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The reliable Virtual Private Servers are the latest trend amongst various businesses, as these servers can help those who really want to get away from the shared servers. The VPS is amazing, providing users access to various features, and acts like a dedicated server even though it operates with a single physical server. Linux is one awesome VPS provider that is quite affordable for all businesses and can be used by many small organizations.

On the Linux server, each individual has their private working space, and they can comfortably make any customizations without interfering in the work of others. Comparing Linux VPS to Windows VPS, this service is cost-effective, and users are sure to pay lesser and gain more while using the server.

Being an open-source server, the services provided are free to use and even distribute as you are not required to make any license fee. Again, the server uses excellent technologies that keep the data of users secured and can also help back them up. There are many customizations that users can readily perform, as this VPS hosting allows changes to be done. Furthermore, the installation of this server on multiple computers can be done with ease.

By hosting this server, you can access the various hosting plans from us, and you can begin with the cheapest plan and grow with the other advanced plans as your business progresses. We have about 15 different server locations across the world, including the United States. Hence, you can get started with our 7- day free hosting trial.

What is better, Linux VPS or Cloud?

Choosing the best web host for your business can be quite challenging. There are many options available, and making a perfect choice would require a proper analysis of various factors. There are shared hosting servers, cloud hosting servers, VPS hosting servers, and dedicated hosting servers. These options come with various pros and cons, and making a choice depends on the organization.

So, which hosting is better between VPS and cloud? Generally, it is a known fact that the VPS is more reliable than the shared servers and can be the best option for businesses that cannot afford the dedicated servers. Linux VPS has a plethora of features, and comparing them to the Windows-based VPS, they are cheaper.

Working with a single physical server and acting as a dedicated server, users can conduct their various tasks within the separate workspace that it provides. On the Linux VPS server, there are no files or data exchanges between the accounts making use of this server. Thus, there is a high level of confidentiality, and data are kept secure from malware. This VPS hosting is very suitable for all businesses that need an advanced kind of online control while making changes within a private work environment.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is also similar to the VPS and can offer some features that Linux VPS providers to users. However, this web host does not make use of a single physical server like the VPS. Instead, it works with various physical resource machines. All these machines are dependent on other underlying physical servers, which in essence can be referred to as working with a massive kind of a single created VPS.

Thus, users of the cloud can access more resources at any time, and they can scale through varying traffic needs by increasing the server's power. Although cloud hosting seems more flexible with the various resources, it allows less customization to be conducted within the server. Hence, it is more suitable for businesses that need more performance to scale through their increased traffic.

Both the Linux VPS and cloud hosting are great, as they are both secured and offers users various resources. However, the biggest difference spotted between the Linux VPS hosting and cloud hosting is the Scalability. So, choosing the better web host would be totally dependent on your need. For businesses that do not mind the Scalability of the host and are seeking a means to launch the server quickly, they can comfortably go for the Linux VPS.

But in a case where the organization needs a host setup with more flexibility, greater storage, and high performance, cloud hosting would be more suitable. With cloud hosting, you can get unlimited flexibility, but there are more customizations on the VPS hosting.

Comparison Table: Linux VPS Hosting Vs. Cloud Hosting




Customization Options

Using the VPS hosting, users can heavily customize their settings, as they are provided more access to the server software and operating system. Although there are some limits, these are lesser compared to cloud hosting.

The cloud hosting offers users limited customization options, which is still decent. But this customization is quite less than the VPS hosting.


Although VPS offers users various resources, which are readily available at their disposal, it doesn't have the most scalable option. If there is a surge in the traffic or a sudden high uptime, the existing host may not be ready to handle such issues.

The Scalability of cloud hosting is quite awesome, as users can access great performance and high uptime when they need it most. Also, in cases where there is a failure in one of the physical servers, users can comfortably switch to other servers.


Acting in the same way as the dedicated servers, VPS is highly secured, and users can operate individually despite the share physical server. Linux has amazing technologies that keep the system safe from malware and attacks. It is only in rare cases that these actions can take place.

The cloud hosting is also secure, as users on the other physical servers do not gain access to others' data. However, this web-based host is often found vulnerable to various attacks.

Do I need a Linux VPS at home?

In most homes, we find various persons working on the shared server, and this is quite understandable as the shared server is the cheapest so far. The more persons on a server, the more resources needed, and the shared server can only provide limited resources. Hence, if there are more persons on the shared server at home, you might want to upgrade to the Linux VPS hosting.

