The VPS hosting Plesk is a web hosting control panel which was founded in the year 2000 and designed for Windows and Linux-based Operating System (OS). It helps in creating files, installing applications, creating mail accounts and customer accounts on your server. Plesk allows you to start your hosting program with ease and little effort and provides you with a simple and convenient user interface that allows you to start your hosting business quickly.

This article will reveal to you all you need to know about the VPS hosting plesk. Read on as we explore this amazing web hosting.

How to use VPS hosting Plesk

You have seen the benefits that the VPS hosting plesk can give. The next thing to know is how to use it. Making use of the VPS hosting Plesk is very easy but you need to follow the steps below for a better understanding.

The First Step

Create Your First Website: The first thing to be done is to create your first website and this can be done in the ways explained below.

  • Registration of a domain name

Getting registered is very simple. All you need is to select the domain name which will fit the type of business you are engaged in so that all your patronizers will not have any difficulty in locating you online. However, it is advisable that you make use of a very short and simple name which can be remembered easily. If you are a web hosting customer already, make sure you register the domain with your name to avoid trouble later in the future while trying to change your host.

  • Add a Domain to your server

If you are a web hosting customer, you already have subscription that allows you to add domains and you can therefore create multiple domains from your single subscription as much as you desire. The new domain will share your subscription resources with all other domains belonging to the same subscription. However, all other aspects of the new domain will not depend on the main domain. It simply means that the new domain will have its own web hosting, DNS settings, databases, email accounts but share the same subscription. The importance of adding a domain in Plesk is to allow you to upload your own preferred contents and install a Content Management System (CMS).

  • Creating Your Website

Creating your website can be done in three distinct ways and they are all simplified below.

  1. Utilize the Presence Builder tool that is encoded in the Plesk: You can make use of the Presence Builder tool to create websites with the use of a web interface. There are several templates which are already made to serve as a guide to create a similitude of your own website. These templates are easy to use for the creation of a perfect website you would love within a short space of time.
  2. Hire a professional designer: A professional designer will help you create, design and upload exactly what you desire. The professional is responsible for the provision of all the files that will be needed for upload on your hosting account. The only barrier or limiting factor to hiring a professional is that, it can be very expensive, but there is a great assurance that you will be given the best service more than you can imagine.
  3. Utilize a Content Management System (CMS): The Content Management System is a system that is equipped with a great number of add-ons and so offers you a great opportunity to customize its contents. It enables you to create, manage and maintain your own websites. It is very dynamic in nature and therefore requires technical know-how and great knowledge so that it can be handled properly. Having gone through these processes, your first website has been created.

The Second Step

Create A Mail Account: The second step is to create a mail account. The mail account allows you to send as well as receive email messages from your service providers and your customers. Create your mail accounts and do all the necessary verification so that it starts functioning. As soon as you are done with that, your duty is to manage your account, then you start receiving all the pieces of information that will be of help to your new server.

The Third Step

Create A Database: The next step is to create a database. A database is a structure which can neither be altered nor separated from modern web hosting because it is used basically for the storage of data. Therefore, if you will need to add, save or store, have access to and retrieve any information on your new website, you must create a database.

The Fourth Step

Add A Custom DNS Record: You must add a Custom DNS Record because it is through it that your customers and the general public can secure an access to your website online. As soon as you create your domain with Plesk, the DNS record will be automatically added and if otherwise, you need to add it up yourself.

The Fifth Step

Back Up Your Website: Doing the back up of your website is very important and it must be done from time to time in case there is any form of damage, unforeseen change or data loss. With the back up, you can be rest assured to retrieve all your lost or corrupt files safely without much stress.

The Sixth Step

Modify Your Password: You need to make changes to your password because the present password you are using is the one that was probably set by your service provider. You therefore have the right to modify the password and make use of the one that will be easier for you to remember and at the same time safe enough to secure and prevent your website from the risk of being hacked.

These six steps listed above have been provided to guide you and help you become familiar with how well your VPS hosting Plesk can work. However, for more information, you can click here. Now let's consider the various uses to which the VPS hosting plesk can be employed.

