How To Access A Cheap Linux VPS, Benefits, And Advantages.

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Using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a big step up from shared hosting. It is one of the most effective methods of hosting a website. Shared web hosting is relatively cheap and user-friendly, but it can be slow, rigid, and doesn’t possess the power or capacity that professional and business users often require. Even though using a VPN doesn’t mean you won’t share a server with other websites, there are fewer websites you share with, and you’ll have full control over the operating system, the apps you install, and all the settings.

When you buy a VPS hosting plan for your website, you get a personal virtual server environment and a share of key resources like RAM, storage space, and CPU cores.

The prices of VPS hosting vary according to your requirements. From a few dollars to hundreds per month.

Linux VPS

Linux VPS stands for a virtual private server running on Linux operating system. Customers have superuser or root access and can install any software they want on the server.

What To Do With A VPS

You have an array of options for VPS hosting. Let’s talk about some of them.

Web Hosting

This is what we mostly use VPS for. You’re offered value for your money, and it’s way more effective with a strong performance level, dedicated RAM, super-fast disks, and a server CPU compared to cheap alternatives like shared hosting.

Run a Game Server

The online gaming community has increased considerably over the years. You can use your VPS to set up an online game server to play with your friends or run an online gaming service.

Access A GUI Remotely

Users can use VPS to increase their knowledge of shell commands and Linux administration. However, some things can be difficult if you stick to the command line.

Stay In Touch With VoIP

A voice-over-internet protocol is allowed by a virtual private server. Users can own their private VoIP server and make calls over the internet. You can make calls to people on actual phones, talk to your colleagues while working, or gaming.

Benefits of Linux VPS

Linux VPS hosting is a fully managed plan. A fully managed plan is one where the web host is in charge of any matter that arises while using the virtual server. It might be technical issues or not.

We can make any kind of customization, as long as you inform the web host.

The reliable security Linux offers eliminates the possibility of malicious viruses and malware to get past its defenses. Your business is safe and secured from any form of fraudulent attack or threats.

Linux VPS Hosting is Cost-effective, which means you’re charged according to your specific needs. You do not need to pay license fees compared to other hosting services. Everyone wants their business to grow. Linux helps you out by contributing to your business to increase traffic on your website. Your allocated resources are more than sufficient to serve you till you need a dedicated server for your site.

One unique quality of Linux VPS is stability. Especially with its shell feature that allows a user to carry out repeated commands, come up with your own set of new tools, and automate server administration tasks. Linux prevents crashes, so all your records and revenue are kept safely.

Using Linux guarantees your privacy. You control all the information or applications that stay on the server.

Your Linux VPS grants you the luxury of owning a higher capacity Ram, disk space, and CPU. It bolsters your chances of accumulating more traffic or run more applications.

How To Get Cheap Linux VPS On Lifetime

There’s always the opportunity to come across a free Linux VPS. Most reputable and trusted VPS servers offer free trials. Only a relatively small number of companies may be inclined to offer free VPS hosting plans for you for an indefinite period. Any website that promises you a lifetime service for free is definitely not up to the task.

As we said earlier, a lot of good web hosts may offer you free VPS hosting for a definite time. They offer around 7-1 month free trial, and will always demand your credit card details before you get to enjoy the free offer. You will also find many web hosting services provide a lot of cloud storage for very low prices. There are always hidden costs that customers always ignore or most times do not understand that they’re there.

There’s no way there are unlimited resources for low costs or free of cost because VPS hosting clients will have root access to the virtual servers. You will be assigned some resources for your business needs. While there may be many cheap plans your hosts are making compromises on something. If this doesn’t bother you, start getting worried about the safety of your website. You just called for the dogs. And when they arrive at your doorstep, every piece of information on your website is at risk.

What Is The Best Cheap Linux VPS

There are loads of server providers with several VPS plans. A cheap plan should start around $5. A VPS is cheap because of the lesser storage space used and power in a datacenter. It’s just one enormous ball of server splits that reduces the cost and the price of the VPS. Doing a trial of the cheap Server will give you a glimpse of what using Cloud feels like, and whether you like it or not, It is the future.

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This is the general plan. For new business owners looking to keep steady, to a flexible IT solution looking to grow their wealth of experience, or for freelance developers with projects that are going to demand a lot more power than you have available. Our cheap VPS hosting solutions tick all boxes of clients’ wants. Starting at just $4.99 per month and with a free 7-day trial available to help you understand what you’re getting yourself into. Most of these packages are elastic and are designed solely for your needs. You can always shuffle between packages and upgrade or downgrade once you’re familiar with how our servers work.

