VPS Hosting with instant deployment

VPS stands for virtual private server. You can use this cloud server for your hosting. That is why people call it virtual private servers. In many cases a virtual server is much cheaper then a hosting package. All servers are unmanaged (additional managed available), this means you will need to maintain the server yourself. Server hosting is becoming very popular among webmasters and developers. Fully scalable and manageable.

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Deploy your VPS
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24/7 Technical Helpdesk
Tons of VPS templates

Numerous OS Options & API

Over 100 fully pre-configured templates available to deploy server in just seconds.

Live VPS back-ups

On-Demand & Live Backups

Backup your VPS while the server is running. No scheduled downtime needed.

Hourly, daily and monthly VPS billing

Flexible Billing

No contracts. Choose how long you keep your server. Destroy on-demand.

Private networking VPS

Virtual-Private Network

Use our private network function and join VPSs in the same location.

Managed VPS Firewall

Quick, Easy Firewall Setup

Firewall configuration and rule additions are easy and quick to setup and manage.

VPS with IPv4 & IPv6 support

Native IPv6 Support

Our VPS can be launched with IPv6 and is completely free or charge.

premium plan large plan
1 GB memory
1 core processor
25 GB disk
1000 GB transfer
2 GB memory
2 core processor
50 GB disk
2000 GB transfer
3 GB memory
2 core processor
75 gb disk
3000 GB transfer
4 GB memory
3 core processor
100 GB disk
4000 GB transfer
6 GB memory
4 core processor
150 GB disk
5000 GB transfer
8 GB memory
6 core processor
200 GB disk
6000 GB transfer
16 GB memory
8 core processor
400 GB disk
7000 GB transfer
24 GB memory
10 core processor
600 GB disk
8000 GB transfer
32 gb memory
12 core processor
800 GB disk
9000 GB transfer
64 GB memory
20 core processor
1600 GB disk
10000 GB transfer
96 gb memory
24 core processor
2400 GB disk
11000 GB transfer
192 gb memory
32 core processor
4800 GB disk
12000 GB transfer

Fast SSD VPS Hosting

We guarantee the best I/O performance. With full SSD our servers are one of the fastest available on the internet.

Perfect for high performance workloads, such as server virtualization, Desktop virtualization, developers and cloud computing.

Start your VPS Hosting

Activate Your Server Directly – No Support Needed

Select your virtual hosting specifications and the datacenter and start instantly. Manage servers with our user-friendly control panel.

All our servers are fully scalable, you only pay for what you need. You can choose from multiple datacenters worldwide. With our special software your server is online instantly.

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VPS hosting from $4.99 a month

If you're looking for a new way to host your website online with a high quality VM Host, there's no better time to consider a VPS hosting solution. Starting from just $4.99 a month, our Cheap VPS hosting packages ensure you'll benefit from excellent privacy, control and customisation options. VPS hosting is the halfway point between a dedicated server and shared hosting, so although the VPS is created on a shared server, your plan will be self contained. This functionality gives you more access and flexibility than shared hosting options and is a great solution for a growing business with expansion plans. If you'd like to try VPS server hosting, start a free 7 day trial today.

Managed firewalls and flexible billing

With one of our VPS hosting plans, you'll be able to quickly and easily set up rule additions and firewall configurations for added security. We also offer numerous OS options - there's over 100 pre-configured templates to choose from - so you can deploy your server in a matter of seconds. If you're concerned about billing and you don't want to be tied into a long-term contract, there's no need to worry. With us there's no contracts; it's entirely up to you how long you keep your server. As well as flexible billing options you can destroy your server on-demand.

Start your VPS Hosting Server now

The power and control of a dedicated server without the costs!

VPS hosting solution

High performance VPS Hosting

Dedicated servers are great if you have a high amount of traffic visiting your website, but realistically not everyone needs one. If you're launching a brand new website, renting a small portion of a server instead can save you a lot of money. On the other hand, if you are currently paying for a dedicated server and you believe it isn't right for you, making the switch to VPS hosting could be a great decision. If you're unsure which option would be best for your needs, get in touch with one of our experts for more guidance.

Privacy and customisation are guaranteed

With one of our hosted VPS servers, you'll still have your own operating system. This means that you can make changes to suit the server to your needs, and you'll have the ability to use scripts that aren't always allowed in shared hosting environments. Another benefit of not sharing your OS with other businesses is that no one else will have access to your files, keeping your data and information safe.

High quality VPS Hosting

Choose a data centre anywhere in the world for hosting VPS

No matter where your business is operating from, we have data centres around the world to ensure you benefit from fast connections. Latency is one of the most important factors when it comes to server hosting, so you need to make sure you pick one that's close to your location and offers the specifications you're looking for. Our data centre locations include Miami, London, Amsterdam, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Singapore.

24/7 support and DDOS protection

Our team are online 24/7 to help you set up, manage and troubleshoot your VPS. We'll even help you migrate your website from any host and run security and performance audits. Not only do we assist with VPS installation, but we provide tools that will help detect any incoming or outgoing cyber attack. We'll respond immediately and take the appropriate measures to prevent any network failures.

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