How to Get Cheap Linux VPS with Unlimited Bandwidth and Root Access

Never did the Beatles have an idea that they were saying the right thing when they said "the best things in life are free" in one of their hit songs back in the days. In the in same vein, the Fad 4 never had the idea that they were harmonizing the future quest of website developers' for VPS hosting at no for at no cost when they sang, skipping over true love in the pursuit of money.

Haven said that,

Virtual servers propose a central point between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, putting together additional computing resources and control with affordability and convenience. However, the top VPS plans prices can appear too steep to website owners who set a new design or application into the test.

Let me open your understanding to something you might not be aware of. Free VPS servers are most times less powerful when compared to premium hosts VPS servers. Though going for free VPS hosting can be a temporary solution for some newbie who is just having their first demonstration of server configuration and management, but the dangers can be overwhelming. To avoid stories that touch the heart especially potential scams, I will be showing you how you can enjoy the most incredible deals you can ever get on VPS hosting anywhere in the world if you read this to the very end.

The deal I will show you soon will give you the opportunity of mouthwatering offers from 7 days of free trials of premium VPS hosting services to extensive guaranteed money-back offers.

Going for this Linux VPS hosting deal will avail you complete control and flexibility with full access to the root and SSH as standard. Also, you will have the option of choosing your favourite OS like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora or even Suse. By taking the offer, you will also have the opportunity of reinstalling and switching between Linux or Unix OS.

The juicy part is that VPS service is not limited to a specific set of people. It is open to anybody as long as you have prior understanding of configuring, running and managing Linux Operating Systems. Still, if you are not techy savvy about the term, you can about virtual private servers in one of our previous post and determine if it's the best for your site. You can compare our VPS hosting services with the big guns in the game, and the incredible fact that makes us stand out is that we offer Free 7 Days Premium experience on all our VPS hosting services.

Are you on a search for the best VPS service deal to host your expanding projects?

Are you concerned about the existence of cheap Linux VPS?

As we educate our audience in one of our previous write-ups, let me refresh your memory again.

VPS means a Virtual Private Server or virtual dedicated server. The physical server used in Linux VPS hosting is divided into several virtual machines which have their devoted resources which including but not restricted to RAM, storage space, and CPU.

A VPS server allows added control which includes setting-up your favourite OS and manag8ing the server.It is capable of resourcefully accommodating more significant sites due to the dedicated arrangement and not disputing the fact that a lot of users shared the VPS server. Still, you must also understand that the number of users on shared servers is considerably low.

Quickly, let me burst your mind with some brilliant benefits that VPS server have.

  • Clear-Cut Scalability which makes it very easy to add supplementary resources By Just navigating through the cPanel.
  • Provision of a segregated environment to every user, which reduces disruption by neighboring VPS
  • Assurance of superior protection
  • Devoted assets to all users which include RAM, CPU, and storage and so on,
  • Peak uptime provision and blazing swift speed resources like the dedicated server at half the price, giving you root accessibility and modification of the OS by yourself.
  • Choice of employing managed and unmanaged VPS server amidst other benefits.

Mere taking a look at the features above, you might want to believe that such services might be exceptionally luxurious. But believe me, it’s not! I will show you why you should believe me soon.

Curious? Read on!

Agreed, you might spend more on acquiring a premium VPS hosting than going for shared hosting, which seems affordable. But hold on a second!

How Much Does Linux VPS Hosting Cost

Before determining which plan will be suitable for your budget, there are some things you have to consider. You must understand one thing that your choice of web hosting plan can either make or mare your business website. The cyber-world today is clamoring for high speed, reliable system and adequate security. Your website can’t be wanting in any of those critical areas.

According to a report, 47% of site visitors expect any webpage to load within 2 seconds or less. This means that you have to do everything possible to reduce the bouncing rate of your website if you don’t want your site visitors leaving your website due to delayed loading.

The popularity of VPS hosting has grown in this regard over the years as it helps you solve all these problems and it has proven to be a profitable method for startups, webpreneurs, as well as bloggers in gaining more strength when compared to hosting their sites on shared server devoid of the cost of a dedicated server.

One of the factors that determine the VPS Hosting plan cost is the expected specifications—going for a very reliable Linux VPS Hosting plans will the best decision you can ever make because it offers you all the features of a dedicated server at a reduced cost.