We know you want something reliable, fast, that can get the job done. Just because you opt for a cheap server option doesn’t mean you should settle for less. Our VPS hosting solutions are pretty much easy to set up, and you can start work within seconds of signing up for your package. The time you waste trying to build everything from scratch might be PuTTy to good use. Apart from providing various cheap Linux options, there is also a range of available multiple windows and Linux options. So whatever you have in mind to work with, we’ll have you covered and get going straight away.

How to Connect To A Linux VPS

How to connect to a Linux VPS server from Windows.

Two of the most important things needed to login to a Linux server from a Windows device is a secure shell (SSH), and PuTTY, a third party application.

The SSH (Secure Shell) protocol is used to secure remote login from one computer to another. It provides an array of options for strong authentication, and its encryptions are rigid enough to protect communications security.

You get direct access to the command line of a Linux server and execute Linux commands to control your VPS Server, change files and applications from the comfort of your home (or office). The secure shell port should be 22 by default.


Windows have no SSH capabilities by default in its command-line terminal, we must use the services of an SSH client like PuTTY.

PuTTY can make an SSH connection to your server, and it is a free software application for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It supports raw socket connection and has a good emulation. It is open-source software that is developed and supported by a group of volunteers.

Download PuTTy if you don’t have the application.

How To Connect Linux VPS To Windows

Now that we’ve established the fact that PuTTY is the application software, we’ll be using it to make an SSH connection to our server.

  1. Click open the PuTTY Terminal client, the following window will appear
  2. Enter the following;
    • Host Name: enter IP of your server
    • Port: Leave as default (22)
    • Connection Type: SSH
  3. Click “Open” to start the SSH session.
  4. Connect to the server from your computer,there’d be an option for you to accept the connection by clicking “Yes”
  5. A terminal prompt pops up asking for your username the moment the SSH Connection is open.
  6. Your server’s root username is “root”.
  7. Enter your password, it can be found in the Client’s Portal.
  8. If you notice your cursor not moving and characters not looking like it, it’s being typed. This is a normal PuTTY security feature. After you enter your password hit “Enter”.

Congratulations! You’ve logged into your server with SSH successfully.

How to connect to a Linux VPS server with Mac or Linux

Activate the Open Terminal Command

  1. In other to open Terminal on any Mac device, go to Applications > Utilities, and then open Terminal command will be right there for you to click
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+T when using a Linux to open Terminal or type open Terminal in the Search function.
  3. Type “ssh” to select connection protocol and then press “Space”, input your Username, and IP or Domain name, followed by the “@” symbol.
  4. For a user, URL enter
  5. For a user ID press “user1” and a URL of. The following sequence should be entered correctly to connect to the server: ssh OR ssh user1@ Press “Enter”
  6. A prompt requesting a password pops up. Enter your password and hit enter.
  7. Once it confirms your success, see a command prompt, identical to this;$

Frequently Asked Questions


A good and reliable VPS provides a higher quality service that requires strong, high-quality hardware resources. Resources like CPU, Storage, and software or hardware firewalls for the benefit of your websites.


If you’d like to be protected from viruses, bugs, privacy attacks, VPS hosting should be your priority. It is very fast and guarantees you total control over server/hosting settings.


The paramount thing on your mind should be quality, followed closely by cost. This is like seeking shelter for your website, so it has to be worth it.

Read reviews and enjoy the free trial that comes with whichever plan you opt for. This will give you an insight into your host and how they affect your work.


Yes. You can always upgrade your VPS option to the plan that best suits your needs.


If we need to change your VPS package, we make it simple and understandable to improve your server. Alternatively, you can decide to simply downgrade your plan if it no longer suits your needs or ends your current VPS and start a new one. Transfer of data between VPS will be done smoothly with no issues.


The thing is, there are several VPS hosting services out there, and choosing the best VPS can be daunting.

If your needs don’t exceed a basic host but can’t afford a dedicated server or you don’t want to have anything to do with how complicated they get. Hosting with a VPS (Virtual Private Server) could be the difference.

What makes it beneficial is that it’s easier to manage than you think. Many VPS hosting services offer plans to make use of standard tools like cPanel to help monitor and configure your site.Several of them will manage the service for you, monitoring problems like a crashed service, and fixing them as soon as they’re detected.

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