For any website to have an online presence, there is a need for the owner of such a website to upload the necessary files of that website using a web server. A hosting provider usually provides such a web server, and this type of service is called web hosting.

When the demand for a website grows, or there is more traffics on the website, a VPS hosting plan provides the best solution to such a website. Consideration is given to the VPS hosting because it allows your website to run directly on its own. VPS hosting usually offers more than one hosting plan, thereby providing web owners with several choices.

What is a VPS hosting plan?

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an autonomous partitioning on a physical server that allows the data of several site owners to be kept independently, without affecting the absolute control such owners have over their website. VPS hosting combines the powerful features of both dedicated and shared servers by giving owners more independent control of their site at a very affordable rate.

A VPS hosting plan provides you with a dedicated server using virtualization technology. If your site is having more traffic and has outgrown the typical shared hosting, then VPS hosting is best suited for you. In VPS hosting, several websites are allocated a single web server, allowing few users to share various hard disk segments and other resources.

Users of this hosting plan can access a virtual machine that runs its copy of the operating system. The advantage of this is that such a user will enjoy a similar experience to a dedicated server.

What is the best VPS hosting service?

You have several types of hosting plans to select from by using the best VPS hosting service. The following list has been compiled and considered the best VPS hosting services, giving you that expanded, independent, and reliable feature for a better experience.

  • HostPapa (Good for businesses)

Thousands of people trust this VPS hosting service to provide the required reliability and root access for your website. Their VPS plan cost is as low as $19.99 every month. It is the best hosting service for small businesses across any level because their server is specifically optimized to support e-commerce sites.

It gives you the ability to control what is at your disposal with adequate security due to their monitoring features such as brute force detection, DDoS protection, FTPS, RAID redundancy, IP deny manager, and a server firewall. You will also benefit from resource scalability and high-quality customer support services.

Besides, HostPapa gives a fully managed and self-managed type of hosting plan. They also share their customer's on-demand verification, which implies that your website will be immediately ready as soon as you verify your order.

  • HostGator (Provides better scalability)
One of the most dependable hosting service providers is HostGator. You get to enjoy a customized hosting environment with configurations and custom installs, automatic backup, and on-demand scale server resources. Their private server provides you with ultimate control of your hosting plan and full root access to your site.

Based on your needs' preference, the HostGator VPS service provides you with more effortless scalability just at the click of your finger. You can easily add resources as traffic grows on your site so that you do not need to pay more money for the server resources you need. You have to pay for the exact website resources you use.

More so, HostGator gives you the absolute ability to use many web development tools, over 1000 free web templates, and a great script installer. Their customer service is always ready to help you out whenever you face any challenge on your site.

  • Liquid Web (Good managed-type VPS service)
The liquid web provides a sort of managed VPS service. You can either select the Windows or Linux server, as applicable to your need. The significant part of their service is that you can benefit from their dedicated server while also enjoying their cloud hosting plan's flexibility. They will not increase their cost even upon renewal.

Liquid Web VPS plan makes you use advanced server security, DDoS attack protection, Cloudflare CDN, integrated firewall, and a dedicated IP. You can quickly scale this server whether you want to downgrade or upgrade your site. Their customer service is always ready to proffer a solution to any problem you may be facing on your site.

  • A2 Hosting (Great for Web Developers)
A2 offers these with both their managed and unmanaged VPS plan when it comes to speed and performance. They provide flexibility, making it easier for you to select from various hosting options you want.

Web developers usually use Their unmanaged VPS service while newbies or other users can benefit from the managed or core VPS. Both core and managed VPS of A2 hosting seems identical. The difference is that the core VPS is made to have optional root access.This optional root access is excellent for anyone who wants the ability to use server-level customization while enjoying the essential resources of a managed-type VPS.

Web developers enjoy the ability to customize their VPS with complete root access. They can quickly select the data transfer option they want, the amount of RAM, and disk space. Besides, there is an option for many users to use the A2 hosting type of boost VPS service to make their page to load about 20 times faster than other hosting providers. There is about 99.9 % uptime for both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting provided by A2 hosting.

  • Bluehost (Great and unique features in the VPS hosting world)
Bluehost is trusted by over 2 million subscribers to provide boundless and exclusive features for their websites, from free domain registration and advanced file management option to multi-server management.

Bluehost is the right hosting provider because they offer one year of free domain registration with any new VPS plan. This domain registration is inclusive of access to their customer service any day and at any time. Their VPS plan also comes with a 30-day guarantee on your money.

