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Protection from attacks is not the only important factor to consider when getting a Linux VPS. Most times, price is another crucial factor. Generally, if a Linux VPS plan is too expensive, it can have a huge negative effect directly on your budget. Because of this, you should be looking for a budget-friendly Linux VPS. This is why we have offered a cheap Linux VPS solution to our customers. You can try out any of our affordable Linux VPS plans and see for yourself why we are your best option.

Before we go further, just in case you might be wondering why some Linux VPS servers are expensive, you should know that this is because of two main reasons:

  • First, you must already be aware that your website or app contains extensive materials. Also, these websites and Applications are very valuable, and money can easily be made from them. In the end, these valuable sites and apps still need VPS, making servers very vital and highly demanded.
  • The second reason is because of the invested capital of the server company. During setup, many companies have invested huge money to provide better services for their customers, so it's only fair that many server providers make their services quite expensive.

Despite all this, our Linux VPS plans are still relatively very cheap, and you may be wondering why they are available at such cheap rate or why they are considered that reasonable, as well as the impact they have on your business. Some of the reasons are explained below:

  • Since Linux is basically an open-sourced operating system, you can get it for free without having to pay for license.
  • Our VPS servers are very stable and do not have any kind of faults. This has made it a widely preferred option. With this in mind and with our aim of satisfying our customers more, we decided to keep our cost low so that our beloved customers can profit better from using our services
  • Our cheap Linux has a wide variety of RAM and different plans with their respective charges for you to select which one fits your budget and requirement the most.

As we explained earlier, using an expensive VPS, most especially when your budget is little, is usually disadvantageous in businesses. The cost may not only be prohibitive but could have other negative effects on your business, especially on your profits. There are numerous reasons and ways in which a cheap Linux VPS solution can help in your business growth, which is why when choosing a server brand, you should go for a cheap and reliable one. Below are some of the reasons for or advantages of using a cheap Linux VPS:

  • More capital: When you invest with a lesser capital by going for a cheap Linux solution, rather than going for the expensive ones, you have a good chunk of your profit left over to invest in other areas of your business. With this extra capital, you can get better staff, set up more essential functionalities, and do other things to help your business grow better. This increases your chances of success too.
  • Profit Maximization: It is no news that the main reason businesses are set up is to make profits. When you go for a cheap Linux solution, you not only take care of the disadvantages of expensive plans, but you can save these extra costs and add it to your total revenue or the income that you get from your business at the end. For instance, money that could have gone into paying for license can be saved instead, thereby increasing your profit.
  • Risk reduction: When you go for any of our cheap Linux solutions, since you won't be paying any fees for license and because our charges are affordable, even if you're not satisfied, you will have no regret whatsoever since you didn't spend much. Therefore, whether you are satisfied with your first trial or not, It's a win-win for you. With this in mind, you can also try out our various plans to see which is perfect for you.

Linux VPS – It's Various Benefits

Although the Linux VPS is very cheap and budget-friendly, it offers many benefits, even more than other expensive alternatives. The VPS comes with a wide range of features, which include accessibility, security, and cost-effectiveness. It is ideal for businesses as it accommodates growth and does not require too much maintenance. The many advantages of this cheap Linux VPS have made it rank well over more expensive alternative servers. Our Linux VPS plans bring performance and affordability together and are among the best options for your business. Some of these benefits which using these Linux VPS plans offer to include the following:

