Linux VPS Hosting Advantages

Most businesses are adapting to the Virtual Private Servers all around the world, as they are excellent in providing users with flexible services. One such service is provided by Linux, and the Linux VPS hosting comes with many advantages and makes businesses operate better with their hosting services.

There is a constant need for a VPS hosting system amongst various companies, irrespective of craving for a dedicated server that does not come as a shared network.Thus, Linux VPS is one of the top options of various individuals, and they choose it for a lot of reasons. Having a plethora of features, Linux is cost-effective and provides a physical server amidst other running independent servers.

As a general rule, each user within an organization can comfortably take charge and control their server without interfering in others' workspace. The full protection that Linux VPS provides is quite awesome, as users do not lose any data while working with this server. As a dedicated service, each server within the system is secure, reliable, and flexible. It also provides users with the backup function, and as such, all their data are kept safe.

What are the advantages of Linux VPS?

Using Linux VPS hosting services can be quite beneficial, as this hosting plan falls under the category of fully managed ones. Unlike other web hosting plans that are unmanaged, this VPS is fully responsible for any issue associated with the organization's virtual server, including those that seem to be technical issues. By simply informing the web host, you can get any changes, customizations, and fixations done in the virtual server within little or no time.

Having these benefits in mind, here are some advantages of the Linux Virtual Private Server.

  1. It is Affordable
    Due to the cost-effectiveness of the Linux VPS Hosting, it is quite affordable for various organizations. Using this service, organizations are not required to make some kind of payments like fees for licenses, as found amongst other server hosting services. Thus, users can save a great deal of money while on this service. Operating as an open-source system, this VPS hosting service is suitable for all businesses, especially small scale businesses and those who are just starting. The server can be downloaded at no cost and can also be used free of charge. Thus, these running costs are brought down a great deal, making it quite better than using the Windows VPS server.
  2. Linux VPS provides reliable security
    Linux VPS Hosting has gained fame over the years for its high-security level that is often reliable. Thus, this server's users can rest assured that their data are safe, as it is not possible for malware or malicious viruses to pass through the server's defense barrier system. Hence, whatever the business is involved in, they are kept fully away from online fraudulent acts and threats. Comparing the Linux server to Windows VPS, users can have a more secure workspace. Since Linux works as an open-source server, there are regular security patches provided from time. Their infrastructure is quite excellent, and as such, the Linux VPS server hosting is awesome for new businesses that seek extra online protection.
  3. Availability of Awesome Tools and Resources
    Users can access a lot of resources via Linux, which operates extremely well, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Also, a business can comfortably access awesome programs such as MySQL, PHP, and Apache. For organizations that are fully dependent on Windows-based servers, they may not gain quick access to some of these platforms. The operating system of the Linus VPS allows the system's optimization to make use of lesser resources from the organization; thus, the server works effectively and allows each individual to carry out their activities. With a stable system, there have been no crashing cases in the server that would lead users to restart their programs.

Thus, Linux is an excellent server providing access from various locations. Users can get their work down anywhere in the world by simply setting up and managing the server from wherever they may be at any point in time. As an organization, you can make these services to all your clients from various parts of the world.

Also, most businesses can comfortably make use of this server instead of using the dedicated servers, unless they are in dire need of these dedicated servers. For those who want to use the dedicated servers, Linux can help provide them with their awesome services until they can build their business and customers to help them afford those dedicated servers.

At the end of the day, they might become fully dependent on Linux, forgetting the dedicated servers' need. Since there are no drawbacks associated with the Linux VPS Hosting server, users are sure not to face any downtime due to power outages or network issues, as noticed amongst most shared servers.

Is Linux VPS worth it?

A lot of businesses have been through several challenges using shared servers, and most persons are now utilizing the virtual private servers. However, choosing the right VPS is also important and only those with the best features can give you your desired results. So, is it really worth it for businesses to go for the he Linux VPS?

Linux provides users with excellent services, making individuals have their separate work environment even though they use a shared physical server and they do this without any overlapping. Interestingly, these individuals do not need to share the resources on this server, as they all get a certain proportion of resources each and as such work becomes easier.

The highly scalable Linux VPS Hosting server allows organization upgrade the resources on the server whenever they feel like, as they are provided with full control of the system. Hence customization and changes are welcomed and you can do so alone or through the hosting provider's assistance. There are less rebooting on this server fully having the SSH manager that performs all the tasks needed to be completed.

The administrators on the Linux VPS Hosting server are conferred with the merits of having total security benefits and they can make their various editing. It is also compatible with open sourced software including SSH, ROR, CGI, PHP, Python, and Java. Users can easily reach out to the FrontPage Extensions.