Some of the features that make this hosting service unique from its other counterparts include htaccess file, access control, SSH access, advanced file management, multi-server management, and server-side customization for various tasks.

These features provide you with the ability to edit, manage, and organize databases on the server. Several add-ons like extra protection or additional storage can be added based on your preference.

  • Hostinger (Very affordable)
This hosting service is arguable the most affordable you can get out there. It is an excellent choice for many website owners who want to enjoy maximum resources at a lower cost. It comes with advanced features such as top-level data backup, dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 internet protocols, and excellent customer service.

This hosting plan's other features are excellent CPU core, SSD storage space, RAM, bandwidth, available connection, and full root access. You can also upgrade if the need arises. Furthermore, you can get unparalleled control of your dedicated resources and install any operating system you want. Hostinger will also give you a Window specific cloud-based VPS, which will cater to many of your other needs.

  • DreamHost (Limitless bandwidth)
DreamHost boasts of having more than 20 years' experience in the hosting world. It is a hosting service used in over 100 countries globally by more than 1.5 million subscribers. However, it is a fully managed VPS service provider with the ability to provide accommodations for such type of sites.

What’s more in the box? DreamHost gives you more traffic on your site as a result of their unlimited bandwidth. You can quickly expand your resources as the need arise. Some of their features include domains, emails, SSDs, and SSL.

Additionally, DreamHost offers a custom control panel with easy setup and simple management. The fantastic thing is that you will revel in 100 % uptime while enjoying robust control on your website. You also can choose between Apache and Nginx, and you can also enjoy automatic software updates, unlimited SFTP users, and many other options that will significantly benefit developers.

  • InMotion (No downtime migration)
InMotion provides a managed and self-managed type of VPS hosting service. If you want to jump from one hosting service to another, InMotion is an excellent option for you because you will get free no-time migration. This type of migration allows your site to be accessed by visitors, and you can enjoy potential sales if you operate a business-like or e-commerce site.

You have the option to choose from any of the three managed VPS plans provided by InMotion. Their managed VPS service is taken care of by a team of experts who will take care of updates, security, and patches feature, giving you unlimited time to focus on other aspects of your site.

Some of the features that distinguish InMotion from other hosting services are its high performance and faster speed, unlocked CPU cores, free SSL certificates, optional root access, Cpanel, several dedicated IP addresses, and unlimited websites. All these features are available on a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Do I need VPS or shared hosting?

It is no news anymore that many website owners usually get started using a shared server. They do this because it is cheap and more comfortable, to begin with, a shared server. As demand for the website grows, the shared server may not handle many specific requests any longer because an entire server is being shared with several multiple users. Such a site puts a limit to expansion as the business grows. Therefore, the owners of such websites must consider VPS hosting as a better option.

Why you need VPS hosting

You should use VPS hosting if you are a newbie because it offers an excellent opportunity to expand your site. However, if you are currently on shared hosting, then consider swapping to a VPS hosting plan if you are having any of the following challenges on your site.

  • The traffic on your site is increasing geometrically.
  • Your business is expanding gradually beyond the constraints of a shared hosting plan.
  • Your site needs better performance and privacy more than what you can access on the shared hosting platform.
  • You want to have more than one website.
  • When you are considering a more secured site,
  • you want absolute control over the server to customize your site, have root access, and perform various other tasks unavailable on the shared hosting
  • .
  • When your site continuously gives internal errors such as “Error 505”.

Why VPS hosting is better than shared hosting

  • VPS hosting offers scalability and unlimited resources because it is divided into several virtual segments with adequate root access. Although you still share the server with other site owners, you have more control over your site than using a shared server.
  • VPS hosting imitates dedicated hosting because users can use a dedicated server where the hosting server's resources can be enjoyed by anyone who consents to that hosting plan. More so, several allocated system resources are divided among separate sites.
  • You can run multiple OS on the hosting server with a VPS hosting plan because it behaves very similar to a dedicated server. Hence, you have the best resources, such as bandwidth, processor, and memory space at your disposal.
  • Considering the cost, you will ultimately benefit from the independent functionality that a VPS provides. You can enjoy many other advantages, just like in a dedicated server at a low cost.
  • The VPS hosting allows you to customize your site to what you exactly want.
  • You can create many Cpanel accounts for different websites allowing greater security for your site. You can also make such a Cpanel account for your clients, family, or colleagues.

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