The shared server can be quite suitable for individuals who do not mind sharing their online workspace with others and less traffic on their site. Thus, individuals who have been craving for that private work environment can launch the Linux VPS at home. You are still sharing the same physical server at home with the VPS, but you would now work in a private section that provides you various dedicated resources.

Now, with the VPS launched, you can access the following features while at home.

  • Take charge of more customization
    With the Linux VPS, you can make various changes to your settings without affecting others currently sharing that same server with you at home.
  • Working from a private section
    On the Linux VPS, you can work in a private work environment, ensuring that you don't encounter any hassles. This high compartmentalization is still prominent even with the shared physical server.
  • Access to Dedicated Resources
    You can now access more resources that are provided just for you alone, and you can be less bothered about limited resources whenever there is a sudden traffic surge.
  • Enjoy more Scalability
    Users can comfortably upgrade the VPS resources when needed by using the various plans we provide. As your business grows, there may be such needs as having more CPU power or more RAM storage. You can access the various Linux based VPS that we provide and upgrade to the one you want without any hassles.

How much does it cost to have your own Linux VPS?

Owning a Linux VPS can save you from a lot of stress, and it would be very beneficial if you upgrade from the shared server to a managed Linux VPS plan. The Linux VPS is quite affordable, and you can get a plan with great resources for as low as $4.99. there are various Linux VPS hosting plans available, and you can choose the one you want.

Users can also utilize the 7 days free trial that we offer and access more features as they upgrade. As you get started, you start enjoying various API and OS options, and you can get more than a hundred templates that have been configured deployed within a few seconds on your server.

There would be no downtimes, as the data are backed up as the server runs. Users can also choose the way they are billed for this server from the various options provided. You can also get the native IPv6 support launched along with the Linux based VPS. Here is a summary of the standard Linux based VPS along with their price.

Linux VPS Hosting



1GB hosting plan


  • 25GB RAM storage
  • 1 core CPU power
  • 1TB Transfer

2GB hosting plan


  • 50GB RAM storage
  • 2 core CPU power
  • 3 TB Transfer

3GB hosting plan


  • 75GB RAM storage
  • 2 core CPU power
  • 3 TB Transfer

4GB hosting plan


  • 100GB RAM storage
  • 23core CPU power
  • 4 TB Transfer

6GB hosting plan


  • 150GB RAM storage
  • 4 core CPU power
  • 5 TB Transfer

8GB hosting plan


  • 200GB RAM storage
  • 6 core CPU power
  • 6 TB Transfer

16GB hosting plan


  • 400GB RAM storage
  • 8 core CPU power
  • 7 TB Transfer

24GB hosting plan


  • 600GB RAM storage
  • 10 core CPU power
  • 8 TB Transfer

32GB hosting plan


  • 800GB RAM storage
  • 12 core CPU power
  • 9 TB Transfer

64GB hosting plan


  • 1600GB RAM storage
  • 20 core CPU power
  • 10 TB Transfer

96GB hosting plan


  • 2400GB RAM storage
  • 24 core CPU power
  • 11 TB Transfer

192GB hosting plan


  • 4800GB RAM storage
  • 32 core CPU power
  • 12 TB Transfer

Our services can save you from a lot of hassles, and with any of these plans, you get the following:

  • Protection Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)
    The DDOS attack results from the alliance of various network power coming from different computers. This attack leads to a surge in traffic that some servers are unable to handle. With this, many websites automatically become unavailable, creating issues for business owners. The Linux-based VPS would be hosted along with awesome tools that quickly detect and respond to this attack.
  • Great Uptime and High Performance
    Once you upgrade to any of the Linux VPS plans, you are guaranteed an uptime that reaches up to 99.99%, and the server would provide a high performance that would make applications work faster.
  • Excellent Scalability
    Once you pay for the VPS plan you want, you can enjoy the scalable server immediately. With our excellent software, the server gets online immediately.


Linux VPS is an excellent option for businesses that have reached their limits on the shared server. It can provide them with more resources and private workspace online. With this server, users can rest assured that their data are secured and kept safe from attacks. Are you contemplating between choosing the Linux VPS hosting plan and cloud hosting? It would be interesting to know that even though cloud hosting provides more Scalability, you can get more customizations done with your Linux-based VPS.

Thus, you can get started with a cheap Linux VPS plan and upgrade as your business grow. Individuals at home can also use the Linux VPS if they desire a more private work environment and if there are a lot of persons using the resources of their shared server. Using this cost-effective Linux VPS hosting, you can access more resources. Check out our article for details of the various Linux hosting plans and access more.

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

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