Everything You Need to Know About Custom VPS Hosting

How would you feel if you started a business but have limited control over it? Unsettled? That’s how every other individual would feel. Picturing Custom VPS Hosting, it is easy to spot a possibility in choosing and controlling your server location.

Unlike other hosting types, it gives you optimal access to all its features, not partially. It’s just like starting a blog or a business online with a free host. In which case, the provider allows for renting a webspace.

Custom hosting is unique, and there’s no limit to what you can control. If you’re using a VPS-based website, it’s likely to access plugins that your provider doesn’t offer.

Now that you have a grasp of what this hosting type entails, it would help best to understand how the system operates.

How It Works

Web geeks are fond of gaining full control over a system operation. Same thing applies to a VPS-based server. A custom solution is best, especially when maintaining a stand on the bridge between shared and dedicated servers. With this, operating the cPanel is a piece of cake. In short, there’s no limit to what you can customize. Most of all, there’s a pile of SSH and CLI tools readily available for use.

Such a hosting type includes an excellent development and management team, not to mention the speedy solution to technical issues. It’s going to be illogical to stick with one scale when using a VPS host. One size is never an option. Thus, this helps with a full tool kit for all kinds of solutions. It includes optimizing your webspace, root access, SSH, and the like.

Today, the trend has become an innovative factor, and individuals are coming up with different deployments. Safe to say, you have a list of broad options to choose from regarding the best VPS custom solution providers.

Sticking with one comes with a 99.99% uptime policy with a custom stack of code. Even so, the growth process is smooth with no form of disruption or whatsoever.

Features of A VPS Custom Hosting

There are numerous hosting providers on the internet, each standing out with unique features. But one thing is for sure. There are some primary features in place for developers, factors you need to look out for. These include:

  • Safe Migrations: Every VPS custom hosting plan comes with secure migrations when starting newly. No downtime.
  • CLI Tool Kits: With this, updating plugins is never a problem. In no time, you can run a multi-site installation. Even so, it’s possible to run operations without a browser.
  • Security Checks: For every VPS custom hosting, there’s always a security protocol, which appears impenetrable. Remotely, your site undergoes a security check for hackers. This feature helps to detect vulnerable plugins.
  • Daily Backups: You can always stay prepared with a VPS server. If you ever experience downtime with data loss, you can recover them with just a single push button, thanks to this feature.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth: Unlike shared servers, there’s no limit when it comes to data transmission.

Web Host Manager (WHM)

Web Host Manager consists of what looked like an active program, but it’s way beyond that. On top of giving you full control over your servers, this also offers a ton of benefits, all contributing to a course's productivity. Through the back end of cPanel, you can perform administrative functions, and your desires are never a problem.

Web Host Manager is compatible with several hosting providers. It’s likely to find these companies’ WHM offers split into two categories. A reseller account involves basic WHM, while dedicated and VPS plans are given root WHM or rWHM. In which case, the latter provides features requiring entry into the active server.


The features somehow relate to its benefits. With this program, you can perform a whole lot of tasks seemingly impossible in plain observation. WHM is something you can use to operate different sites without worrying about the moving parts. Along the line, as your business expands, you can adopt this for easy maintenance and operations. Controlling a list of business sites, you can store each on different panels.

You see, most popular firms hardly take running this program for granted. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Optimal Security: Running multiple businesses comes with the risk of being hacked. Sometimes, hackers may attempt to penetrate one of your sites. If this happens, there won’t be any effects on other sites. The system controls the situation by securing other servers.
  • Increased Privacy: When you create different accounts on the same cPanel, managing them is very easy. But that isn’t the case. Accounts attached to the same WHM are unique and independent. Though accounts run on separate cPanels but the same WHM, it is hard to tell if one is connected to the other.
  • Enabled SSL: Business-oriented websites ought to be secure at all times. If your site involves a daily transaction, you need an SSL certificate installed. But, you can’t have one without a dedicated IP address. Note that the rule is one address per cPanel.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth: As you sure grows, there’s a need for an increase in bandwidth. Unlike other hosting plans, this comes with no limit. Also, you have readily available tools in place for adjusting your size. This, many popular firms adopt to avoid suspension.
  • Effortless Management: One cPanel can host multiple domains, even in shared plans. But it is advisable to upgrade your plan. The process is usually disturbing. All in all, WHM allows for this management.

Note that when operating e-commerce websites, each requires a separate cPanel, for processing credit cards. This is mostly helpful for securing transactions and customers’ credentials.

WHM is a unique space for performing tons of tasks, all revolving around servers and domain management. It also gives you full control over a cPanel. You can create, manage, and edit one without stress. Other functions include changing and creating nameservers, requesting an informative report, replacing DNS zones, and the like.

What’s Custom Hosting on VPS Servers Like?

