Are you looking to establish a new server and you are still trying to figure out which operating system is ideal for your needs? You don't have to look any further, as the Linux operating system could be the answer to all your requirements. Frankly, to make a conscious decision, you will have to know the features and benefits Linux is bringing to the table that makes the system so exceptional and alluring.

The Linux web server hosting is recognized as one of the top services that a lot of people use for their website. Presently, the features and benefits offered by the Linux cloud VPS to webmasters are arguably the best. It offers a wide range of options while offering solutions at rates that are cost-effective. Hence people get to have more reliable functions at a very low cost.

Linux is also recognized for its incredibly versatile and improved operating systems. It is an open-source system which implies that a lot of applications alongside adequate server languages and engines are working together to get the task accomplished. So if it happens that the server is faulty, you certainly won't be getting the expected result. It is also worth mentioning that the Linux operating system is quite extensible and customizable.

The CloudLinux is an operating system developed by Linux to provide a more secure and stable operating system to shared hosting providers. It is a bunch of kernel improvements to the Linux distribution to facilitate administrators of the system to have more control over the usage of the server's resources. CloudLinux further isolates its users to make sure that a malfunction in one account doesn't affect the operations of others.

The Linux Cloud VPS enables absolute flexibility on the website as webmasters can remove or add various features whenever they want. Furthermore, the Linux web servers are incredibly stable in comparison with other hosting servers. However, additional applications are required to be installed to ensure the smooth running of the overall system.

All of these are proofs of the consistent improvement, growth, and popularity of the Linux operating system. And even though it does not have the highest substantial market share at the moment, that does not take away its competitive advantages towards server dominance. Before going into the features and benefits of the Linux Cloud VPS hosting let's have a look as to why you need to make use of the cloud server technology.

Three Reasons to try Cloud Servers

The thing is, you might have been making use of the cloud technology without knowing. If you've ever backed up your data on the internet or make use of web-based email providers like Hotmail and G-mail then you've used the cloud. Let's have a look as to why you must make use of this technology as a business owner.

Increased Automation and Storage Capacity

Generally, the cloud technology provides practically infinite storage volume in comparison to server limits and the usual hard drive. And above all it is extremely flexible; this implies that an upgrade can easily be done anytime your business requires more computing storage. Furthermore, the cloud keeps your applications and software updated to current versions, so you don't have to think about running software updates manually anymore.

It is also worth mentioning that with cloud servers, all files are backed up and synchronized with all of your devices automatically. Hence, your data will be automatically kept current and consistent on all your used devices.

Less work on IT Staff

Because the cloud technology virtually performs most of the tasks, there is a demand to make use of IT staff aids in tasks like fixing bugs, software updates, and maintaining servers. As a result, the staffs expend more time concentrating on strategies and techniques to boost the firm's bottom line.

Flexibility, Scalability, and Agility.

In comparison to previous computing methods, it is apparent that cloud computing offers more agility and flexibility. Today, employees don't need to stay in their offices to get work done and can even work remotely since they will have access to needed files whenever needed through cloud computing. Furthermore, as an employer, you can scale your usage up or down on cloud computing and pay for just what you make use of.

Using cloud computing, staff can view documents simultaneously from various locations and work together on projects at the comfort of their homes, in the office, or on the road using their devices.

Features of CloudLinux

Here are the primary characteristics that make CloudLinux an incredible platform.

A private pack of server resources for individual customer

CloudLinux makes use of the Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology to allow customers to establish a personal limit of resources. This implies that each website account owned by a customer has a distinct bundle of shared resources. The

Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology makes sure that the resources are not distributed with other accounts.

Stable and reliable hosting territories

Linux provides very reliable and stable servers that hardly crash. As long as the configuration and installation are done properly, they won't require regular updates and reboots. And in terms of efficiency, Linux servers are highly productive and efficient with the ability to manage a vast volume of users.And as such, a rapid increase in traffic from a website account won't translate to the downtime of other website accounts on the same server.

This smooth running of numerous website account is a result of the segregation of these accounts coupled with the stable hosting environment offered by CloudLinux. In general, the server is best for networking and the smooth performance of all connected devices.

Secured and hardened Kernel

Linux has established the hardened kernel within the CloudLinux to help stave off hackers from bombing other website accounts founded on the exact server.

Multiple Versions of PHP

An in-built feature is developed within the CloudLinux known as the PHP selection. The PHP selection enables users to choose the particular version of PHP that best suits their needs. This enables absolute flexibility by making available all the common versions of PHP which consists of over 100 PHP versions to choose from.

