A business that has outgrown the shared hosting environment needs a Virtual Private Server VPS for a better hosting experience. Many people need VPS hosting but will like to know if there is a free option, well, there are some free VPS hosting options to choose from, and we have listed them below.

Surprisingly, these free options are good and will take care of your hosting needs. You may have limited access to server resources, but you will have enough time to know how to use the platform to your advantage because it's a free trial. Some Free VPS hosting includes:


Kamatera offers you 30 days free hosting service that lets you have access to almost all resources. As a website owner, you can get a free VPS configuration worth up to $100, a cloud block storage worth 1000 GB, and outgoing traffic of 1000 GB even without your commitment.

The cloud VPS server gives you support at all times of the day. It has current solid-state drives and an uncomplicated management console. The company is in four continents and has up to 13 data centers in these continents. Many users around the world trust this company for satisfying free VPS hosting.


Gigarocket offers a free VPS hosting service to users who become a part of their online community forums. The forums already have more than 90,000 members involved in online messaging, so a server owner will join and apply for a free service when he has made up to 25 posts. The users also need to make about 15 posts every month as that is the way to keep their free service.

The company has a good range of Linux operating systems, although the server's specs are lower than others', and you may have to wait longer to get their free VPS service. Developers and students benefit from GigaRocket as the company improves its Linux server management skills by providing one of the most trusted options and creating a reliable service for its users.


ALA VPS lets their customers sample their services free. The company claims to have hardware with an optimized performance that can load sites three times faster than other competitors. They have a simple signup process that doesn't take time, and their free VPS server takes about a minute to become available to the users.

The company offers your operating system choice, whether Linux or Windows, weekly remote backups, and DDoS protection. ALA VPS does not request your payment information when signing up, making them trustworthy to a large extent, and they promise regular support every day and at every time with a guarantee of 100% uptime.


InstaFree is a famous brand known for free hosting. They give VPS plans at zero cost with cPanel and an excellent uptime guarantee. The company has been there since 2010 and has earned the trust of many users. They assign minimal server partitions to their customers under free VPS hosting, giving experienced developers a short-time opportunity to try out their VPS hosting and know what is best for their websites.

Customers who are using InstaFree VPS for the first time should note that you'll be left on your own when managing the environments as the company doesn't support or manage the environment. They do troubleshooting of server or network outages while the community forums take care of support. The company has its servers located in Seattle, Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles.


X10Hosting is also famous for giving free VPS hosting to users. They have been going strong for the past 15 years, and users trust them a lot for free hosting. The company takes away some performance and control features of VPS. Still, users have limitless storage and bandwidth to scale their applications and websites without stress using the cloud-based platform.

Many users will love the familiar cPanel interface, the flexible resources, and the software installation that happens at just a click. These remarkable features make this free VPS a great option, although users with better experience may feel the absence of root access and other sufficient controls. X10Hosting places its priority on simplicity and speed.


VPSWALA has 15 data centers in different parts of the world and hosts many customers' websites free, especially new developers and students. Many users trust them because they do not request your credit card number during signup. The company is supported by Intel SSD storage, making it trustworthy with optimized performance.

VPSWALA relies on KVM and OpenStack. They also have a control panel that lets users put on servers or put them off. Users can also access server stats, reboot, log into root access, and install another software script or operating system. The Linux operating systems that they available are CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. They also have a Windows operating system and a 30GB SSD storage.

What can you do with VPS hosting?

There are several things you can do with a VPS, and they include:

