Don't you think that your business website deserves more than just an inconsequent hosting plan can provide? Looking to get your website online and host it on a server that offers your website potent power, amazing stability, and more flexibility than what a shared hosting plan can ever give you without paying through your nose as you will when subscribing for a dedicated web hosting? Then, your sure bet is VPS hosting!

I do not doubt that virtual private server hosting will be a wonderful modest service for your business.

VPS hosting contains the best features of shared web hosting and dedicated Web hosting combined. A VPS hosting houses your site on a server where other websites also run on it, just like what is obtainable on shared hosting; the only difference is that there are minimal websites on each server. All the websites on a VPS hosting split the cost of running on the server, which can be less than monthly or annual charge relatively higher than that of dedicated hosting.

This allows your website to grow and accommodate more traffic. Hosting your website on a VPS gives your website privacy without sharing the server resources with other websites on the server, like on shared web hosting. Your website is housed on a partitioned server spot with its OS, memory space, RAM, and monthly data transfer limits. What this means is that our website will enjoy a smoother, more stable performance. And on the downside, irrespective of the number of websites you share the server with, it does not affect your website's performance like experienced on shared hosting.


Are you searching for a managed web hosting provider for your website? Here is what a managed website hosting does for your website; it handles all the technical kinds of stuff of your website while you focus your mind on running your business. Besides, a managed Web hosting solution offers you the best tools that your website needs and assists you in carrying out important tasks like day-by-day backups of your website and security checks and differently from a shared web hosting service, managed Web hosting assists you in optimizing your website for blazing speed and soaring performance.

Below are other benefits of using a managed website hosting solution over shared web hosting;

  • It is superfast and secured
  • It carries out an automatic daily backup of your website along with your site database.
  • You get expert customer support to help you to solve all your website-related challenges.
  • It handles the core of all your website updates.

In this section, we'll be comparing the best-managed website hosting providers in 2021, and you'll be guided on choosing the right one for your business website.

ü Liquid Web; The Overall Most Excellent Managed Web Hosting

Liquid Web is an expert high-end managed to host solutions like VPS, dedicated, WooCommerce, email, WordPress, and every other assortment of cloud products.

The majority of Liquid web hosting plans give you more value for your money. The company does more than just automatically updating WordPress. But it also carries your plugins updates in a separate, secluded setting to confirm if there are any issues before transmitting them live on your production website.

ü Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed hosting provider that concentrates majorly on performance and easiness. From the basic server and launch of apps to the continuing server maintenance, Cloudways eliminates all the problems associated with server management to give you the rest of your mind to expand your business. By joining Cloudways, you gain access to powerful managed settings for your online eCommerce stores and business sites. The major Unique Selling Point of Cloudways lies in different choices; the opportunity of choosing your cloud providers, hosting plans on virtually all PHP powered app, a premium or free SSL, and the choice of picking a developer and agency-oriented workflows. The ideas of making choices by the users and liberty to focus on what's significant to them begin immediately when launching the server and the application.

ü WP Engine

WP Engine is the WordPress Platform with Digitalized Experience that offers companies, irrespective of their performance, agility, intelligence, and the required integrations, to quickly take their business to the next level. Over 120,000 global customers trust WP Engine's combination of technological innovations and a high-quality WordPress professionals team in more than 150 countries. The company's finest managed hosting platform offers the performance and reliability needed by most of the leading global brands while still maintains affordable solutions and intuitiveness. The company was established in 2010 with its headquarters in Austin, Texas, the USA, and offices in various locations across London, England; Brisbane, Australia; Omaha, Nebraska; Limerick, Ireland; San Francisco, Calif and another one in San Antonio, Texas.

ü Tsohost; The Greatest Managed Web Hosting For Businesses

Tsohost is an all-around Web hosting provider located in the United Kingdom-based, offering an assorted variety of Web hosting products to suit whoever you either a complete website newbie to the most challenging enterprise user. Managed web hosting of the company comes with some sophisticated products limited to some users; meanwhile, some handy support features are made available to everybody.

The cheapest of Tsohost's shared web hosting plan comes with free migration of your blog or basic business website. Higher specification plans come with one or more e-commerce migrations, where the company will reposition a multifaceted transactional website to your new account. You will be assigned to a dedicated engineer to help you manage the process whenever you choose (in an 8-hour window). You can check the results before publishing the website on the internet.

ü Inmotion Hosting; The Topmost Managed Web Hosting targeted at Personalized Solutions

While all managed hosting providers take on basic website maintenance tasks like monitoring and installing patches but InMotion Web Hosting can go further because it's working with high-powered web technologies to configure a custom solution that matches your needs.

With InMotion Web Hosting's 'Launch Assist' that comes free of charge with any of the VPS hosting, Reseller plans, and Dedicated Web hosting packages, you can begin the process in the simplest possible way. Also, you will have access to two to four hours of assistance from the Managed Web Hosting Team is doing all you want to do; they help you'll get ranges from websites migration to installation or optimization of software to the configuration of your site security to automating key website tasks name it!

