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A Virtual Private Server is an actual server that is cut into virtual peaces. The server is very powerful and has high end hardware. The main benefit of a Virtual Private Server is the scalability of the product. When you are using a normal server you can run into memory, storage or CPU issues. With virtualisation these problems do not occur. With smart virtualisation software the server can be upgraded within seconds. No need to send an engineer to replace the hardware, simply manage it with 2 clicks on the internet.

Deploy your virtual server within 60 seconds and experience the best performance you can get from a VPS. All our servers are deployed on hardware with SSD storage. We are using a unique technique to store your server on 3 disks simultaneously. Your data is always safe! Try it yourself, we have many promotions available!

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Scalable VPS

Virtualisation is getting more and more popular on the online hosting industry every day. Especially the flexibility and scalability of the product is what makes it so unique. For example, if you are using a server for a short project of time, you can use a VPS and scale the server to your needs. Done with the project?Simply delete the server anytime you want to, you only pay for the time you actually used the server. We do not use contracts, so you can cancel the virtual private server anytime you have no need for it. Even if you are having to less resources, you can simply rescale the server with 2 clicks on the service page and have the power you need! Multiple add ons or pre installed software is available on all servers that we enroll.

Unique storage solution

Most locations are using the our unique 3-way storage technique, this will store your server at 3 storage levels simultaneously. This will make your server extra safe and secure because in case of any data corruption, there are always 2 other storage levels. Try our vps and use our promotions for free and experience our ssd powered services.

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Linux or Windows Operating Systems

Choose your preferred operating system. A VPS of Virtual Private server can be setup for anything. Your server can be enrolled with multiple Linux or Windows based Operating Systems. We are offering a wide variation of these OS’s. Many of our deployed servers are using the Linux based system, others do prefer Windows. We do provide all recent distro’s and our databases are updated frequently to provide you the most recent version of the operating system you need. The virtual services that we provide are always licensed via official distributors. With multiple server locations around the world, you can choose one nearby!

Expanding more extra locations

Every year we expand the amount of locations where we provide virtual private servers. In almost any content we can and will deliver our services! All our services are equipped with a backup schedule. You can setup your own preferred times and backup scheduled. This can be done daily, weekly and monthly. Simply manage the backup functionality from the service page and make sure you never lose your server data! Try our services and experience the ssd performance and state of the art Intel CPU technology.

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