Linux VPS Server

The need for a web server keeps increasing, and various businesses keep searching for a better server for their operations. Linux VPS Server has been one of the top options amongst multiple organizations, as users can get their private workspace right within a shared physical server. This feature mentioned above is what makes VPS servers better than the shared servers.

With the Virtual Private Server working as a standalone server, there has been a significant improvement in virtualization and cloud technology. Thus, the server gets shared into different places based on the number of users on the server, along with the resources. In essence, individual users do not need to share their data, RAM, or CPU with any other person.

There is a more robust system performance on this server, and users can rest assured that all operations would run smoothly, unlike the shared hosting server. Working as a dedicated server, the VPS hosting comes with root access and more robust security. In a case where other VPS in the server encounters any issues, your VPS would rarely get affected since you are isolated.

However, most users still prefer Linux VPS to Windows VPS due to a lot of reasons. Thus, Linux VPS Server has proven to be quite suitable for small and large scale businesses. Hence, if you have reached your limits of the resources provided by shared servers or you need a web server that allows you to make various customizations, it would be very beneficial to host the Linux VPS much more since they are cheaper than dedicated servers.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Linux VPS?

Running a Linux VPS host server is not very expensive, as it is quite affordable for various organizations. This server is installed for free and just requires users to pay for using the operating software. Similarly, there are no added charges for system updates or any stipulated fee as you use the server.

With the various Linux-based server plans, users can comfortably choose the plan they can afford for their businesses and can upgrade this plan whenever they wish. We provide you with an extensive range of plans, and you can get started with our free trial scheduled to last for seven consecutive days. Here are the details of the Linux plans we provide:

Linux-Based VPS Hosting



1GB hosting server plan

  • 25GB RAM storage
  • 1TB Transfer
  • 1 CPU core power


2GB hosting server plan

  • 50GB RAM storage
  • 3 TB Transfer
  • 2 CPU core power


3GB hosting server plan

  • 75GB RAM storage
  • 3 TB Transfer
  • 2 CPU core power


4GB hosting server plan

  • 100GB RAM storage
  • 4 TB Transfer
  • 23CPU core power


6GB hosting server plan

  • 150GB RAM storage
  • 5 TB Transfer
  • 4 CPU core power


8GB hosting server plan

  • 200GB RAM storage
  • 6 TB Transfer
  • 6 CPU core power


16GB hosting server plan

  • 400GB RAM storage
  • 7 TB Transfer
  • 8 CPU core power


24GB hosting server plan

  • 600GB RAM storage
  • 8 TB Transfer
  • 10 CPU core power


32GB hosting server plan

  • 800GB RAM storage
  • 9 TB Transfer
  • 12 CPU core power


64GB hosting server plan

  • 1600GB RAM storage
  • 10 TB Transfer
  • 20 CPU core power


96GB hosting server plan

  • 2400GB RAM storage
  • 11 TB Transfer
  • 24 CPU core power


192GB hosting server plan

  • 4800GB RAM storage
  • 12 TB Transfer
  • 32 CPU core power


Why choose our Linux based hosting server? There are a lot of benefits that users get from selecting the Linux based server that we provide. We have 15 hosting locations worldwide, including the U.S, Canada, and U.K, and we ensure that the Linux VPS hosting is done by providing some other technologies that would protect the system from issues relating to Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) that may cause your website to become unavailable.

These tools quickly take note of the DDOS attack and provide a quick response to the issue. Furthermore, the hosted server is sure to provide you with excellent uptime, and you can rest assured that there would be little or no challenges that would stir up as you make use of the system. We guarantee an uptime of up to 99.99% and ensure that all your resources and installed software would work faster.

Do I need a Linux VPS?

Businesses or organizations must have a robust online presence, much more, as technology has improved the various aspects of life. There are multiple activities that include the sales and distribution of goods and services, which takes place online. Hence, web hosting servers' need has increased in the past few years, and most new businesses start making use of the shared servers.

However, users can rarely do much with shared servers, especially if there is a sudden surge in your business traffic. Thus, if your business has been on the shared hosting server and facing some issues accessing some resources, it would be quite beneficial to get started with the Linux VPS hosting server.

A shared hosting server is used by multiple individuals simultaneously, and these individuals share the same bandwidth, RAM, and other valuable resources while their data are stored on the data. Hence, there is a potential risk in using this shared server for an extended time, as you can start facing some issues of limited resources as your business increases.

