VPS Linux Server- Scale Your Business Up with $50

Are you in need of a server that's more powerful than a Web Hosting account but is not ready to own a Dedicated server?

Are the contents and features of your website too light to be hosted on a dedicated server and you want the privacy, security, and storage facilities that shared hosting does offer?

Solve these puzzles with Linux VPS server hosting.

A Virtual Private Server VPS is a midpoint on a continuum between Dedicated servers and Shared hosting server. In comparison with shared hosting, it is an upgrade on security, customization, speed, and storage. Meanwhile, it is a breach of the high cost of owning a dedicated server.

The Virtual Private Server operates like the Shared hosting option. It accommodates the hosting of several websites on one server but gives websites the virtual feeling of privacy.

VPS is isolated from other processes and data on the server and thus, is secure. Asides from its high level of security, it is run in its isolated environment on a server. Codes run on other portions of the server do not affect other servers hosted. This is as a result of the virtualization technology adopted by the VPS hosting. The virtualization software sets virtual isolation to each Virtual Private Server that separates each one from the other. It is through the use of virtualization software, that it is possible to have different virtual servers, all running their operating system and applications, independently of other servers all on the same physical server.

Making the most out of Linux VPS

The Linux VPS Hosting is the Virtual Private Server that runs on the Linux operating system. There are the Windows VPS and other VPS for other operating systems. Linux is different from other operating systems in that it is an open-source operating system. Revisions and updates are regularly released by developers of the operating system and it comes at no cost. This is unlike the Windows operating system. Most Linux VPS is not as expensive as Windows VPS. This is because installing the Linux OS doesn't cost anything so it is reflected in the eventual costing of the hosting plan.

This is not to say that Windows VPS is a better option. It is understandable that in most cases free isn’t always the better option. But this is different in the case of Linux. Even though the operating system is open-source and free, it is a big player in the operating system market. It is stable, secure, and scalable. And best of all it is affordable!

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting for your business

Several Linux VPS server hosting is available in the market. There are very cheap ones and expensive ones. It is an established belief that cheap VPS hosting is not always quality and sometimes not good for most types of websites. But this is not necessarily true. There are different options for VPS hosting servers that are relatively cheap and offer quality features. Your choice of a cheap Linux VPS server should be based on your website type. If you do not require much storage space and your website doesn't run much content and activities, you'll definitely find very good Linux VPS server options that are cheap and affordable.

Below is a list of some hosting companies that offer cheap Linux VPS hosting services.

1. MonoVM Linux hosting company

MonoVM offers a wide range of top-of-the-line Linux hosting services. Their Server plans range in price, and quality of features. Generally, all their top-listed Linux VPS Server plans offer

  • Customer's choice web-based control panel

Your Linux VPS server, no matter the plan will always come with your choice of the control panel. What you want us what you get and in the event that your choice control panel is not available on their full root access service list, there's room to install the control panel you want.

  • Full SSH Access

All server plans from MonoVM includes full root access with SSH port. Depending on the choice of plan you made, all software and hosting control panels can be installed on their VPS server.

They offer CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and other Linux distributions.

  • Speed of setup

Activation takes only 15 minutes after the payment has been confirmed.

  • Reliable Support team

You can always count on the top-notch, always available support of the team at MonoVM for software and hardware related problems.

  • Enterprise-grade Hardware

VPS servers at MonoVM are equipped with high rpm HDDs, SSDs and NVME SSD. Storage devices are configured in RAID 10 arrays using enterprise RAID controllers with integrated SSD caching optimized by MonoVM technicians. These servers run on high-end Intel and Supermicro micro-processors. They are located in data centers scattered around about 10 different of the world. Giving room for improved convenience. Mono VPS offers five different Linux VPS plans that are below $50 monthly.

The Linux 512 MB costs $ 6.99 monthly. It offers a 1 Core CPU, 512 MB RAM, 15 GB storage, Unlimited Bandwidth.

The Linux 1024 MB costs $ 12.99 monthly. It has a 1 Core CPU 1024 MB RAM, 30 GB storage, unlimited Bandwidth.

The Linux 2048 MB costs $ 19.99 monthly. It offers 1 Core CPU, 2048 MB RAM, 50 GB storage, and unlimited Bandwidth.

The Linux 4096 MB plan costs $ 29.99 monthly. It offers 2 Core CPU, 4096 MB RAM, 80 GB storage, and unlimited Bandwidth.

The Linux 6144 MB plan costs $49.99 monthly. It offers 4 Core CPU, 6144 MB RAM, 100 GB storage, and unlimited Bandwidth.

2. VPSserver

VPSserver is one of the biggest and top-rated VPS server providers around the world. They have several server packages with multitudes of features. The hosting company is known for product variety. It offers well over 50 templates for Operating systems and the pricing is done according to different product plans. VPS required resources needed to support during activation and maintenance is always available. VPSserver is open to all website types.

