Bob is a dance instructor. After successfully launching his dancing course online via his website, he was overwhelmed by the kind of response he got in just five days of launching the course on his website. And in less than ten days he had more subscribers than he had ever imagined achieving in a very short time. But tragedy struck! His student complained of the courses running too slow because most of his classes are in video format. Many love his classes, but the dragging in the loading has started affecting his sales. To make the matter worse, Smith, one of fiercest competitors, launched the same course. In a dilemma, Bob has to move fast. He went straight online to look for a solution, and VPS hosting was recommended. With tons of choice to choose from, he's confused to which to choose. Join me as we help Bob out of his dilemma.

One of the most effective ways of hosting your website remains using a VPS hosting but choosing which VPS hosting provider to use can be challenging. We will be reviewing top eight VPS hosting providers that Bob and people like you can leverage on instantly!

First, what does VPS hosting mean?

VPS hosting, which translates to Virtual Private Server, can be described as the type of website hosting that gives you complete control of your website hosting. Contrary to what is obtainable on shared who forced you to share all the hosting resources with other site owners, everything about VPS hosting remain personal as the name implies. In layman term, VPS hosting is a step-up from shared web hosting. Although the server is still being shared among other website owners on a VPS hosting, the numbers of other people using the same server with you are fewer compared to shared hosting.

Listen, shared hosting can be a little cheaper, but it is meant for startup websites. It's never the best solution for Bob and people like you with heavy website traffic and business that serves a large customer base.

Whether you like it or not once your website start having a bigger audience and followers, you'll end up changing your hosting service and your best bet is a VPS hosting! Do you have to wait for toil; then before choosing a VPS hosting platform?

Still in doubt if VPS hosting is the right business choice for you? Read on to find out!

Let look at how a VPS hosting operates and compare some of the best in the market to weigh your options.

How Does a Virtual Private Server Operate?

A VPS is a server running on one physical server that hosts several virtual servers; each server on the VPS is isolated from the other virtual servers. This is possible with the what os help of a software called a hypervisor. Its work is to segments the physical server and keeps each virtual server; separated from others.

Best Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting for your Business

Compromise is one of the most imperative words that is used in the world of business. Though your business might not be up there yet, there may be a need for you to compromise something things in other to maximize whatever you have currently. You can even ask Tyler to tow his air-hockey board back home; it's your call!

In the same vein, a VPS hosting is a compromised website hosting but faster, more efficient, and more easily scalable to take care of enlarged traffic that a shared server may not handle. Though a VPS hosting might not come cheap, it is worth investing on. Glad to inform you that the cost of hosting your website on a VPS is half the price of hosting on a dedicated server. If your business is struggling between traffic and earnings, a VPS could be a painless solution you are looking for.

The term "virtual" in VPS means that your account is given a separate partition on a dedicated server, with several resources at your disposal. A VPS gives additional user control compared to a shared server, in addition to improved security and no impaired website performance resulting from bandwidth-draining from your server neighbours. In terms of performance, a VPS hosting gives you something very close to what a dedicated server will offer you without cancelling Pizza Friday.

Here is our recommended list top VPS hosting providers offering the best value for a small businesses review in no particular order.

1. Bluehost

Are you a current Bluehost customer who is planning to upgrade to a better hosting solution or considering a VPS hosting solution loaded with all the amazing features that will make your website hosting more profitable? Bluehost VPS hosting is the excellent choice you can ever opt for! Let me show you great features you will enjoy any of their plans;

  • Free one-year domain name
  • One month money-back warranty
  • SSL Certificates' at no additional cost!
  • Control Panel Root Access
  • Open Stack plus Kernel Virtual Machine Open-Source Technology
  • Instantaneous Provisioning For Immediate Server Activation
  • Guaranteed Accessibility to Resources, and so on.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is synonymous with outrageous discounted shared hosting packages. Meanwhile, the company also has VPS hosting packages for budget-conscious people and on the lookout for partly-managed hosting solutions. If you opt for the partly-managed hosting solution, you will have to take care of the backend of your site by yourself. At the same time, Hostinger handles the handles server management and any other server-related issues on your behalf.

There will be a price reduction for deciding to handle some aspects of your hosting by yourself while you still get needed help from the hosting company. You opting for their VPS hosting solutions will also permit you to benefit from access to dedicated server resources and have more control of your website. The interesting part is that you get all these and many more at ridiculously reasonable prices. Check other benefits of using Hostinger VPS hosting or any other hosting solutions;

  • One Month Moneyback Payback
  • Simple Web Script And An Operating System Installer
  • One dedicated IP address
  • Double RAID Protected Data Backups
  • A User-Friendly Cpanel
  • Complete Root Access

So, despite the cheaper cost of all Hostinger hosting plans, the top benefits of VPS hosting will still be yours free!

3. DreamHost

DreamHost, as a web hosting company, offers its customers premium web hosting solutions. Their hosting services range from shared web hosting services to cloud web hosting solutions. No wonder PC Magazine rated DreamHost as their first choice for three solid years! Some of the USP (unique selling points) of DreamHost include exceptional uptime, robust security, a strong dedication to giving their customers excellent services and zeal for privacy. Some of the services they offer include second-to-none VPS web hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud computing services in addition to domain name registration. Their managed WP hosting is very high in performance, user-friendly, simple to implement; that why highly recommended it!