Please note that Linux makes provision of SSH and Telnet, unlike the Windows VPS making this server more unique. The Web Host Manager and cPanel is what is always used on the Linux server; these tools are famous and businesses can make use of them with ease. To crown these all, it is cost effective to make use of Linux VPS Hosting and all businesses, including those who just started can afford it.

Hence, it is really worth it for businesses to get into action with Linux. This would be really helpful, as they won’t face much challenges as they would have on the shared servers. Linus also provides excellent services compared to some other VPS Hosting servers. It is would be very beneficial for organizations to make use of Linux VPS and save some money that they would have spent on dedicated servers, which are really expensive.

How much is a Linux VPS

The Linux Virtual Private Server is not as expensive as the dedicated servers; it work far better than the share servers and it is cost effective. Thus, it suitable for all businesses that are willing to work on a private online environment that would be quite reliable to accommodate their database without any hassles. If your organization requires a space where they can configure their web server and FTP server, you can comfortably purchase the Linus VPS Hosting at an affordable cost.

Payments for Linux VPS Hosting plans can be made through a variety of options including Credit Card transfers, PayPal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, and other supported and safe payment platforms. We can get the Linux VPS hosted on data centers that are very reliable, which is found across the world. We currently have fifteen locations with these data centers including the United States.

The Linux VPS Hosting plans comes in various types, with different prices. Our Linux-based hosting plans cost from as low as $4.99 per month; get started today and enjoy our free trial that lasts for seven consecutive days. Users who are willing to make annual payments are provided with some great discount deal. New businesses can take on the cheaper plans and later upgrade to the other plans with more features. Here are the VPS Hosting plans that are accessible.

  • The Linux VPS Hosting 1GB Plan
    This plan is the cheapest plan that we offer and it cost $4.99 per month. It requires 25GB storage, 1 core CPU, and allows 1 TB transfer. Get started with the seven days free trial.
  • The 2GB VPS Hosting Plan
    This plan goes for only $9.99 per month and users can get started with the free seven days trial. It requires a 50 GB storage, 2 cores CPU, and allows 3 TB transfer.
  • The 3GB VPS Hosting plan
    This VPS plan goes for $14.99 per month and it requires a 75 GB storage, 2 cores CPU, and allows 3 TB transfer. Make use of our free seven days trial to get started.
  • The 4GB VPS Hosting plan
    This plan cost for $19.99 per month and it is hosted on 100GB memory disk, 3 cores CPU, and allows 3TB transfer.
  • The 6GB VPS Hosting Plan
    To access this plan, users are to pay $29.99 per month and they would need a disk memory of 150GB, 2 cores CPU, and this allows 5TB transfer.
  • The 8GB VPS Hosting Plan
    Users of this plan pay $39.99 on a monthly basis and this plan would require a disk storage of 200GB, 6 cores, and it allows 6TB transfer.
  • The 16GB VPS Hosting Plan
    This plan cost $79.99 per month and it requires a disk memory space of 400GB, 10 cores CPU, and it allows 8TB transfer.
  • The 24GB VPS Hosting Plan
    Users can get this plan for just 139.99 per month, requiring a disk storage memory of 600GB, 10 cores, and features 8TB transfer.
  • The 32GB VPS Hosting Plan
    This VPS plan cost 179.99 per month, with a disk memory of 800GB. It features 9TB transfers.
  • The 64GB VPS Hosting Plan
    This plan cost $319.99 per month, and it requires 1,600GB memory, 20 cores CPU, and features 10TB transfers.
  • The 96GB VPS Hosting Plan
    This plan cost $499.99 per month, needing a disk memory of 2,400GB, 24 cores CPU. It also features 11TB transfers.
  • The 192GB VPS Hosting Plan
    This plan cost $899.99 and this is charged on a monthly basis. It requires a disk memory of 4,800GB, 32 cores CPU, and 12TB transfers.

With our latest technology, your Linux based VPS is stored using three different storage methods that is dependent on the Software Defined Storage. Hence, your VPS gets stored simultaneously on three varying servers. It is worthy of note that our servers are powered by a fast and reliable system, the Intel E5 Processors.

Fully equipped with a network connection of 40Gbit, users can rest assured that they wouldn’t encounter any network hassles. All users can connect and set up the Linux based VPS at any time and at the same decanter. All DDOS attacks, whether those coming in or going out are immediately responded to, before they gain access to the system.

Final Thoughts

The Linus Virtual Private Server comes with several amazing features that makes it quite suitable for all businesses. With this server, users can access the benefits and utilize them properly. Some advantages of the Linux VPS is that they provide users with an independent work space unlike what is obtainable on shared servers and they are cost effective and cheaper than the dedicated servers.

This VPS ensure that all the data of users are kept secured and safe from malware attacks. Thus users can rest assured that they wouldn’t face any hassles using this server. You can check out this article for the most suitable Linux VPS Hosting plans and get started with this service.

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