Building a successful business requires that your website is hosted on the right platform. There are several web hosting platforms available today, one of which is offshore hosting. Offshore hosting works in a similar manner to traditional hosting but with a slight difference.

It is designed to provide you with hosting servers situated abroad. There are many reasons why site owners choose offshore hosting; they are explored fully in this article.

What is Offshore Web Hosting?

Offshore web hosting refers to the practice of hosting websites on servers located outside your country. In technical terms, each time you host your site on a foreign server, you are practicing offshore hosting. Let us assume, for example, you live in the US, but you choose an Indian server to host your site; you have engaged in offshore hosting.

Most website owners subscribe to this hosting plan because of the privacy, freedom, security, etc., they enjoy it. Sometimes, the reason may also be financial; if you can get it cheaper outside, why spend so much hosting your website in the US?

Why do I Need Offshore Web Hosting?

Offshore web hosting allows you to remain anonymous; they even have the option of block-chain based payments or anonymous fiat payments. These anonymous forms of payment are hard to track down by the government. Thanks to special reasons, you may need to use an offshore web host. We will run through them quickly below.

❖ Freedom from Unfavorable Laws

Offshore hosting is something you should explore if you feel restricted in your use of the internet. The restriction may be in terms of government laws limiting what you can show and say on the internet. In this case, offshore hosting allows you to explore the option of hosting your site on servers in outside countries. These countries often have fewer laws controlling speech as well as legal barriers.

For example, hosting your online gambling site on any server in your home country may be illegal. However, the same site may be legal to host in other offshore countries. Thus, you see that with offshore hosting, you can still make your cool bucks and, at the same time, stay out of legal troubles.

❖ Lack of DMCA Regulation

DMCA is short for the digital millennium copyright act, and its primary function is to protect US-based content creators. That being said, content creators can send a DMCA message to your host server requesting that your site be taken offline if they feel your content is pirated.

Quite a host of offshore website hosting platforms guarantees you that they will pay no heed to these DMCA notices. That way, you have no fear of your site being taken offline. However, it is essential to note that not all these offshore can keep this promise for various legal reasons.

Also, there is the chance that even if the host finds a way to ignore the warning, the government will find other ways. Thus, your best bet to avoid being taken offline is to post only original content.

What are the Benefits of Offshore Hosting?

There are several reasons why many website owners are opting for offshore hosting. In many cases, the web owners want a hosting platform devoid of DMCA content, adult, and copyrighted content restrictions. In other cases, the site owners have their focus set on hacking and do not want to be restricted by state regulations.

❖ Freedom of Speech

One of the benefits you enjoy with offshore hosting is untraceable transactions and freedom of speech. You can express yourself as you wish via your web content without fear of being sanctioned. That is because most times, what is considered subversive in your home country is not illegal in other countries.

❖ Anonymous Transactions

With offshore hosting, you can make payment anonymously thanks to the privacy protection features. In case you are still wondering, they give you the option of paying with fiat currency or virtual currency such as bitcoin. The transaction setup makes it all the more challenging for your transactions to be tracked.

❖ Freedom from Legal Issues

For most website owners, many rules and regulations are guiding hosting your site with onshore servers. They range from restrictions on the language used in your site to DMCA. Violations of these rules come at a considerable cost to you; they may even take your site offline in some cases.

Regardless of whether your site offers contents or activities that may be termed illegal, offshore hosting is a haven from your home government. While it can protect you from punishment for employing pirated content, we do not advise that you deal with them.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Offshore Hosting?

Merely hosting your site offshore is not enough to protect you from the laws in your home country or even abroad. Thus, you should do thorough research on offshore hosting before you opt for it. Your research should cover the restrictions in place for web content. Feel free to consult with an expert in legal matters to ensure you are not contravening any law.

Tough questions you must provide answers to before choosing an offshore web hosting provider have been treated below.

1. Is the Price Right?

As with everything, you must take care to select an offshore host with packages within your target price range. Bear in mind that the offshore hosting package's price does not depend sorely on the provided accommodation. The server (VPS server, shared server), the quantity, and the quality of the plan's features also affect the plan's cost. Some offshore hosting providers also charge you a little extra for anonymous transaction services. All these are things to factor in when you consider the cost of the plan.

2. Is it Offering You a Package with Rich Features?

It is essential to ask yourself if the offshore host you are considering offers value-rich features. If the host doesn't, then all the time and energy you have expended trying to find a suitable offshore host is wasted. They must offer stellar hosting features to balance out the privacy features.

