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If building a top-notch platform is your goal, starting with GoDaddy VPS hosting is a crucial practice. It sounds like opting for this provider from the start. Or perhaps, waiting for the perfect time to upgrade your plan.

Either way, this is one hosting provider with lots of offers. It gives you many options to choose from, depending on your needs and scalability. It's just as flexible as other top providers with minimal costs and more to offer. Most of all, its uses are enormous, which is why your wants must come first.

Before opting for any of its hosting plans, it would help best if you had full knowledge of it and applied all its strategies. Hence, there's no better way to attain this than to dive into its essential factors.

Godaddy VPS Hosting Review

GoDaddy created a space for itself on the high table. So far, it continues to hold a reputable status towards serving customers better. One of its most popular plans is Windows VPS hosting. Included in this package are two primary types.

Fully Managed VPS

Here's a supportive package with lots of features to offer. However, it doesn't provide self-host services. You get none of those self-hosting tools. All in all, it is profitable and comes with full customer support. Here are some other things you get to enjoy:

  • Unlimited Services: What'd you profit if you didn't use a VPS for its complete offers? A fully managed plan comes with two objectives: Standard RAM and High RAM. Each comes with unlimited bandwidth and the ability to scale as you go.
  • High Server Performances: The company knows what it's like to handle your servers yourself. Thus, it came up with a fully managed plan, sufficient for any beginner. The server performances are great, as you won't have to call for support all the time.
  • Cost-effective: Every plan is worth it. The company has ensured the differences between one package and the other counts. The fun part is, you can utilize your money well with a pile of tools provided.

Self-managed Package

Students want to learn everything they can, but a teacher knows best. The same way starters crave growth, but developers know how to handle it just fine. Well, if you're a developer, a self-managed system is the best for the job. It includes root user access and full control over the cPanel. Most of all, there's no limit to what you can customize. The features are:

  • High Stack Performance: Made for complete utilization, this holds robust SSDs. It includes a KVM setup, allowing for managing resources ultimately.
  • Easy Admin Setup: It's up to you whether you want to use the cPanel + WHM for this setup. It allows you to create multiple admin hosts with ease.
  • Backup & Recovery: Experiencing downtime is rare. If it happens, your data is in safe hands.
  • Root Access: Customize anything to suit your taste by gaining entry into this feature.


Instead of intending to know what this domain registrar has to offer, why not take the other approach that says, what are your needs? How well do you want to perform in the next couple of years? What binds the relationship between you and your customers? Once you can figure these out, you're good to go.

Over to the uses, what can you get from these services? Depending on your preference, you can opt for any of the following:

Building A Blog: Nowadays, almost every online business offers a blog space. It is no news that you can run an e-commerce website with a blog included. For most bloggers, they notice when to make the change or switch to a VPS hosting. Others prefer starting up with one. This particular hosting type helps to ease the strain that comes with scalability.

For E-Commerce Websites: Every e-commerce platform needs this. In short, its absence may cause huge losses, and you wouldn't want to take the risk. VPS hosting is secure with an SSL certification protecting all transactions.

For Hosting Multiple Websites: Host a trunk of sites without worrying about moving parts.

Other uses include:

  • Setting up email servers
  • Creating an isolated testing environment

Frequently Asked Questions

Like anything worthwhile, GoDaddy Windows VPS hosting is a point of success. It holds so much potential but releases nothing to those who tread wrongly. There are some factors needed to be considered when purchasing a VPS plan. The following are questions asked by users:

Does GoDaddy VPS Include Multiple IP Addresses?

No. It comes with one dedicated IP address, which, in the past, acted as a barrier. But with new emerging technology, one can work for the following functions:

  • Setting up several SSL certificates
  • Works well with SEO
  • Previewing websites

Can I Take Credit Cards?

Yes. The system doesn't have any problem with inviting a third-party source to process your payments from your server. With a little research, you can seek other options. Whichever one you choose, ensure it complies with the PCI policy, backed by the Internet law.

Where's My Server Location?

It's up to you. GoDaddy has multiple datacenters across the globe. You can choose from any location, be it Europe, North-Asia, and the like.

Do You Need Any Technical Knowledge?

The thing is, administrators and developers, know how to use a VPS perfectly well. The technical skills required above the average level standard. But the process isn't so difficult after all. It requires the ability to run and control a server. You can always call for support. Better still, opt for the fully managed plan.

Why Choose GoDaddy?

The company offers flexible packages with reliable KVM virtualization. The configuration process is swift. Weekly, you get a notification on all happenings. And no, you don't get to lose any data. The system has all it takes to upscale your server, placing it at the forefront of the work line.

On top of the credibility provided, there are several packages available. If necessary, you can utilize the optional cPanel. If you're busy with other tasks, a fully-managed VPS can help manage your server.

How to Use GoDaddy with Other VPS Hosting

Choices are different. There are cases when users had an interest in GoDaddy but chose an external VPS server. See it as nothing new. With a good combination of tools, you can make it big.

