Choosing VPS is a good decision, but it is also important to choose the right hosting provider. There are many companies today that offer web hosting services. Each company has different features, different benefits, and different limitations. Because you want the best hosting for your website, it is important to choose the right company that benefits surpass its demerits. As no company can be perfect, it may not be easy to see a company that outclasses other companies in all aspects, but some essential features are very important. Hence, you must focus on those features and ensure your hosting company got them right. We will consider five important features that you must watch out for before you choose a company to provide a VPS hosting for your website. If a company get those important features right, it si likely that it will also get other features right.

How to Choose the Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers

Below are the important factors to consider when you want to choose the best Windows VPS hosting provider

  • Security of Data

You must have heard people saying safety first. Well, as it applies to humans, so does it apply to our data. Your site must be safe, and if a hosting provider cannot guarantee your website's safety and security, then there is nothing that it offers that is worth patronizing. You must check the SSL certificate of the company. It would help if you also read other users' reviews on the safety of the company. You can also discuss the safety issue with the hosting company and request information on how they are protecting the website on their servers. If you are satisfied with the company's safety features, you can go ahead and consider other elements of their services.

  • Pricing
No matter your aim for running the website, you will still want the best value for the cheapest amount. For different reasons, the pricing of VPS hosting providers varies even when their services are similar. That is why it is important to compare prices from other companies before choosing a company to host your website. However, it is also important to compare the cost against the services on offer.

Therefore, don't just go for the cheapest hosting, rather go for a hosting plan that offers the best value for your money. But if the services are the same, then you should consider a low cost hosting over a more expensive one.

  • Technology in Use
Technology is advancing every day, but not all companies are changing with time. It is essential that you choose a VPS hosting provider that is using the latest technology. You must check the hardware of the company and be satisfied. The kind of hardware and technology available in the company will determine how fast your website will load. There is no doubt you want a site that opens at the speed of light.
  • Support Services
Running a website is a complex activity. No matter how skillful you are in the art and how much web management knowledge you have, there will always be times you will need technical assistance from your hosting company. Therefore before you conclude on the choice of the company to choose for hosting your website, you must consider how effective the company's support services are. It would be best if you had a good idea of how professional and friendly their support agents are. You must also read the review from other users of the company's service to know others' experiences with its support agent. Never choose a company that will leave you alone when you need their assistance most.
  • Other Features
Aside from the basic features your hosting provider provides, companies also offer more services and add-ons to their company. Compare these extra features among different hosting service providers. Some hosting companies allow you to test your plan for some days for free. You will start paying after the expiration of the free trial period. Some companies also offer 100 percent money back should you be dissatisfied with what you get. All these features are important, and they vary from a service provider to another. Before you conclude your choice of company, make sure it offers the features that are truly beneficial to you.

What is Best Windows VPS Hosting?

If you have decided to host your website on VPS, the next question will be what operating system you should choose. There are many operating systems available, but the most popular are Windows OS and Linux OS. While Linux operating system is cheaper than Windows operating system, it is more difficult to manage. Also, Windows OS allows you to choose your own antivirus, hence putting your website's security in your hand. Windows operating system also comes with many software that you can use to build a website. Aside from all those great features, Windows OS allows remote desktop access. With that feature, you can access the desktop linked with your Windows VPS from any location and any computer connected to the internet. You can also share your desktop with other users in different geographical locations. But the most important reason many people are choosing Windows operating system is that it is from Microsoft, and many website owners are used to Microsoft's product. Hence they will find it familiar to work with Windows OS. Microsoft is also a software brand anybody can trust.

Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers

However, if you are hosting your website on the Windows operating system, it is important to consider what different hosting companies offer. This will guide you in deciding the best company for you. The following are essential features to consider before choosing the best Windows VPS hosting.

  • The Window Version in Use
Because Windows keeps updating its operating system, it is essential to consider the Windows version the company uses before choosing it. Ensure you only host your website on a server from a company using the latest version of the Windows operating system.

