cPanel is a website hosting control panel based on Unix that provides a visual interface and automation tools designed to make the procedure of hosting a website simpler.

cPanel makes use of a 3 level arrangement to provide operation administration, resellers, and end-user site owners to manage the various website sections plus server management using a regular web browser. Besides the GUI interface, cPanel also has a command line and accessible API that permits third-party software sellers, organizations offering Web hosting services, plus developers to computerize typical system administration procedures.

cPanel is designed to operate either as a dedicated server or as a VPS while also supporting Red Hat Linux, CentOS, and FreeBSD. Application-based support includes MySQL, Apache, Perl, Postgres, BIND (DNS), and PHP. Email based support includes IMAP, POP3, and SMTP services.

The technology is generally accessed on port 2082, with a secured SSL server working on port 2083, and considering that cPanel has become the most admired and extensively used cPanel in the world today.

When a website's resource-intensive software is being run, the memory allotment and usage go critical to its overall performance. The bigger the resources used by the server, the slower a website or application runs. cPanel Virtual Private Server is specifically designed to take advantage of the smaller hosting setting usually located on a VPS. This ensures that the websites and the apps run with no disruption.


When a VPS server becomes inactive with little traffic, it allows the site visitors to navigate the website without straining the system. Nevertheless, in case of any sudden traffic surge, the resource usage will begin to rise. Optimized cPanel VPS was designed to use a smaller portion of those resources meaning that extra memory is devoted to your website without impacting your website visitors' experience. Below are what cPanel VPS web hosting does for you.

  • SSD VPS with cPanel provides the most pleasing performance
  • Optimized cPanel VPS maintains the same characteristics and functionality as a standard cPanel installed on either a shared or dedicated Web hosting account.
  • Optimized cPanel VPS availability
  • Optimization of cPanel VPS is obtainable on every VPS servers.
  • Secure your websites with cPanel AutoSSLs

Use HTTPS and SSL to ensure the safety of your visitors' data while increasing your Google search ranking as well. AutoSSL offers you the capability of issuing an SSL for each website you host at no added cost. VPS cPanel hosting is an easy way to stay informed with modern security procedures and defend your website from hackers.


While ordering cPanel/WHM for either of your VPS or Dedicated servers, you need to submit a ticket showing your request to the Sales/Billing division.

After receiving your request to add cPanel, the corresponding invoice will be generated on a prorated basis to match your web hosting plan billing cycle and sent to you.

After the payment, the cPanel/WHM will be set up on your server.

PLEASE NOTE: After purchasing either the VPS or Dedicated web hosting server with the cPanel license, there will be a limitation to what you do when creating the cPanel accounts. Find additional information concerning the Tier pricing.

After installing the cPanel/WHM, all your server content will disappear. Please ensure you back up your files. After purchasing the cPanel license, you can opt for the Cpanel solo (1 account) or Tier One


A Web hosting company offers cheap VPS solutions in two ways; one is investing in better-quality servers. The other is by providing a dependable service that will keep customers coming back for years. Another method you can use in getting cheap VPS solutions for your web hosting is by buying old-fashioned hardware with limited resources that runs an ad campaign filled with huge buzz words while reaping some immediate earnings before it crashes.

It's no surprise that many companies employ the second approach leaving you who suffer for the shortcomings. Buying an inadequate VPS package makes your website run slowly and occasionally unavailable altogether. Getting the server to get to speed alone can take hours.

What You Should Look out For in the Best Cheap VPS Hosting Services

It might be a luxury to opt for a VPS hosting solution for someone who is just starting up, but testing out the technology with a cheaper option might not be a bad idea. I have compiled a list of things you should be getting when going for the more affordable VPS hosting service. Let's check them one after the other.

1. Premium Servers: There's very little magic when it comes to web servers. Like any other PC, Mac, or smart device, some servers are much more dynamic than others. Intel's higher-end offerings with AMD, hosted inefficient data centers coupled with redundancy procedures, guarantee the best loading speeds and the most dependable uptime of your website.

2. Liberal Resources: A Virtual Private Server is a virtual section of the available resources on the server accessible to you. There is a tendency to create a teeny-tiny Virtual Private Server, but its ability to help individuals is not guaranteed. The least of the plans are introductory offers adequate storage space and enough RAM plus CPU power.

3. Expandability: The most exciting part of any VPS web hosting solution is the opportunity to expand your server and get it accustomed to your varying needs. Yet, not all web hosting service providers make this as simple as it supposes to be. We are considering the list we'll look into after allowing you to upgrade your VPS easily and with no record of any downtime.

4. Managed Assistance: When compared with an excellent preexisting shared hosting plan, a VPS web hosting is more complex to set up and manage. Most of the topmost providers either train you on the exact thing to do or offer to manage your web server on your behalf while you focus your energy on handling other stuff. But note that not all managed support has equal services; you can get more understanding about this when we analyze each of these providers on our top four.

5. The Cost: When it gets to price, it can be tricky. Even if you are to pay few bucks per month, there's nothing discounted or inexpensive about a substandard plan with insubstantial resources and little or no technical assistance, which is hosted far away from your intended audience.