This challenge can invariably lead to the loss of several business resources, as organizations start losing their clients due to their poor performance. Another issue with the shared server is that users do not choose the software they need, as they have to make do with whatever is provided by the hosting provider.

Users can also request from their host provider the software they need, but this can be quite challenging as there is a little room for customizations. Also, there are risks that users on the shared server face in terms of security, as there are a lot of malicious activities that take place on a shared hosting server. In such a case, all individuals on the server are affected along with their data.

With the various adverse effects from the shared hosting server, getting a Linux VPS would be of great help. You can have a more secured work environment, install your desired software, and customize the various resources needed for operations. Hosting a Linux VPS would create a balance on the performance of your business presence online and handle the increased traffic.

Linux is a large open-source operating server with some shared features with Windows and users of this server keep getting new updates of the system from the developers from time to time. The exciting part is that these updates are for free, and there are no charges attached. However, users are required to pay for the product’s license, but they can save some money, as there are no extra costs for installing this system.

In essence, you can get any of our Linux based VPS plans and enjoy the cost-effective service for your business. Here are some more benefits that the Linux VPS hosting server provides:

  • It is affordable: Linux is very cheap and can be afforded by small and large businesses. Despite its low price, the features that this server offer is not in any way limited. Thus, a Linux VPS hosting server is an excellent option for various organizations.
  • It is stable: the Linux operating system works perfectly and does not require users to reboot the entire system if the physical components are installed or upgraded. This makes work on the server more relaxing, as the process of rebooting can make the data and resources unavailable until the whole process is completed. Since this is not the case for a Linux-based server, users do not fear such an issue.
  • It is fully reliable: Surges in traffic and other issues affecting other VPS is less likely to affect your operation, as Linux is very reliable. Also, if there is a system failure, there is automatic switching off from the failed component to another, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • It is secure: the Linux VPS server works with superior technology that ensures that users' data are kept safe from malicious attacks. Also, individuals have their privacy, as their data are kept locked, preventing others from accessing them.
  • It is scalable: Linux VPS hosting server has a high level of scalability, as users can easily upgrade the resources on the server to fit the growth of their business. Hence, if there is a need for more RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and CPU, users can upgrade to a suitable Linus VPS plan.

With the various benefits mentioned above and other vital factors, it would be very beneficial if you get a Linux VPS for your business. You can choose from the cheapest Linux VPS plan available and upgrade as your business increases.

What Can I Run On Linux VPS?

The Linux VPS hosting has many resources and features that make business operations more comfortable, and there are a lot of programs that you can run on your Linux VPS. Being able to run these programs and also perform other tasks is what makes the Linux VPS unique. Here are some programs that you can run on your Linux VPS.

  1. The Linux-based VPS allows you to set up and run the VOIP application to enable you to make quick calls without installing an added hardware to access the service.
  2. With the Linux-based server, you gain access to run private web analytics using Piwik. Piwik is a feature on the server with various analytics tools that can conduct referrer and real-time analytics, visitor tracking, and geolocation on the web. You can also perform business analytics without upgrading to a dedicated server, using your Linux VPS server using excellent resources like Jupyter.
  3. You can set up a private service that syncs all your data instead of depending on a new third party service. Some of the excellent solutions on Linux VPS that work on this are Transporter and BitTorrentSync, which can provide you with flexible service for syncing your data across multiple devices.
  4. The Linux VPS allows you to manage all your IoTs for businesses with smart devices by pushing the data gathered from the instruments involved to your VPN and using a suitable management tool for proper analysis.
  5. Wireless connections can be encrypted on the Linux VPS hosting server, and users can tame the fear of facing severe hazards for public wireless networks. The VPN works on the server, encrypting your device has with the online server, and as such, all access to your data is closed to third parties that may want to encroach your privacy.
  6. Another amazing program you can run on your Linux VPS is deploying your very own cloud, making sure of its availability at any place and at aby time. An application like ownCloud can sync your data and also act as your task manager, provide a calendar, and document editing on your server right from your control.


Linux VPS hosting server is a perfect potion for users who wants to upgrade from the shared server. It is a known fact that using the shared server can be quite challenging, as users need to share the RAM and resources of the server with no option for customizations. Even though one needing a Linux VPS is an individual option, it would be quite beneficial if business owners can choose a suitable Linux-based VPS plan and enjoy the several features it offers.

On the Linux VPS server, users can get their own private space and have access to make various customizations. There are a lot of services that you can run on Linux VPS, and you can go through our Linux-based VPS plans and choose the most suitable and affordable plan for your business.

Linux VPS Server

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