End-users can choose the PHP version 5.6, 5.5, 5.4, 5.3, 5.2, 5.1, and 4.4 on the CloudLinux. The practical user interface allows end-users to change between various versions, adjust PHP settings and choose extensions whenever needed.

Stable Mysql Database Performance

One of the biggest challenges for system administrators is keeping MySQL stable. It is often a difficult thing to do most especially in shared hosting environments. When MySQL is unstable, customer queries easily slow down everything on the server.

With CloudLinux, the MySQL feature assists system administrators point out abusers and smother them immediately. It also monitors the disk IO usage and CPU for all website accounts and lowers the MySQL queries by making use of same-per-user Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) limits. The CloudLinux further offers support for the current versions of MariaDB and MySQL which makes it a unique OS for any shared hosting provider.

Benefits of Linux Cloud Computing

With the features offered by Linux operating system comes incredible benefits for webmasters who decide to go along with Linux. The benefits include;

It Saves Cost

Most of the time when webmasters want to opt-in for a better server, the cost implications are usually a limiting factor. Hence, for budget-conscious individuals, Linux is an ideal choice.

Linux takes out most of the additional software needed to bring the best out of a server. The open-source solution offered by Linus allows webmasters to have access to all software and applications needed to establish an excellent operating system.

Open Source Network

As stated earlier, one of the crucial benefits of Linux is the open-source network it operates with. Linux happens to be the only server to offer an open-source solution to its clients and this is because the operating system does not belong to one person; Linux is a communal system that any individual can subscribe to.

Linux's open-source identity is aimed at encouraging more invention and creation with the server domain which implies that the server goes on to grow and expand as times continue and as new ideas are added by bright minds into the mix

It's Safe and Secure

In the online world today, security is a major burden for all users. CloudLinux provides standard security measures using stringent file access systems and effective firewalls to prevent unsanctioned access and avoid the processing of infected files.

To be factual, no operating system is capable of totally defending users against all types of cyberattacks. Nevertheless, Linux has proven to be strong and able to withstand many of the vast cyber hacks we've seen to date. Linux's open-source identity makes it possible for malfunctions and vulnerabilities to be detected and fixed immediately which is unlike other systems that depend only on their team of experts to fix vulnerabilities.

Windows and Apple being giants in the OS world also makes them a target to many cyberattacks from hackers.

Users get to have desired privacy

A lot of users are now more concerned about their privacy as the recent chatters about big OScompanies are lacking proper privacy options. Although for some users it implies greater usability and for many, it means lack of privacy.Linux does not operate in this manner.

Linux obtains little information about its customer's DNA since the operating system is customizable, users can always delete applications and software they find suspicious.

Easy to Use

Linux is an incredible and straightforward operating system, especially for new developers. This is because of the flexibility it offers, unlike Windows and Applies which has a riding operating system. Linux's modularity implies that users can create the solutions they desire most. Clients can develop their personal solutions from a new idea or play with the available source code. However, the only principle users have to follow is that the solution must be open-source and free.


The Linux program is effortlessly adaptive and customizable to various techniques. The most website employs the use of common scripting languages like MySQL Perl or PHP and that is why Linux is unique as it authorizes the use of these scripting languages. Furthermore, infrastructures established on Linux operating systems enable the use of server applications and desktops together with rooted applications. Only the crucial components are to be installed by Cloud server architecture hence sac serving disk space on the essential hardware server.

No Licensing is needed

With Linux being an open-source system, it makes it an ideal choice for small organizations and business owners to make use of. Linux does not require an expensive licensing fee which makes it a cost-effective solution for server-instance.


Using the cloud server instances established on the Linux operating system allow users to make use of simple yet advanced infrastructure maintenance and management facilities through the SLA-backed agreements, vendor managed infrastructure, and central resources administration. Firms and organizations take advantage of the vendor-managed centralized management and lessen response time by concentrating on the main business areas and developing the latest applications with minimal provisioning schedule and no upfront expenses.

High up-time

Uptime pertains to how long a web server functions well. A lot of users look to choose a service provider that has an incredible high uptime and this is usually done by checking the server's uptime record. Generally, Linux servers have high up-time since they have no registry and coupled with the fact that they provide credible services and powerful performances.


The Linux servers can operate multiple programs at the same time. Programs can run in the background continuously with Linux servers. This feature allows users to multitask smoothly on the Linux Cloud server.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the advanced technology and features offered by CloudLinux, users can enjoy asmooth shared hosting environment at a very low cost. Using the CloudLinux, enables your servers to remain safe, your websites to work smoothly and your customers to remain pleased.

Frankly, assigning the Linux server hosting might not provide solutions to all your web development problems, however, it is still a better server compared to all other operating systems out there.

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