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We know how vital websites are in our modern world. Almost everything is now done on the internet and on websites to be more specific. These websites are of course also provided by web hosting providers, making web hosting as important. Web hosting services come in different types, designed for different people with each unique in its form of operation. They also have different pricing systems.

There are three types of web hosting and they include:

  1. Dedicated web hosting
  2. Shared web hosting
  3. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Web hosting.

For our discussion, we'll take a detailed look at the Virtual Private Server web hosting better known with its acronym VPS web hosting.

The VPS hosting is simply a sort of web hosting that is based on the sharing of one physical server with other websites. In case you might wonder how this is done; A software called the hypervisor does the function of separating the websites. To understand this better, just imagine it as a large hall being segmented into rooms by walls. Every website is then a “room” on its own with exclusive privacy and storage. It is however not run by one operating system according to whichever their web hosting providers use.

Most people start up with shared web hosting before moving to VPS web hosting. When the needs of security, availability, good storage and back up and lastly reasonable price is called for, the VPS web hosting is perfect. There are basically two types of VPS web hosting

  • Fully managed VPS web hosting: This is the VPS web hosting that is entirely managed by the web hosting provider. Here, all the website’s functions are taken care of by the web hosting provider. All storage, configuration, and updating functions are handled by the web hosting provider with customer service as well. The website owner doesn’t need to worry about anything concerning the website and can pay full attention to his other roles and duties. A major advantage is that of a security breach since powerful firewalls are set up by professionals and checked regularly.
  • The Self managed VPS web hosting: This is the sort of VPS web hosting that is solely managed by the owner of the website. All storage, configuration, and updating functions are handled by the website owner as well as customer service too. The owner takes care of everything personally and customizes the server to his taste. Although the catch here is that he needs to be trained in this or he is liable to undermanage the website and lead to its collapse.

The most intriguing thing about VPS web hosting is its high speed and reliability. Asides that, its affordable price while still offering a swell range of awesome services and resources is another thing that can never be ignored. It is very usually preferred to Shared web hosting which is also cheap but does not meet all the excellent performance of the VPS web hosting.

Ever visited a website and its sluggishness irritated you?, even worse is that you can face issues of crashes during your visit or even unavailability of the IP address. With VPS web hosting, however, all this is easily avoided, making VPS hosting highly reliable. Below are some benefits of VPS hosting which makes it extremely fast and reliable:

  • Dedicated Resources- The VPS web hosting offers full and available resources that are adequate for all the websites on the server making sure they are all running giving you optimum results.
  • Efficiency: VPS web hosting is highly efficient as it has enough RAM and bandwidth. This helps it to avoid crashes and ensure proper storage of data and smooth running of the website.
  • Scalability: The VPS web hosting can be scaled up or down easily
  • Constant Technical support: The VPS web hosting has 24/7 technical support paying attention to the needs of users. It also has features like communal groups or live chat.
  • Cost Advantage: It is very affordable. The pricing systems can also be adjusted to fit the website owners and is financially suitable for small and middle scale businesses.
  • Security: It is highly secure as there are frequent checks on it to avoid security breaches, assuring the website owner of premium safety.
  • Software freedom: The website owner is free to choose his system operators and other software programs he wants to use.
  • Multiple domain usage: Website owners with multiple websites on the server can use multiple domain names if they want to.
  • High Performance: With an impressive RAM and bandwidth the processing power of the website is mind-blowing.
  • Managed website services: If the owner wants help with the management of the website he can hire a technician to help him out.
  • Root Access: Full control over the website is possible with full access to everything in it all to be accessed on your control panel.

Reliable VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

VPS hosting as we have already known it to be is a type of web hosting that is based on sharing one physical server but being distinctly divided by a hypervisor. It is mostly used by small and medium-sized businesses that do not have enough resources to get dedicated web hosting but is nevertheless still very efficient and also very secure.

Here are some advantages of using VPS web hosting:

  • Its pricing systems are very affordable and are also very flexible to suit the website owner’s taste.
  • It is also very secure and is not prone to security breaches.

It can either be fully managed or self-managed.

  1. Fully managed VPS web hosting: The web hosting is fully handled by the web hosting provider.
  2. Self-managed VPS web hosting: The web hosting is handled by the website owner.