  1. Security: One of the benefits of buying our cheap Linux VPS hosting is that they are a lot more secure than others, and the chances of people intruding into your system are minimal. Our packages also have a reputation of being almost impenetrable by malware and viruses.
    We are aware that many people work simultaneously, and a security breach can affect thousands of people. This is why one of our priorities is making sure the security of our Linux VPS is kept too high.
  2. Performance: Our Linux VPS makes it possible for multiple users to be on the server at a time. This does not mean that it will take a long time for your website to load. With our improved processing power, even with high traffic, our server still provides the same amount of speed which it would have if the people on it are less. This goes a long way to help improve your engagement and help you carry out activities without affecting others. You can also reboot VPS, and it won't affect other users on the server in any way.
  3. Budget-friendliness: There is no setup cost for the installation of the server or any license fee for the Linux VPS. Aside from this, our VPS plans are very affordable, and you can get a plan for as cheap as $5. There are many other plans which are tailored to meet your needs.
  4. Hosting of Multiple Domains: This is one very unique feature common only to Linux VPS. With this, you can host as many websites as you want. With our Linux VPS plans, you can conveniently host multiple domains without the usual limitations other servers may give.
  5. Scalability and Flexibility: when your sites start having more traffic, the server will, in turn, need to do more work and use more resources. With the Linux VPS, you can modify your VPS to fit your requirements and allot your website a larger amount of resources. The Linux VPS comes with many tools with which you can perform various tasks. One of the best of these tools and utilities is the "shell." The user can execute commands repeatedly, automate server administration tasks, and build new tools and utilities.
  6. Dedicated Resources: The Linux VPS provides many resources to your site, enough to help your business grow. It gives you unrivaled resources such as higher capacity RAM, disk space, and CPU. With this, your site can accommodate more traffic.
  7. Dedicated Support: With our Linux VPS plans, you get 24/7 support from a team of professional technicians in case of any emergency. We also offer a live chat feature for our customers that lets you talk with our customer care agents for guidance.
  8. Cloud Backup: With the Linux VPS, you have the option of using an automated cloud backup schedule feature, with which all your data can be automatically uploaded to cloud storage and can be retrieved at any time. This helps keep your data very safe and makes it available at all times.
  9. Direct Root Access: The Linux VPS gives you complete access and total control over your server. You can easily configure and edit your server from your control panel and control all application installations.
  10. Privacy: The Linux VPS service gathers only a little information about the user. This is unlike the Windows VPS which gathers lots of information about users. With this, along with the ability you are given to customize the server's settings, you are assured of all the privacy you may desire.

Linux VPS You Should Prefer Windows Hosting

When you decide to make use of a VPS, you have two major options to choose from. They are Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Although the power to select rests entirely in your hands, it is best you know what you need from the server and make your choice from the two. Before making a choice, here is the difference between the two.

Windows is a Microsoft product, and for many companies, it is worth its price. Windows servers usually offer a more comprehensive range and more support than Linux servers. Linux is the general choice for new companies, while Microsoft is the typical choice of large existing companies.

When you are left with the chance to choose one of the two, the main things you should consider are what you're working with, your budget, and your requirements. It is true that Windows VPS costs more; it is, however, more comfortable to use as it has a simple user interface, it gets more official support, and it can handle more demanding tasks, to mention a few.

The Linux VPS is very advantageous on its own, but the windows VPS has some edge over it in some areas. Below are some of the advantages windows have over the Linux VPS:

  • Easier to learn: its customizable graphic user interface is very easy to understand and even easier to use.
  • Better support: As windows servers all come with a cost, they usually come with paid support too. The Windows VPS Hosting is backed by a reliable IT support team from Microsoft. On the other hand, when using the open-sourced Linux, you and the web-hosting company usually have to pay a technical expert who understands the software better. Your second choice is to rely on community support. This can, however, be very time consuming, and even worse, community members can't always answer your questions specifically.
  • Better driver support: windows VPS has better driver support than Linux. While Linux lacks in this field, the Windows VPS can be configured with many different devices and Hardware.
  • Better integration with Microsoft products: You should know that Windows applications are designed to work best with Windows servers. This is one huge advantage windows VPS has over Linux. If a business makes use of Windows software, then a Windows server is much more valuable than Linux. Many large companies need popular Windows packages such as Microsoft SQL and MS Access. For them, a Windows server is by far the best option they have.
  • More Complete:Generally, the Windows servers have more features, more bells, and whistles, and can handle more demanding tasks than the Linux VPS. The Windows VPS also gets regular, seamless updates, as well as official support.
  • Remote desktop access: The Linux servers are command-line based. This is more difficult to work with as compared to the Remote Desktop, which Windows servers come with. This remote desktop also comes with a graphical user interface, making it much easier to manage a server.
  • Scripting frameworks: This is another strong advantage windows have over Linux. This is the high-performance web application framework, ASP.NET, which is much easier to install and manage and have better support than the Linux scripting framework. It is also more compatible with Microsoft servers. Scripts and webpages that are developed with this Microsoft framework usually work better on a Windows server. The applications SharePoint and Exchange are more programs compatible only to Microsoft Windows Servers.

The Operating System you choose for your VPS hosting will have a huge direct impact on how you manage your VPS. Both Operating Systems have their own Pros and Cons, and your decision is based on how you use VPS. When looking for a VPS hosting provider, make sure you choose wisely between Windows and Linux VPS hosting.

However, remember, if your developers work on or PHP, then, without doubt, your choice should be Windows. Lastly, between the two, your choice all comes down to your preference since they are both very powerful platforms. It all depends on your individual needs, your preference of software environment, and finally, your budget.

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