Asides from the numerous plans that it offers, it has a wide range of data center locations. The data centers for websites hosted on these VPS servers are sited in more than fifteen hosting locations in 12 different countries across 5 continents in Australia, North America, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific.

VPS servers from VPSserver are recognized in the market for speed, improved uptime, customer-centered services, support resources, and personnel. Their VPS servers come with full root access. Here, websites have utmost autonomy over their websites

Their servers come with SSD (NVMe) storage facility. They offer the world's best and fastest 3-way cloud storage service. This storage system where web data and assets are stored in three different locations. This cuts out the possibility of losing a file entirely. With VPSserver, security is assured and this feature is open to every website owner on VPSserver regardless of the size of the websites.

VPSserver offers a 99.9% uptime. The brand's unlimited traffic bandwidth made available from its world-class data centers improves speed and uptime. All VPS plans offer unlimited bandwidth no matter the cost.

Activation is easy and fast. It takes only a minute to get servers activated. are activated in less than a minute. They operate an advanced control panel.

VPSserver offers a 1-day and 7-day trial with about $250 bonuses for brands that try out. They also run a money-back policy that ensures that in the event that a client subscribed to a paid version of the Linux VPS server and is not satisfied with the server offerings, they are assured of a full refund.

Get high-level customization, stability, reliability, elite functionality, and security. Their plans are affordable yet high-quality. VPSserver offers a plan for as low as $4.99

Charges on the VPSserver system works in a somewhat different way. Here, you don't pay for downtime, you only pay for the time used. This is not a common practice. Asides from that, there is no minimum contract period on the server. The server is quite flexible. And its flexibility is also reflected in the payment system.The payment scheme allows businesses to pay on the first day of each month. It has a robust payment option. Users can pay via credit cards, BitCoin, and PayPal.


The A2 hosting offers one of the best web host solutions. Their services are fast and ultra-reliable. They offer you two cheap Linux VPS hosting plans to choose from. Both for as low as $20 monthly.

The unmanaged server is available at $4.99 monthly. It is suited for an experienced developer. It offers Root Access, an optional control panel add-on, about 20X faster Turbo Option. It offers 150 GB SSD storage, 2 TB transfer, 1GB RAM, and 1 Core CPU.

The managed VPS costs $19.99 USD monthly. It offers more power & support than Shared hosting. Root access is available. It offers a free cPanel Control Panel. Like the unmanaged option, it offers up to 20X faster turbo option, full host guard management, 150 GB SSD storage, 2 TB Transfer, 4 GB RAM,2 Cores CPU, free SSL.

With A2 Hosting, your VPS will be hosted on a high-performance SwiftServer platform.

All of these options are tried and verified. They offer nothing but the best services and prices below $50.

Linux VPS Can Help You To Earn- How Is It!

You can benefit from hosting your website on a Linux VPS in different ways.

  • Cost of hosting website.

Hosting your website on a dedicated website can be really cost-effective but the good deal is that with VPS, you don't even have to pay so much to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated website. Invest wisely, spend less, and enjoy the same quality.

And now guess what? You can even best your cost down a bit by choosing the Linux VPS over other VPSs. Because Linux is an open-source operating system, it is free and thus, the cost of hosting on a Linux VPS is equally low. Choosing to use a Linux VPS server is you choose to spend less to gain more.

  • Increased growth rate

With the Linux VPS server hosting, the features available to you are mind-blowing. You will easily compete with websites of bigger companies whilst spending less. Enjoy privacy, high-level customizability, security, uptime, large storage space, unlimited Bandwidth, speed, and all basic elements of a server hosting that aids e-commerce website activities.

With the Linux VPS hosting, you can do more with less.

  • Full access to website content.

Although the VPS is a hybrid of the Dedicated server and Shared hosting, a good VPS tends to act more like the Dedicated server in terms of control. If VPS hosting does not provide businesses with high-level autonomy, then it is not recommendable. You should be in charge of your web data and assets, and there should be no end to the personalization stunts that you can pull off on these websites. With different available templates, website servers have more control over the settings on the Linux installation.

Improve the scalability of your website with the high-level autonomy that the Linux VPS server hosting offers.


Hosting your website on a Linux VPS hosting offers several benefits to your business. The costing and quality are in no way at par. Linux VPS hosting is by far one of the cheapest hosting options.

The market is very competitive with different hosting platforms to choose from. And thus, it is quite easy to make e wrong choices.

Check the list of cheap and good Linux VPS servers for quality hosting plans. Hosting options like VPSserver will definitely offer you great value for your investment. Fast setup, 24/7/365 live chat support service, a large bank of support resources,s, and API. The secure and scalable Linux VPS hosting platform is best of all, affordable.

Avoid making wrong hosting decisions.

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