Routine website management tasks cover all the fundamentals, together with standard website monitoring and automatic software update. InMotion gives you more value to your money; the KernelCare feature, for instance, allows more updates without having to restart your server, which can alienate expensive downtime.

ü HostPapa: Top Managed Website Hosting That Excels In Customer Support

The cost of subscribing to a Managed web hosting can sometimes be very expensive, but with a careful look, you'll discover some valuable exceptions. HostPapa is extraordinary in the sense that it gives you a long list of various tasks where tech support can come in. The tech support covers getting started like installing software and migrations, setting up Google Apps, installations of Perl/PECL module nd extension, DNS configuration, and other configurations ranging from email configuration and firewall setup to more sophisticated advisory tasks like security audits and general troubleshooting from server boot failure to network-related problems and even script and site errors.

ü Pressable

Are you a small business owner that is look is just looking for online visibility? Or probably you are into marketing that manages websites for your clients? Whoever you are, Pressable offers you the best premium WordPress website hosting service. The company is a top-notch managed WordPress hosting provider with a system built the same lightning-fast and international data network used by and the WordPress VIP. Pressable website hosting solutions offer you speed of light performance, award-winning professional customer support. By the way, why will you settle for subpar tech support when you get served with the best round the clock, responsive, friendly, and fast support? To put the icing on the cake, Pressable's customer support is certified by WordPress engineers. You get nothing less than 99.9% satisfaction. Check our amazing customers' reviews and here too!


While searching for the most reliable VPS web hosting plan for your website, you must have come across these terminologies; managed vs. unmanaged. Meanwhile, in deciding which one best need your business needs, you need to understand the difference, pros, and cons of the two plans to make the right choice. And one of the things that will influence your choice between the two is knowing the type of resources your business demands and the extent to which you want your site to be controlled.

Let's dissect the major differences between managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting to help you make decisive decisions.

What Does Unmanaged VPS Hosting Mean?

Unmanaged VPS hosting is a type of VPS web hosting in which the total responsibility of running your website lies solely on you! In order words, you are the alpha and omega of everything about your website. Meanwhile, I will only recommend this plan if you have all the technical skills required to handling all the rigors of managing your website and keeping it up and running. Go for this plan only if you're tech-savvy or you can boast of a decent-sized IT unit. No tickets, no calls; get in and start working! But before you take the bait, take a look at these couple of pros and cons of opting for unmanaged VPS web hosting:

Unmanaged VPS Hosting Pros

ü Cost savings compared to managed website VPS.

ü Gives you additional control of your website.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting Cons

* It takes away precious time that can be used in running core business functions

* It requires round the clock IT support from your business

* Difficult to catch up with Operating System updates and patches

* Failure to do regular updates can lead to a potential decrease in security and dependability

What Does Managed VPS Hosting Mean?

Managed VPS hosting is a type of VPS web hosting which allows you to take more of a hands-off method. The VPS is always there for any functionality your website may require. While you use it, your VPS hosting provider handles the technical aspect on your behalf. This is a perfect choice if you don't have the technical know-how or a team to manage it regularly.

Managed VPS avail you the opportunity to focus your energy and resources on growing your business without having to worry about managing the central part of the server. When other stuff like maintenance, software installation, and troubleshooting pop up, you can stay focused only on the essentials.

Take a look at these pros and cons of choosing managed VPS web hosting:

Pros of Managed VPS Web Hosting

ü Saves your entire team time that can be used for some other productive things.

ü It requires no IT proficiency from your team.

ü Ensures OS updates are done to keep you always secure and up to date.

ü Ensures all changes are correctly implemented.

Cons of Managed VPS Hosting

* It is more expensive than unmanaged VPS hosting.

* Gives more control to a third party.


All completely managed VPS comes with automated weekly backups and uptime server monitoring, RAM, CPU, and storage, and other notifications if issues come up. They also include optional control panels like cPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Webhost Version for uncomplicated server management.

Managed Or Unmanaged VPS Hosting; Which Should I Choose?

For a completely managed VPS, you can access a dedicated support team handling every aspect of the VPS hosting, saving you and your team priceless time. Choosing managed hosting also gives you lower risks of exposing yourself to online risks because of the high level of oversight and constant maintenance on the backend it offers.

Going for managed VPS web hosting also helps you keep up with the speed of running your business. When it's time to scale up your IT with your business, your web hosting provider will work with you to adjust your hosting web resources.

Going for managed VPS web hosting also helps you stay up to date with trendy technology. You'll have access to the newest technology without having to break the bank.

In making sure you don't break any law, your managed VPS hosting provider will handle all the requirements regarding continuing compliance, giving you time to focus on other tasks.

It also avails you the accessibility to trained experts. Your provider can assist you in training your IT team members and keeping them updated with the most up-to-date IT threats and opportunities.

Managed VPS Hosting Review

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