4. InMotion

When you talk about one of the leading website hosting companies globally, InMotion is up there! The hosting company offers dependable, super-fast web hosting settings, and above all, they have one of the cheapest and easy to use hosting plans in the industry. Excellent customer service is the trademark of InMotion. The company gives everything within their power to offer their numerous customers across the globe value for their money coupled with readily available friendly, expert and effective services. The company is a trusted associate for small and large businesses, with more than 17 years in the web hosting solutions delivery the company can boast of more than 100,000 happy customers. What credential!

5. Liquid Web Appraisal: The Fastest in VPS Web Hosting Solutions

Are you looking for how to increase your website's load time or probably look upgrade your current web hosting package? You can't go wrong opting for VPS hosting. It is an excellent starting point. Haven said that VPS hosting services by Liquid Web is industry's fastest! Although this might be like a bold claim, check out what third parties have to say after conducting multiple speed tests using Liquid Web hosting services. What their customers get in return is superior experience with speed-of-light load times and much other amazing stuff like;

  • Close to 10 TB bandwidth
  • More than 100 GB solid-state drive memory space
  • Exceptional 24/7 customer service
  • backups outside the server
  • Multi-level DDoS security
  • Proactive monitoring of the website
  • cPanel or Plesk

In addition to absolute website control, you will also enjoy root access, one-click downgrading and upgrading, and full server management.

Let's stop here to talk about other things, but you can read up other options here.


Hosting a website using a Virtual private server (VPS) is a great and reasonable option. However, choosing the best from among the large number of cheap VPS hosting services out there can be very tricky. Luckily, a handful of trendy and trustworthy web hosting companies provide cost-competitive VPS hosting packages. You can even get monthly VPS hosting services available for as small as a few dollars.

So let me quickly show you some the reliable and cheapest VPS hosting you could ever get in 2021

  • Hostinger; from for as low as $9.95 per month.
  • DreamHost; starting from $10.00 per month.
  • Namecheap; beginning from $11.88 per month.
  • InMotion; from $17.99 per month.
  • Bluehost starting from $19.99 per month.
  • iPage; from $19.99 per month.
  • HostPapa from $19.99 per month.
  • GoDaddy; starting from $19.99 per month.

Guide to Choosing the Most Reliable VPS Hosting

With lost available options with all enticing you with juicy offers, making a choice might be very complicated, but if you follow the tips I will show you shortly, be rest assured that your time can make the wrong choice.

Important Things to Look Out for When Purchasing A VPS Hosting Plan

1. The magnitude of the resources you need

Your website will use lots of resources on the server. That is why it is essential to decide the number of those resources your website will need, including the size of the hard disk, the processor, and the number of RAM. The size of the project you're embarking on will determine the number of resources you will need.

2. Choice of Operating System

Though you will have many options to choose from when deciding which Os to run on your VPS hosting, the most common ones you see are Windows and Linux. Linux is an open-source OS and is economical than windows. If you are developing in .NET or have apps designed for the Windows platform, you can opt for Windows VPS hosting.

3. Management of Backend Operations

two types of VPS hosting exists; the managed and unmanaged. If you have all the skills in handling the operation on your site backend yourself, you can opt for the unmanaged VPS hosting plan but if not go for managed VPS hosting plan. You can save some bucks for opting for an unmanaged VPS hosting plan but if you felt like, 'don't stress me with additional workload', employ someone to do that as your proxy. The person will be responsible for managing the backend operations of your site for a little extra charge.

4. Root Access

You can get non-negotiable root access when operating a Linux based VPS where you can execute scripts, total command controls, SSH and automation unrestricted. If you need a cPanel solution for server administration, functional operations or maintenance, the Plesk Onyx will be okay. The Plesk Onyx allow you to control its Domains, active operations. Databases as well as adding other sites without stress.

5. Your Web Host Location

Let's assume your website is domiciled in Asia continent, the best location your web hosting provider should be Singapore because Singapore has the greatest sophisticated technology at a cheaper cost. Don't also forget the need to protect your business and the data of all your customers. Web hosting companies based in the US need to operate an open-door policy for governmental access to sensitive data of your company and your customer.

But most web hosting companies based in Canada are highly reliable when it comes to protecting their users' data. Therefore, a Canadian web host might prove beneficial for you if you want proper security of your data.

6. Customer Service

All website owners desire to have their websites up and running 247! You will also agree with me that you will want your VPS hosting provider to be highly responsive, especially during emergencies like when your website is misbehaving or under attack from hackers. Many hackers are out there who are constantly targeting websites for ransom or user data exploitation. The only thing that can help you out of the situation has a VPS hosting provider that renders customer support round the clock.

Bottom Line

Choosing the most reliable VPS web hosting provider for your project can be sometimes difficult, especially when you have lot of option dangling their offers in your face. Our recommendation is to go for a provider that gives you many resources at a reasonable cost. Check the physical server specifications before making your choice. Be sure that your existing project's requirements are met by the VPS web hosting service provider you are opting for.

Most Reliable VPS Hosting

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