Now that you have your registered domain with this platform, it's ideal for working with its domain. On the contrary, you can use an alternative. And yes, the process is swift and easy. All you need to do is add an A record.

Adding An A Record

In the process of connecting to an external VPS server, you may come across practices that seem right, but they aren't.

An A record is what points your domain to an IP address. It is sourced from the DNS zone file. If your domain points to an IP address, it is easy for web browsers to locate your site.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Visit the settings tab
  • Click Manage DNS
  • Select the Add icon
  • Put your hosting type as an A record
  • Point it to your preferred IP address

The system responds within one hour of saving new changes. Note: don’t make the mistake of changing your nameservers. If necessary, run an upgrade on the nameservers. Ensure you use GoDaddy unless you want your DNS hosted elsewhere.

GoDaddy Vs. WordPress — Is It Really A Faceoff?

Looking at both platforms, you should indicate what they stand for, including their roles. If you’re new to blogging or web development, starting may seem difficult. But using these two together is a great way to step into the industry. Not so fast, though. You need to understand what these two companies have to offer.


GoDaddy is strictly known for domain registration. When you register with the company, it sells other add-ons and tools. But it isn’t as good as it seems with hosting. Although it offers this package, using an alternative serves best. Here’s where WordPress comes into play.


WordPress, on the flip side, is a Content Management System (CMS) known for building and developing websites. It tops the table in its industry. In short, almost every company provides access to this CMS.

Is It Really A Faceoff?

No. The thing is, both platforms play different roles while offering similar services. If indeed they’re in a faceoff, they should be thrown into the den with a tense atmosphere. This doesn’t mean that both can be productive together. A key factor to hold onto — GoDaddy is best for registering a domain, and WordPress possesses useful tools.

Pros of Working with Both Providers

GoDaddy leads the market with the highest WordPress installations. Working with both platforms catapults you to greater heights. The latter, being the best website builder, has a pile of plugins and functions above the average rate. Here are some other benefits of using both providers:

  • Backend & Simple User-Interface: When launching a new website, there's this feeling — knowing that you have a good learning curve. So far, GoDaddy has improved its system. If you want to avoid WordPress installation headaches, try using a GoDaddy WordPress hosting plan.
  • Mobile Support And Minimal Downtime: Ask an internet expert about the support history of GoDaddy. He/she will tell you how off-putting it is. Following the latest direction implanted in July 2013 and a new CEO, the company has improved. The customer team is active 24/7. Most of all, experiencing downtime is very uncommon.
  • Stability & Brand Awareness: Preparation meets opportunity. When you go for big things, they’ll surely come your way. The same thing applies to working with GoDaddy and WordPress. The thing with popular firms is, they want to retain higher heights. Hence, they’ll do anything to satisfy customers. In which case, you can always be assured of improvements.

Cons of Godaddy with WordPress Hosting

Like anything worthwhile, there’ll always be a downside. Here are complaints of users, likely termed as the cons of using GoDaddy with WordPress hosting:


In the process of transferring your hosting or moving host to a different source, you’ll come across tons of upsells and challenges. Yes, GoDaddy isn’t good with letting people leave. Although these obstacles are rare, they do occur.

Weird Advertising Style

GoDaddy used to be this weird company with its ads moving in a twisted direction. Since the new CEO came into office, it has been sanitizing it’s working space. In the past, the former CEO shoots elephants in ad videos. Sometimes, ads take a sexist approach. Although this may not be a problem to some people, a few may find its history off-putting. But know one thing for sure: it’s bygone, and the company has improved way better.

How to Setup Your GoDaddy VPS for WordPress Hosting

After outgrowing your shared plan, a VPS package should come next. This saves you expenses while providing access to more tools. Anyone planning to use GoDaddy VPS for WordPress hosting is one his/her way to greatness. Here’s what to do:

  • Login to GoDaddy and set up your cPanel
  • Visit “My Product,” then click “Web Host.”
  • Check your domain and click the manage button
  • Navigate to WordPress and click install

To create nameservers for a Virtual Private Server, do the following:

  • Check for your domain and click “DNS.”
  • Navigate to “Nameservers” and click the Change icon
  • Add name (ns1, ns2, ns3…) and IP address(Get it from your VPS)
  • Save Changes


GoDaddy Windows VPS hosting is useful for any kind of server or website. The two packages included provide you with enormous resources. Customer support is quick to resolve issues.

Installing WordPress hosts on your cPanel exposes you to WordPress plugins. GoDaddy WordPress simply means using GoDaddy’s hosting products on WordPress-based websites. It sounds like exposing your site to the benefits on both ends.

So far, the former has been topping the list for the highest WordPress installations. With both platforms, you can run a successful website with complete control over your resources and minimal downtime. Preferably, contact the customer support team for help.

Godaddy Windows VPS Hosting

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