Window License: All windows software requires a license. Some hosting companies will be responsible for the license, while some will want you to pay for the license. Check so that you will know the exact amount your hosting will cost you. Compare the offer with those available elsewhere before you finally make your choice. Ideally, the best VPS hosting providers are responsible for the cost of Windows licenses.

  • Management
Many website owners usually leave the management of the website to the hosting company. But different company defines web management differently. If you are to choose a managed Windows VPS hosting, then it is essential to consider what is in their plan. What kind of management services doe the company offer, and what is left for you? The best managed Windows VPS hosting includes comprehensive management services.
  • Configuration
Different Windows VPS hosting companies offers different numbers of configuration options. The best companies have a wide range of options for you to choose from.

Offshore Hosting

In every country, the government regulates the activities of website owners. Different countries have different laws governing cyberspace. This is to prevent cybercrimes, but it may also be to regulate information sharing and other online activities. While some countries have relaxed rules, some are more stringent. Since you can run your website from any country without being physically present in the country, you may decide to host your site in a country with more relaxed cyber laws. This is called offshore hosting.

Also, many offshore hosting companies normally allow you to hide your identity. Hence if you are running a website that you don't want the public to know the person behind the site, offshore hosting maybe your best option.

Also, considering that some countries ban some activities while they are freely permitted in other countries, going offshore may be the only way to run such a website. A common example is an online gambling site. If it is not allowed in your country and you wish to run it, then you can host your site in the country where it is allowed while you stay in your country.

An offshore hosting company will also try to protect you against the law as much as possible. Suppose your site contains pirate, plagiarized, or copyrighted contents. In that case, the hosting company may be contacted to put down your site, which many hosting companies will comply with. Still, you will get better protection from offshore companies than the service providers in your country.

5 Best Offshore VPS Providers

There are many offshore VPS providers. Here is our list of the 5 best offshore VPS providers.

  • Kamatera
Kamatera will allow you to pay for their services using cryptocurrency, hence protecting your identity. You can remain anonymous as much as you like. But that is not the only reason to choose this hosting service provider, as many other offshore providers have the same offer. Kamatera provides safe, secured, and reliable hosting services. They use the latest technology, and their pricing is competitive.
  • Offshore Servers
Offshore servers is another offshore hosting service provider. They offer effective management of your server and ensure your website is well protected both from hackers and prying government agents. Their hosting prices started from $9 a month. Hence you can always see packages that you can afford.
  • Flaunt7
Plan7 has hosting plans that are free of charge. Hence it is among the most affordable offshore hosting providers. The company server is very fast, and you will hardly experience a downtown if you host your website with them. They also have very good customer relations, and there are many good reviews about them online. Flaunt7 is certainly an offshore company you will always love to partner with.
  • Hosterplain
Just like Plan7, is another offshore hosting company with a very good support system. They have a team of staff that are very professional, friendly, and ready to assist. As their services are top quality, their pricing is very competitive, with hosting plans starting from as low as $0.49 per month. The company also have very good review from their users.
  • Hostpoco
Hostpoco is another offshore website hosting provider that offers free plans. They offer one of the best hosting services available. The company also offers a free domain if you subscribe to any of their services.

Are You Looking for A Windows VPS Plan?

If you are considering hosting your website on Windows VPS, we may help you. We offer the best VPS services with great features, many add-ons, and competitive pricing. All our plans come with a 7-day trial period so you can test-run our services. We have a team of top professionals who are well experienced and always ready to help. We provide services from web owners in different parts of the world. You can contact us today, and we will be glad to work with you.

The Take-Away

Windows VPS is among the best hosting plan you can purchase for your website. However, different web hosting service providers have different offers on their plans. Therefore, it is important to consider each company's offer and compare them before purchasing your plan. Among the important factors to consider are the security features of the server, the kind of technology the hosting company is using, and the window version the company will install for you. It would help if you also considered the technical support you will get from the company, the services included in the company's management plans, and the pricing.

If you want to avoid stringent cyber laws from your country or run a website but remain anonymous, you should consider hosting your site with offshore hosting companies. These companies operate from countries where the law is much more relaxed and are ready to protect your identity, among many other great features.ghghghgh

Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers

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