When thinking of a custom hosting solution on VPS for your unique needs, a reliable hosting plan comes to mind. Although in most cases, users have to narrow their search into selecting just one choice, a hosting provider remains the focus.

How well you want to project to excel depends on your level of involvement. If you need full control over your VPS plan, opting for an unmanaged pack would do.

In shared hosting, the provider handles all the configurations and maintenance. But the case is different with custom VPS hosting. In general, an unmanaged plan lets you choose the applications and servers to work with. More importantly, it gives you full control from the root user.

In most cases where users want to build their project and own it, custom hosting makes the process more comfortable. More so, it creates an eco-friendly web environment, allowing for editing a configuration to adapt to a situation.

What to Look for In Custom VPS Hosting

It’s also like saying: what are the benefits you get? An unmanaged VPS works best, unlike working with shared servers. It is also a better option compared to some hosting products online. Such a package provides you full access to a wide variety of tool kits.

Instead of working with shared hosting tools, which may be complex to use, you can opt for familiar ones. For example, it is possible to replace Apache with Nginx.

First thing first, have you thought about the crucial factors? Before jumping into an unmanaged VPS, you need to understand what you seek. Here are a few things you should be on the lookout for:

  • Virtualization: This comes first, regarding the improvement of your website to suit your taste. Inability to get this right leads to tons of technical issues. When making a choice, there’s a need to understand where the fine line is drawn between different virtualizations.
  • Web Resources: Looking at your project, how do you want it to perform? Of course, you need a layout for speed and performance. Your site’s scalability also matters since growth is a priority.
  • Add-ons: It’s good that you finally settle with a reliable hosting solution. However, the journey has just begun. You should focus on the add-ons available, as they contribute to the growth of your project.
  • Reliable Support Team: Even after deciding to manage your operations all by yourself, you may need help. Here’s where customer support serves best. All you need is to state your problem. The team will help you through it.
  • OS Support: In most cases, virtualization might not appear as it seems. Most of them aren’t so flexible. In the end, you are left with a few models. The situation always gets better when you call to find out about the available OS.
  • Uptime Guarantee: When handling your operations yourself, it’s crucial to have a reliable uptime presence. Daily, you have to work on several tasks. A little downtime could cost you huge losses; you wouldn’t want that. Therefore, selecting a satisfying provider is what mostly matters.

Best Custom VPS Hosting Solutions In 2021

Custom VPS solution is ideal for technical testing and operations. Selecting a choice is a crucial factor in making it big. In most cases, it is much more critical than the pricing.

This section covers a few ones from a large number of hosting providers out there. It indicates the top three of 2021, and they include:


Here's a leading hosting provider with millions of customers. It has different packaging for different purposes. This hosting type comes with an unmanaged VPS plan, providing administrative access and letting you build your infrastructure.

At times, you may need help with some operations. When this happens, the customer support team should be your next bus stop. Even so, you can get full customer support when necessary.

If you're looking for a perfect administrative choice, this might just be what you need. Some of the solutions this provider include:

  • Full command line management & network
  • Optional operation systems
  • Maintained hardware
  • Full root user access


Another choice you can make — this provider has a large number of fans across the world. Once it places an offer, people who opt for it never feel disarmed. Instead, they feel equipped.

All HostGator plans come with cost-effectiveness. The VPS plan is such that it includes all you need for self-hosting practices and management. The starting cost is affordable, and you can choose among its choice of offers.

Note that when opting for a package, it is essential to lay down and merge your needs with the resources at hand.

Speaking of resources, with HostGator, the following features are accessible:

  • Super large disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Full customization kits
  • Adaptive scalability


Hostfinger is yet another provider that’s winning the heart of the public. It comes with multiple VPS packages, each with similar features but different performance.

Of course, the plans are cheap. On the official website is a breakdown of all the packages, including their features and plans.

This holds a supportive CentOS system. It is super fast and effective for enterprise-level operations. Started by the Red Hat Linux group, it stores its focus on speed and stability while taking security seriously.

Other focused areas include:

  • IPv6 function
  • Full root user access
  • SSD drives
  • 100Mb/s Network


Custom VPS hosting is a trend that every enterprise must adapt to, regardless of the level of growth. You can choose to install custom hosting on VPS for your unique needs. All you need is complete customization.

Not to worry; an unmanaged VPS plan gives you such access. It helps you with supportive tools but lets you decide how you want to build your infrastructures.

You can scale as you go. Stability is never a problem. The servers you created accept any size or bandwidth. More importantly, this helps to avoid technical penalties like suspension, losses, or downtime.

In the end, your hosting type and provider are what matter. Don’t make the mistake of focusing only on pricing. Always reflect your needs, and the rest will come in place.

Custom VPS Hosting

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