VPS hosting offer a lot of benefits. First, it is shared among a reasonable amount of websites it has adequate resources, as well as an impressive storage space and bandwidth. It also has a very fast processing power that makes operations easy and fast, giving the users of the website an enjoyable and stress-free experience. VPS hosting comes with an always-available IP address and supports multi-website ownership and operation. These are just to mention only a few.

Meanwhile, Dedicated web hosting on the other hand is a sort of web hosting where a whole server is used solely by one website. It offers a range of great advantages but is also quite expensive. It is usually for big businesses that can afford it. Here are some advantages of using Dedicated web hosting.

  • Enhanced Performance: Since all the available resources are designed solely for a single website, there is a processing power with incredible speed.
  • Total security guarantee: We already know that the website is solely on its own on the server. Therefore, there is no risk of a security breach from another website that might have been penetrated if it was not dedicated web hosting. This ensures total security.
  • Greater Access to website: Since the server has only websites on it, there is no need for shared access. A website owner using the dedicated web hosting has complete access to the server without any boundaries.
  • Customization: The owner of a website using dedicated web hosting has the ultimate ability to customize the server to fully suit his taste.
  • A high processing power making operations fast and efficient.
  • Unique IP address: A website using dedicated web hosting has a unique IP address that is always available.
  • 25/7 Premise support: There is awesome support for the website that uses dedicated web hosting.

Knowing well that differences exist between the two web hosting types, it is however important to know that as long as the option you go for is reliable and adequate for your website, you will enjoy your web hosting experience. Below are the advantages of using a reliable VPS or Dedicated Hosting:

  • It saves you more money and time: We know that for whatever business we do, it is very essential to save time and money whenever we can. When you operate on a reliable web hosting service, you receive the services of experts who will help you in many aspects. Also, you will not experience regular crashes and data losses. This helps you to save money you would have spent in regaining your data or hiring other third parties to assist in various areas. Also, you are given the time to focus mainly on the growth of your business.
  • SEO Opportunities: Unreliable hosting services do not provide you with many opportunities concerning SEO, they in fact cost you a good number of beneficial opportunities you’d have gotten if the service was reliable. This makes it very difficult for your business to have a poor ranking, therefore leading to loss of customers. When you work with a reliable web hosting option, on the other hand, you do not have to sacrifice SEO opportunities. You are provided with all you need to create the right contents to improve your SEO ranking and hence get more customers.
  • It helps maximize your profits, flourishing your business: With reliable web hosting, you get everything you need to efficiently run your website. The services offered are top-notch and give a high performance which helps satisfy your customers better. There is also the fact that you are not forced to spend too much on problems which an unreliable option can cost you, thereby, encouraging savings.

With all the above-mentioned benefits, it can be concluded that whenever you are going for web hosting, VPS hosting in particular, you should go for nothing less than a reliable one.

Importance of VPS Hosting with Full Root Access

Root access is an administrator log on VPS and Dedicated web hosting that gives you total and basic control over the server. It gives you the ability to program the server as you wish. Now, most web hosting companies will usually not give this opportunity to website owners because it is very risky, especially if the owner is not well trained or experienced in server operations. A server is a very complicated piece of technology and requires skilled hands in its handling. Any little mistake can jeopardize its whole operation and cause disastrous effects on the server. Full root access means complete and exclusive access to the web hosting service. This is the access to its core configuration and other basic programming functions.

Here are ways of using root access:

Linux based servers: You have to establish an SSH connection to your server using 'root' as a username, the root password, and the IP address assigned to your VPS /Cloud /Dedicated server, and then the access is granted.

Windows-based servers: You have to establish a remote desktop connection using 'Administrator’ as a username the administration password and IP address respectively and then the access is granted.

Some people may see having root full root access as risky, nevertheless, if handled correctly, it can be very beneficial to our business. There are good effects of gaining full root access. Below are just a few of them:

  • You can reconfigure the server kernel and alter its functions to taste.
  • You are given the ability to reconfigure the server’s firewall and ensure premium
  • Whenever you choose to, you can adjust how the file system is mounted to suit your taste
  • You are able to bind the application to ports below 1024.
  • With full root access, you can easily reconfigure system daemons at any point in time.

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