Below are the features you get when you go for any of our Linux VPS hosting plans;

Root Access: aside from the opportunity of using scripts which shared hosting atmosphere do not typically permits, you will complete root access. Root access is a mutual advantage in addition to Dedicated Web servers. Meanwhile, because the cost of hosting your website on either a VPS or shared servers are almost the same today, it will be highly profitable if you opt for Linux VPS hosting plan.

Scalability: you can either scale up or down you VPS servers based on your website demand. For a start, you begin with minimal resources, and as times go on, you can scale up gradually to enhance your hosting plan based on your needs. This means that purchase of excessive resources might not be initially necessary. You may choose to add additional resources without any reinstallation time depending on your choice of VPS hosting service provider.

Security: based on the fact that VPS plans run in containers, they experience an additional layer of protection compared to a shared hosting plan. This amazing feature gives VPS hosting plans an edge ahead of Shared Hosting plans.

Cost-Effectiveness: A VPS hosting account is much cheaper than a dedicated server plan that uses a physical server. Virtual Personal Servers are separated virtual machine that runs only on an individual server. Since it lies between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, it is handy and inexpensive when compared to dedicated hosting. Because VPS can be positioned inside one server, it lowers the implementation costs for suppliers, and this is why their prices are lower than dedicated Web Servers. As a result, whoever wishes to scale up from Shared Hosting to accomplish their call for for extra resources, or looking to relegate from dedicated servers without losing their root access can choose VPS hosting.

Flexibility: Linux VPS hosting offers better control compared to a shared hosting plan. The technical assistance for the majority of the issues encountered is similar to that of shared hosting. Nearly all VPS hosting plans can be custom-made to meet your precise business needs. This allows you to pay only for what you need and that you don’t have to worry about the resources that are not required. You can opt for the most suitable plan based on your business or website specific requirements. But make sure you always choose the service that offers real-time support based your web hosting needs.

System Resources:

Linux OS allows you to optimize the apps and the VPS to make use of minimal resources, which allows the VPS to work autonomously and efficiently.

Our Linux VPS hosting plans offer fully managed and dependable web hosting services with around the clock customer support. It provides the highest quality and well-equipped web hosting servers. We are one of the foremost web hosting and domain registration companies that provide you with Linux VPS hosting plans.

One of the premium features that make Linux VPS hosting standout is being the steadiest operating system that ever existed. It has managed to withstand any form of crashes which can lead to a restart of the whole system. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to losing revenues or records due to sudden server crash. Being a 100% secured and reliable web hosting service, our service is the ideal one for anybody looking for the perfect blogging tools and the most accepted database.

Bottom Line

One apparent reason why you should mainly go for Linux VPS plans is if your app is too demanding to be hosted on shared hosting. Once you start getting performance issues, it’s a signal to scale up.

On the other hand, even if you’re one of the startups and you need a bit of flexibility, VPS will be your best bet. If you can't get a shared provider that provides you with all the technologies you want, you can directly subscribe to VPS and make a custom configuration.

Another reason why you should consider Linux VPS hosting is if you are on a compassionate project that requires close to 100% accessibility. Any service provider that runs a hypervisor, for instance, VMWare or Hyper-V with failover clustering can be an incredible asset here. This means, if your server goes down, the virtualization software will allow a substitute version of your server to take over. You will always have one server available.

Another benefit of using VPS is that it tends to be extra secure compared to shared hosting so opting for this service if some sensitive data like customer information are kept on your server is the most sensible thing to do. For those running online stores which tend to be highly demanding, opting for a cheap VPS server can be a decent point to start your online adventure.

Meanwhile, if you're starting with something simple and you are less concerned about flexibility and dependability, shared hosting can do the job though I won’t recommend that for you. The reason why I won't advise you to go for shared hosting is that it is more restrictive. I have an offer for you!

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Do have an interest in developing your Linux skills? Our main goal is in assisting you to access low-spec VPS Servers. With this service, we hope to help people like you to improve their digital Linux skills in real-time. The service also gives you rooted access to learning complex processes involved in mastering shell commands as well as bash scripts. Sound interesting, isn't it? This is your only ticket to enjoying Premium VPS hosting service. Grab it with open arms now by clicking here now!

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