What is VPS hosting Plesk used for?

The VPS hosting Plesk can be used fully for the various activities which are listed below.

1. Performing Administrative Tasks

Web designers have the privilege of carrying out various administrative tasks within a short time-frame in few clicks, through an easy to operate interface made available by the VPS hosting Plesk. You as a new user have access to a lot of apps which can be easily installed as much as you want it on your server by using the one click installation tool. You can also decide to customize your control panel to best suit your taste. There is a search box in the control panel with which you can search for whatever information you need to get with respect to the organization and the management of your website and rendering services to your highly esteemed customers. A few have been explained but there are lots more of the administrative tasks that Plesk allows you to perform within a short period of time .

2. Website Management And Organization

There are a complete set of features which are useful for web designers for the management and organization of their websites and also for carrying out all kinds of routine website management tasks conveniently. The tasks performed include setting up of the mailbox, creating the FTP accounts, managing the DNS autoresponders, adding up of more domains, managing of the files on the domain and all other necessary operations. Plesk control panel is always free in all web hosting plans whether it is a dedicated hosting, shared or Virtual Private Server. Hence, there is availability of website management and organization Apps which are very easy to use.

3. Selection Of Preferred Language

Another feature of the VPS hosting Plesk is that it contains and supports about 12 different languages in its interface. And so you have the opportunity to select your preferred language from the language options provided in the interface. These languages include English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, French, and so on. It is up to you to make your selection.

4. High Level of Security

Plesk helps to prevent your server from risk in any way because it has been secured and protected to guard your server from any form of spam or virus. Plesk makes use of its own SSL to encrypt the control panel page. It also gives support to Server-to-site security with Fail2Ban, ModSecurity and Outbound Antispam. Fail2Ban is a log file analysis service and the work it does is to block IP addresses that may perform malicious activities on the server. The ModSecurity on the other hand is an Application Firewall (WAF) which helps you to detect and to prevent risks and attacks which is always common to websites and web applications. Lastly, the Outbound Antispam protects the IP addresses and prevent the IP addresses from being classified on a blacklist as a result of sending of an outgoing spam on your server.

5 . Creation of New Sites

With Plesk, you can create as many new websites as you desire because it contains a free website builder with an easy to use drag and drop functions. There are more than 100 templates on the server from which you can choose from and as well use as a guide for the creation of your own new websites.

6. Customizing opportunity

Although there are a lot of automated features on Plesk, nevertheless, it offers you the right to customize and manage what you would want your control panel to look like. There are also many free skins in Plesk, but you also have the privilege to use your own personally designed skins in case you don’t want to use the free skin design templates provided on the server.

7. Windows and Linux

Plesk is designed in such a way that it is suitable for both Windows and Linux Operating Systems (OS) Plesk supports Windows operating systems such as Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 e.t.c while the Linux Operating Softwares (OS) supported by plesk are CloudLinux, plus Cent operating system, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE. Plesk is a very good option for those web designers who have more than one website that they manage.

8. Mobile Monitoring Of Your Server

Mobile monitoring is a process which allows your server status to be monitored by Plesk anytime you are not present on your server. The mobile monitoring is very good because it works to give you full details about when an issue starts up on your server even when you are offline and as well provide information to fix the issues encountered as soon as you are back online.

9. WordPress Toolkit

With Plesk, there is security and mass management tools for WordPress hosting. Also, you can easily install and remove WordPress as well as plugins and themes at any point in time. However, you can secure a new WordPress installation and strengthen the security of the already existing and installed apps by just applying the most common recommended security settings with rollback support. For more information, click here.


The Plesk control panel is designed with free video tutorials on the server which can help new users who have little or no experience to get well-acquainted to the organization and management of their website. You can therefore also go through all provided guidelines in the video tutorials for better understanding.

In addition, now that you know how the uses to which the VPS hosting plesk can be employed, it will be a great thing if you install your VPS hosting plesk. Remember that knowledge gotten, if not put into use, is a total waste

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