Like any other web hosting platform, you must prioritize the speed, reliability, ease of use, and scalability the offshore host offers. It is also vital to consider the load speed of the offshore server. In totality, all these features determine how well your site will perform and, in general, its growth opportunities.

3. What Type of Security Features is in Place?

Another critical point to cover is the security measures put in place by your offshore hosting provider. Granted, most of the offshore hosting providers offer a protective layer that gives you anonymity. That layer is, however, useless if the main security line up is below standards.

We advise that you select an offshore host that employs a combination of backups, round-the-clock network monitoring, firewalls, and software updates. These help to keep your server and transaction data safe.

4. What Kind of Customer Support Does it Provide?

Regardless of whether you are a webmaster or newbie web owner, you need an offshore host that provides you with top-notch technical support. That is because, at some point, you will face specific server challenges that you will be unable to sort out on your own. When this happens, you will need a readily available technical support team to help you out.

As always, we advise that you choose an offshore host that offers you round the clock support via a host of communication channels. The support channels should include live chat, phone, ticketing, and email. The support team must also be conversant in the language that you speak to avoid miscommunications.

Best Offshore Web Hosting Providers

❖ Hostinger

If you are searching for an offshore web hosting company that you can trust to deliver on its promises, Hostinger should be your first choice. As an offshore host, their server is easy to use and has a web hosting interface that is simple to use. They even offer you premium servers to meet your site with adult content, all these at super duper affordable rates.

Hostinger was founded in Europe in 2004 and has risen to great heights in the web hosting world, with more than 29 million users and 15,000 signups daily worldwide. The cliché you get what you pay for does not hold water here because regardless of which hosting plan you choose, you get much more value.

Some plans go for as low as $0.80; can you beat that? The sheer affordability and feature-laden offers provide users with a popular offshore web hosting choice. One stands out of the several features, and that is the strong firewalls available in all their hosting plans. These firewalls help to protect your website from virus attack and even the dreaded DDoS attack.

Key Features of Hostinger Offshore Web Hosting include:

  • An extremely affordable base fee of $0.80 for offshore shared hosting plans
  • Featured DDoS Protection as well as malware Protection
  • Free SSL certificate
  • A wide array of server locations to choose from

❖ Shinjiru

In our opinion, Shinjiru offers a unique offshore web hosting platform. It features a wide range of packages, products, and services and has something unique to offer each user. Shinjiru has been on the block since 2000 and has built a reputation as one of the top offshore web hosting services. Shinjiru has servers located in Malaysia and offers anonymous web transaction services.

With eight offshore locations, an anti-DDoS attack system, and hundreds of dedicated web servers, Shinjiru is one of the most experienced offshore web hosts out there. The servers operate at lightning-fast speed due to their use of SSD storage. Shinjiru servers also come with multi-core hyper-threaded Intel processors and enterprise network tools with GB Ethernet. All these make for a breakneck loading speed and unquestionable reliability.

Also, Shinjiru is an ICANN accredited Domain Registrar and offers real-time support options. You can get through to the support team via live chat, ticketing system, emails, or phone calls. The group boasts more than 50 staff with the necessary expertise to walk you through any server related difficulty.

Key Features of Shinjiru Offshore Web Host

  • Option for anonymous transactions using bitcoins and other hard to track currencies
  • Has Enterprise-Grade Hardware
  • Possesses its anti-DDoS protection tool
  • Readily available round the clock support
  • Several offshore hosting locations for you to choose from

❖ AbeloHost

AbeloHost is among the leading offshore web hosting providers. It was founded in 2012 in the Netherlands and has its core values as data security and customer privacy. AbeloHost delivers on this vision by providing you with data anonymity, reliability, and world-class data security.

AbeloHost is a keen supporter of freedom of speech for websites, and you can see it in their flexible web content policy. They are strictly opposed to censorship of data and infringement from a third party. They offer you a wide array of website hosting plans like dedicated server hosting, offshore domains, and VPS hosting.

Most of the packages are scalable and provide you with excellent customer support. You can reach their support team via live chats and a ticketing system. In our opinion, Abelohost is a well-rounded hosting company with juicy offshore hosting plans at reasonable rates. However, the fact that their prices are incredibly affordable does not mean that they do not deliver their promise on optimum server performance and reliability.

Key Features of AbeloHost Offshore Web Host

  • Multiple Operating Systems
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Round the clock server monitoring and customer support
  • Free SSL Certificate


Website hosting is the new way for businesses to stand out and thrive in this current era. Of the numerous hosting options available, offshore hosting allows you to circumvent most of the rules made by your host country. We have compiled a list of the crucial questions you must answer; these questions will help you determine the best offshore host for your site.

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