The use of VPS has come to stay, especially for businesses that experience huge traffic for their website. It involves using virtualization technology to access servers that are located off-premise rather than the usual on-premise servers. This way, users can SSH into their Virtual Machines (VM) at any time and from any device.

Like your physical computer, every VM has an operating system (OS) embedded in it; this determines the efficiency, speed and cost of the VPS hosting services. In this article, we would be taking a good look at the Linux Virtual Private Server, a VPS hosting service that uses Linux as their OS.

What is Linux OS?

An operating system (OS) is software that helps to control and direct computer hardware and various resources. An operating system enables the user to interact with the computer better. It functions as a medium between programs, hardware, and the end-user.

It consists of system software and basic files your computer needs to work effectively and function well. The operating system includes windows, Linux, macOS, etc. Each operating system (OS) is different; they provide an interface called a graphical user interface (GUI) that houses the ability to manage files and folders. It also allows the user to run various software and install programs written for the operating system.

The various operating systems listed above amongst others are specifically for different devices with many features suitable for the user. A user might prefer to use a computer with a Windows operating system, and another user would want to use a computer with a Linux operating system.

A Linux refers to an OS kernel that forms part of a Unix-like operating system (OS) that is open-source (free for all users). When software developers create applications, they usually specify by writing codes the operating system that the software would work on because each operating system has its various communities. And the OS communicate with the computer (hardware) differently because they have a specific program interface or an Application Programmable interface (API).

What is VPS?

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server, by this we are referring to a computer that can function as a host storing data, giving access to peripheral devices or gadgets over a network (wide area network or local area network). This device which lacks a screen or keyboard (it can also be a device in various forms) cannot be seen or interfaced with physically by the users as they are located in multiple inaccessible locations.And they are entirely owned by the user who has full control over what happens there.

In essence, a VPS gives you privileges over a supercomputer (server) located somewhere in the world.

Linux Virtual Private Server

Linux virtual private server is one of the hosting services that allow clients with many benefits and features like that of a dedicated server aside from the higher cost that comes with it (dedicated server). Simply put, a Linux virtual private server is a type of server that runs with the Linux operating system. Whether you plan to offer services or sell products, Linux Virtual Private Server is the best choice because it also provides a secure sockets layer (SSL). Secure sockets layer (SSL) connection encrypts all financial information that alternates between the web user's browser and your website, thereby protecting data transmission or whatever is being purchased.

If you need a fairly priced server space that doesn't end uploading a web page at a tortoise pace, when other neighbouring sites are loading very fast, then Linux virtual private is a good option for your web page web application.

Why use a VPS?

A virtual private server gives the user superuser access. It runs on its isolated environment which offers the user enhanced security, hence protecting the space from other processes and data on the same server, making the content there highly secure.

A virtual private server also offers minimum pricing to the user. That is the user is getting the features of a dedicated server at a reduced cost. A virtual private server is an intermediary between shared hosting and dedicated servers.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a physical server hosts multiple sites simultaneously. So, each user with a space in shared hosting has access to different features such as databases, random access memory (RAM), disk space, email accounts, file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts amongst others offered by the host. System resources are also shared on-demand by the users of the server. Each of them gets a percentage of everything from random access memory (RAM), central processing unit (CPU), and other features. Shared hosting is good for startup's and for the user's who wants to operate a single web page because it is very cheap.

Dedicated hosting is another hosting package that offers a reliable or unwavering resource to a single user. Dedicated hosting is ideal for websites with a huge amount of traffic (a very large number of visitors). A user will hire an entire server with all the resources and features available. Web hosting corporation offers different packages for the clients based on their choice and resource allocation.

Dedicated hosting is beneficial for a large organization (Jumia) that gets a lot of traffic, allowing them to configure it to match their own needs or description. Lastly, dedicated hosting comes in the managed and unmanaged form. The hosting company/centre can help manage the server for the client/user if any problem arises. It is usually more expensive than other hosting services because of the number of resources needed, including bandwidth, storage space, and the amount of Random Access Memory (RAM).

Why do you need Linux VPS hosting?

As stated above, Linux is an open-source operating system kernel that is perfect for the web because it is robust/flexible. Updates are released regularly for free so, everyone can have a copy of the operating system. That means a Linux operating system (OS) can be installed in a server for free, making all Linux OS-based plans affordable by the users ultimately helping them save money. Aside from it being free, secure, stable and very reliable.

A Linux Virtual Private server combines the features and benefits a VPS and a Linux OS offers. The user can get the security and reliability they both offer and with amazing pricing plans.