The names on this list of Web hosting providers that offer VPS hosting cPanel services are not only affordable, but in reality, they also give value for your money.

Now let's compare the four most excellent cheap, and dependable VPS Hosting solutions that you can explore in 2021

1. Kamatera: Business-Level Service with international Cloud Deployment

One funny thing about Kamatera is that a glance through the home page of the company's website might not convince you that they provide web hosting solutions. Kamatera b itself as a "performance cloud" and operates over 13 data centers covering the USA, Canada, The UK, Israel, Germany, and the Netherlands.

You can leverage this global coverage, but our focus here is on discounted VPS web server, which is precisely what we're here for.

Whatever website project you're working on, be it a standard website or an app server, or an enterprise web solution, you can rely on Kamatera's cloud servers to get it done! Regular upgrades are done on servers of Kamatera free of charge for their customers so that you miss anything.

Here is the caveat emptor; Kamatera's cloud services are targeted at the functionality and not the sales volume recorded. When reregistering in the future, you won't encounter any flashy interfaces or pretty graphics, or any other issues. In return, you get an inexpensive, robust, and scalable server,

What you do get is an affordable, rugged, and upgradable server that ultimately comes with any of cPanel or Plesk for uncomplicated management. And that's the most important. To get an expert's reflection of this host, check out the full Kamatera review here!


2. InterServer; Enormous US Performance and Effortless WordPress Installations

Although the name may not be ringing the bell yet, VPS plans offered by InterServer contain unique features. Hosted in one of the high-tech data centers strategically situated on the United States coasts, you'll be in a leading position to serve website guests from across North America. Your website visitors from across Europe will also enjoy blazing loading time.

One of the best things about InterServer's VPS solutions is the easiness of getting a WordPress website up and running just as easy as a shared web hosting auto-installer. With the use of a tool called Webuzo, you will allow you to set up your new server quickly and configure the essential dependencies automatically. Even if you don't have the needed, necessary skills, the entire process shouldn't take you more than twenty minutes. Whatever happens, you're covered by round-the-clock support. For the full list of features of Interserver, check out our in-depth InterServer VPS Review.


3. A2 Hosting; The Most Affordable VPS Option for Smaller Websites

A2 Hosting provides you with excellent affordable VPS hosting servers in all of its four data centers, located in Arizona, Michigan, Amsterdam, and Singapore. A2 Hosting plans are backed by uptime commitment closed to 99.9% with the company's "anytime money-back guarantee" signature.

Though the pricing system can be confusing, I'll try as much as possible to break it down for you! A2 Hosting has three types of VPS hosting solutions; managed VPS hosting, unmanaged VPS hosting, and core managed VPS hosting.

The price of managed and core managed VPS hosting is the same; the only difference is that the core managed VPS hosting plans gives you additional root access to the server. Since all other VPS hosting on this list provides root server access, I recommend that you opt for this option peradventure; you need to carry out some server tasks as times go on yourself.

If you decided to go for an unmanaged VPS hosting plan, A2 Hosting has one of the cheapest VPS plans you can ever get in the industry today. Since the basic unmanaged VPS web hosting won't handle more than what a standard website with small traffics can handle, why not take the opportunity to get your hands busy to try out the unmanaged VPS hosting and see if it suits your needs. Aside from learning how to configure and maintain an unmanaged VPS web hosting, you will also save some bucks in the process. The complete review of A2 Hosting is available here for you! Meanwhile, take your time to check out the most suitable A2 Web hosting plans that are suitable for you here.

4. Liquid Web; the Inventive and Completely Managed VPS with A Lot of Additional Perks

Liquid Web has been in the business of Web hosting for more than two decades. The company is famous for delivering high-performing and feature-packed VPS hosting packages. Don't be scared by the price of the plans but focus on the fact that the VPS hosting plans of Liquid Web comes with include control panel licenses, dynamic 24/7 monitoring, a firewall and

Prices might be a bit high, but realize that Liquid Web's VPS plans include control panel licenses, dynamic 24/7 monitoring, security service, and a firewall, DDoS protection in addition to Cloudflare CDN.

Accessing all these features on other hosting platforms comes with additional charges but including them on your basic Liquid Web VPS hosting plan is cheaper than what is obtainable on other platforms. Even though Liquid Web is committed to offering an all-inclusive, fully managed web hosting service covering everything from server configurations and setup to ongoing management, it put the icing on the cake. Besides that, their support team is ever ready to attend to you in less than 59 seconds.

You are searching for the most satisfactory possible service that stresses managing the server by yourself off your shoulder? Liquid Web is the best answer to your hosting problems!

Why not check out this in-depth review on Liquid Web VPS here to ascertain if Liquid Web solution will be the right choice for you.


Although the market dangles several solutions for hosting control panels at your face, cPanel is believed to be the most outstanding choice you could ever make as a developer. cPanel is an open-source tool that helps you design and host websites and configuring your web server settings without much difficulty.

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