access

You have full access to your server and so you can set it based on how you want it to look like and to suit your needs.

2. Easy Management

Since you are not the one in charge of the management of your server, you have less to worry about so you can easily manage your business and do more of working on your business brand for optimum improvement.

3. Instant Resource Provision

You are provided immediately with all the needed resources on your server as soon as you purchase or do a subscription.

4. Saves Cost

Management of the site is not to be done by you but by your service providers. So the cost of maintenance is reduced because you would not need an external expert to help you with the server. Managed VPS hosting seems to be very expensive at the beginning but you later realize it is better than other forms of VPS hosting.

5. Improved Performance

You can select a VPS hosting that uses SSD as it is the most commonly used by business owners. It is mostly used because it helps your website to load data faster, thereby causing an improvement on the performance of your business and your customers.

6. Security

It is very important that you have a very safe and secure website. The managed VPS hosting promises you a secure and safe environment against hackers.

Personal & Professional Social Network Hosting

Personal and professional social network hosting provides you with special features ranging from high site stability, a good uptime rate of 99.99%, free backups, data transfer without limit, a user-friendly platform and a support team that is readily available.

The Features Of The Software

1. A strong hardware

The hardware is to strong that it allows a very fast speed, high security assistance and a very reliable support.

2. Virtualizor Management Interface

This is an interface that makes it easy for users to operate. This interface makes available a lot of templates that can be followed to create your own desired environment with ease.

3. Immediate Activation Upon Payment

When you successfully pay money for the services, your account is activated almost immediately which means you do not need to wait for too long before you have access to all the provisions made for you on your website.

4. An Uptime Rate of 99.99%

You can be assured of an uptime rate of up to 99.99% that is always effective at all times.

5. Free Direct Administration

You are licensed and therefore have the right to be the administrator of your server and manage it as you desire.

6. Free Backups

You are offered free weekly backups to keep your information saved and always available whenever you need it.

7. Always Available Support Team

You are provided with a support team that is always available to provide help anytime you may need a help.

8. Transfer Of Data Without Limit

Lastly, you have access to the transfer of data without limit. For more detailed information, click here.

Popular Social Network Hosting Software

There are many social network hosting software which provide you with unique features and keep you connected but the most popular ones are listed below.

1. BuddyPress

It is a software that was established from several other software brought together. With BuddyPress, you can build your social network; you can launch new products and as well communicate with everyone in your social network niche. But you must be able to handle WordPress in order to be able to manage your account properly from hackers. Make sure to initiate and keep running all the security and safety precautions.

2. Dolphin

This second software is good for developing a social network that has websites up to 300,000. It allows to carry out activities such as video chatting and recording, voice recording, installing mobile apps, blogging, sending and receiving messages, e.t.c. Dolphin also provides you with update and install features, full support and good hosting services.

3. Elgg

If you desire to develop an environment that is interactive and friendly, then Elgg is the best option. You have access to many applications, themes, blogging, communication tools, friends, messaging tools, games, multimedia tools, a track of your activities and forums. You are also provided with full-time support and a secure environment.

4. Oxwall

The last on the list is Oxwall which is capable of meeting all the needs of its users. It is a software that functions for family and friends, as websites to your followers, as a tool for all other users like you. It is easy to use, customize and manage because it is an open-source software. Oxwall provides you with multimedia tools, forums, blogging tools and a site builder tool. With the site builder tool, you have the ability to edit and design your site in the way that best suits you. Lastly, if you desire a social network that you can monetize, it is best that you go for Oxwall.

For more detailed information, click here.

Shared Hosting for Social Network Hosting Applications

The features of the shared hosting for social network hosting applications include full and timely support, management, a good uptime However, the shared hosting is divided into three types namely:

1. Basic shared hosting: It a hosting service that provides a domain, a cloud storage of 5 GB in size, email accounts, an unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificates. You can purchase it for as low as 3.47 US dollars for a month.

2. Standard shared hosting: This provides you with up to 5 domains, cloud storage of 20GB in size, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates and email accounts. You can get this for as low as 6.47 US dollars for a month.

3. Professional shared hosting: The last type of shared hosting is the professional which provides you with unlimited domain, cloud storage that is unlimited, unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificates and unlimited bandwidth. Virtually everything provided has no limit. You can get this for as low as 9.97 US dollars for a month.


Having compared the social media hosting and the managed VPS hosting, flipped through the popular social web hosting, by now you know all it takes to get the best you really desire to move your business to the best level.

Social Media Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting

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