  • Host a Personal Cloud: aside from data syncing, there is a lot more that one can do with the cloud; calendars, collaboration, and contacts are essential. Hosing your cloud helps with data syncing, including task manager, galleries, calendar, and document editing. It will ensure their availability, totally secure, and entirely in your control.
  • Run Your Own Analytics: you can use VPS to host your analytics instead of using services such as Google Analytics. Your self-hosted analytics service, like Piwik, has exciting tools, including geolocation, referrer analysis, real-time analytics, and visitor tracking. You can also run extensive business analytics even without a dedicated server.
  • Develop Your Code: VPS is beneficial for businesses centered more on development as it gives you the best sandbox to run the development. The VPS resources make development simple and straightforward, and you can test the environment for your apps when you are through with the development process. This makes it easy to make the necessary corrections before you go live.
  • Get Your Wireless Connections Encrypted: it can be risky to connect to public wireless networks when you are busy as you do not know if the next person is affecting the progress of your connection. Your VPS encrypts the link that exists between an online server and your device. The encrypting makes your data unreadable to whoever tries to read it as it will not make any meaning or sense.
  • Run a VOIP Server: your VPS lets you set up a VOIP service without the long-term infrastructure. You can easily install your choice of VOIP application on your VPS and run your calls from there. You can let down the service when you don't require it anymore and bring it up again when you need it without buying additional hardware.
  • Build a Private Sync Service: you can create a private sync service with your VPS. The private sync will enable you to sync your data between many devices, just like Dropbox. The system will not always be connected to the internet without the Dropbox cloud component. You can install BitTorrent Sync on your VPS to create a fantastic syncing platform just like Dropbox but without worrying about privacy issues.
  • Manage Your IoT Devices: you can use your Virtual Private Services to manage your devices, mostly if your business uses many embedded smart devices and sensors. You will be able to collect data with these devices and send the data to your VPN. You can then employ any management tool you like to analyze the collected data.
  • Manage Your Projects: you can use your VPS to access project management tools if you have a growing business with mostly remote workers. Such devices have many features that will help you to manage your business correctly. An example is the ProjectLibre, which has rich features and was voted in 2013 as one of the 'Top Ten Open Source Projects.'

You can also use this encryption method to connect to content blocked against a particular region. It is a simple way to go about region locking instead of the bogus processes that many users know. But, it is vital that you secure your connections to avoid the loss of your account. You can find many VPN solutions that work well on a VPS and choose the one that suits your needs.

Ways to Use a VPS hosting for Your Business

Your business needs an online presence to grow, and you need to ensure that your website is running and always accessible to customers and potential customers. This is where you need VPS to give you so many benefits that will help your business grow. Here are some of the uses of virtual private server hosting for your business.

  • Faster Website Performance: customers do not appreciate web pages that load slowly as everyone likes speedy-loading sites. Mobile site speed is part of Google's considerations for ranking as they report that more than 50% of mobile users leave a website if its pages do not load in about three seconds.
  • Highly Secured VPS Site: with VPS, you are in total control of your server's environment, unlike shared hosting. You can use VPS to sync services enabling easy uploading or downloading data by your employees and customers. You will not be at the risk of losing your website or having it compromised by a wrong program run by another client on shared hosting.
  • Saves the Cost of Hardware Maintenance: you don't need to spend money and resources to do hardware maintenance as what you are renting is a virtual server and not a physical device. Your VPS hosting provider will do the hardware maintenance, saving you the cost.
  • Total Scalability: VPS hosting meets the growth of your business as your website experiences more traffic. You will need to run additional programs to ensure that your site functions at its best. VPS is completely scalable as it lets you choose a small plan now and upgrade the hosting plan later when your business begins to expand.
  • You choose your Apps: your computing environment is different and is not dependent on the operating systems of other VPS in the same server. This puts you in total control and gives you the liberty to the programs you want. You can also choose the operating systems you want to use so far the apps are compatible with it.

Shared hosting can result in slow loading of pages because many other sites share the same server. But VPS will help you achieve a fast-loading website even if your videos and images of high resolution.

Increase Your Website Performance with VPS hosting

As you already know, VPS hosting can significantly increase your site's performance as your pages will load speedily, making your customers happy and willing to come to your site over and over again. VPS hosting has a dedicated RAM, Bandwidth allocation, and VCPU making your website run with its own resources. A VPS user can also adjust the VPS according to the need to make the pages load at a smooth speed.

A test conducted on most installations such as WordPress, CMS, Joomia, etc., shows a noticeable improvement on the page loading speed during upgrade from shared hosting to virtual private server hosting. The configuration of the VPS and the website design also affect the loading speed of your website.

Why VPS Impacts Website Speed

VPS servers can increase the loading speed of your site because VPS servers have a fewer number of accounts in each server. Each account has some specific resources such as storage space, CPU time, bandwidth, and memory. These resources allocated to each account enables the websites to respond swiftly at all times.

Another reason is that the accounts on any VPS server are hosted in isolated environments in a server. Isolating the account ensures that one user's activity will not affect the other users on that server. The accounts work independently and are not likely to experience any delay as they are isolated from others. So, if you desire a better website performance, then it is time to upgrade to VPS hosting.


VPS hosting is fantastic, providing users with excellent access to various resources within a confined work area. In this work area on the server, data are not accessible by others, and you can receive and transfer data safely. Being an affordable option than the dedicated servers, you can use the free VPS hosting services to access excellent resources and upgrade to access more resources whenever you desire.

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