The reasons you need Linux virtual private server are listed below:

  • It is a fully controlled hosting service.
  • In the Linux operating system, you don't need to pay a license fee before using it, unlike some other operating systems.
  • The distribution of resources is automatically increased based on your business plan's requirements or the project you are working on.
  • The Linux operating system provides issues with an optimization of the application and the virtual private server to absorb a small number of resources.
  • High security is readily available because it is open-source. So, developers are constantly working on the lope holes, unlike some operating systems that have to wait for a patch which takes a little time. In a nutshell, its reliable security always protects the space from malware activities.
  • Linux as an operating system is readily available to anyone who needs it. That is, a Linux virtual private server has a comfortable environment (dedicated resource environment) and affordable pricing.
  • It offers scalable resources.
  • It is flexible. It can be modified to suit your performance need.
  • Wide range of development options.
  • Its performance and capacity are greater than that of dedicated hosting. That is, it can run on host computers that are greater than dedicated servers.

When should I switch to Linux VPS hosting?

There comes a time in a man's life when he can no longer meet up with the demands of life because of his current state. He has to increase in capacity to meet up with requests to prevent him from burning out. When your website starts experiencing the following events, it's time to switch from shared to Linux virtual private server hosting.

  • When the incoming traffic your website is receiving is getting large, it's time for your website to have its own space because more incoming traffic can cause poor or decreased performance.
  • Suppose you are becoming more serious or intentional about search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. The reason because in shared hosting, you are not the only one in that server space. Other sites are using the same internet protocol (IP) address that your site is using. If there are sites with bad reputations (fraud sites) using the same internet protocol (IP) address as yours, then you will be facing issues with search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.
  • Resource customization: When the resource and features that a shared server/hosting has been exhausted, you won't be allowed to add more resource such as RAM, central processing unit (CPU) cores amongst others to it. This is one of the reasons why websites, applications tend to crash. With a Linux virtual private server, you can decide to upgrade resources or downgrade resources at any desired time based on your demands.
  • Full administrative/root access: There are times when the user wants to install additional tools or modules that are needed to get a request done, but they won't be able to carry out the operation because shared hosting is restricted. The user won't be granted permission to do so. For the operation to be carried out, the user should switch to Linux virtual private hosting.
  • If you are in need of dedicated internet protocol (IP) addresses: The reason for needing a dedicated internet protocol (IP) address is that there won’t be any other domain using your internet protocol (IP) address. Thus, any bad reputation of other sites will not affect you, which will give your site the high search engine optimization (SEO) ranking stated above.
  • In need of high security: Shared hosting is usually highly secure and protected. But there is usually a high amount of data from other customers on the same server which is likely to affect the security of the server. When using a Linux virtual private server, you can install more firewalls, configure protection and restriction, making your site more secure.
  • When running an E-commerce website that involves credit card transactions, you will need a Linux virtual private server for better reliability, better performance, etc.

When should you buy Linux virtual private cloud hosting?

There is no specific time to buy Linux virtual private server. You can buy it at any time you need it.

All Linux servers include full root access and a secure shell (SSH) port. All software and control panels (internet service provider (ISP) config, Ajenti, Webmin, CentOS web panel) are available are readily available to be installed on it.

An example of a platform that can provide you with Linux Virtual Private Server when you need it is the Amazon web services (AWS). They can offer good hosting services via the amazon’s simple cloud server. One of the simple cloud servers is amazon light-sail. Amazon light-sail offers powerful virtual servers built for reliability and high performance, using the Linux OS.

Amazon light-sail offers WordPress images for users that are into blogging or for website creation. It is the easiest way for you to get started with AWS if you need virtual private servers as a new user.

Furthermore, it offers lots of resources such as a virtual machine, solid-state drive (SSD) based storage, data transfer, domain name system (DNS) management, and every other help you need to start a project for a low price. Light-sail is for anyone, whether an individual or hobbyist that is working on a project. Besides, it helps you to manage and deploy essential cloud resources.

Using amazon light-sail can also help you manage your project as it grows. You can configure it and add block storage disks and attach them to your various light-sail instance. You can also match your Virtual Private Cloud so that the light-sail instance that you spun can use other amazon web services (AWS) outside light-sail. Load balancers can also be created, and you can attach target instances to help you handle encrypted traffic, session persistence, healthy checking, and more.

In conclusion

Using VPS for your businesses offers you maximum benefits; it is stress-free and does not waste your time. Therefore, you have enough time to do other business activities without worrying about how your servers are doing.

Consequently, instead of going through the stress of creating an on-premise server, you should try making use of the Linux virtual private servers. No need to worry about migrating to the cloud, you can use amazon light-sail to get started with already made virtual server packages and your desired operating system in the case, Linux installed for you.

Linux Virtual Private Server

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