Get Your Free Windows VPS Trial And Know Why It Is The Most Popular Choice.

A virtual private server also called a VPS, is completely different from shared hosting. It is a type of dedicated server even though it is used by multiple users. The way of creating private spaces for each user is the unique feature of a VPS. If your website traffic has passed the shared hosting limit, it is better you upgrade it to a VPS hosting server.

Everyone knows the incredible performance of windows, and the same goes for windows VPS, and because of the friendly graphic interface, it has a lot of features that are worth a try. All new website owners start with the commonly shared hosting plan, but as the traffic increases, the limit on the shared platform will start having problems, so this indicates that it is time to upgrade. If your system is windows, then try the free windows vps just to know how compatible it is with your website.

About VPS hosting

When you are the owner of a website, then your files and database need to be stored in a server; either you can opt for shared hosting, or VPS hosting is up to you. With shared hosting, you share the resources with other users, whereas in dedicated hosting, a single website is supported by one or more servers. Here you are not disturbed by other users, and you have full control over the server.

VPS hosting is the mix of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting put together. It is shared by multiple users but has the privacy of a dedicated server because each VPS account is partitioned by a virtual wall, and every virtual server has its operating system. All this makes VPS the best hosting system at affordable prices.

Your server's performance will depend upon which hosting you choose. Windows VPS hosting is one of the popular options because of its high level of technical support and security.

Benefits of Windows VPS hosting

Many hosting services are providing with VPS, but not all have the proper criteria that your website needs; windows are used worldwide and the windows VPS hosting has all the benefits that users of windows can understand:

  • Windows VPS is a solution that is very cost-effective:

Until your website has low traffic, any hosting services can help you do your job, but once it starts growing and traffic becomes heavier, then it is good that you upgrade your server to one of the best in the market. Investing your money in shared hosting with a good amount of traffic is not a good idea; your performance decreases, and your security too will be on the vulnerable side.

You don't need to spend too much money on dedicated hosting as you can get the benefits of a dedicated server with a VPS provided by windows. Though it is slightly expensive than shared hosting, it is still a viable option than a dedicated server that is going to drain out your pockets.

  • There is no drain of resources:

With shared hosting, the problem is that when a site has a traffic surge, it will start using all the resources, and you will have to be satisfied with what is remaining, but it is not the case with windows VPS. Even if it has multiple uses, you still have your own resources. Even if there is a surge in traffic, you will not be disturbed. Your customers can browse your website without any difficulty, and this will be a reason for your website to attract more traffic. In short, with windows VPS, you can give your customers a smoother and faster experience.

  • Your website will enjoy a higher level of security:

When you are using a shared hosting server, you are vulnerable to security breaches. If one of the users gets infected with a virus or malware, then there is a chance that you will also be infected. But on the other hand, if you are using VPS, then you get added security as your files and data on a virtual server are completely isolated from other users, and there is a lesser chance of having a security breach.

With windows, VPS plans, your server is managed, and you have the benefit of additional security, like firewalls, monitoring intrusion, and regular backups. If you have a regular VPS, then all the security measures and maintenance are the user's responsibility. If you want to know how helpful windows VPS can be then, you can just try free windows vps and check how perfect it is for your system.

  • You can control your site more:

Even though multiple users use the VPS server, you still have got your own independent space, and you have all control over your space. The entire operating system is yours, which includes all the resources and files. When you are using the Windows VPS system, then you get full administrative control, and you can customize your server according to your needs. This way, you are free to test applications more effectively, and also you have the benefit of trying out more advanced coding.

Why use windows VPS?

If you are using a shared hosting server, you have to adjust as per the requirements of the other users, and sometimes security breach is a big problem. Windows, with its friendly interface, is used by millions worldwide, and windows VPS is managed, so the user does not have to worry about managing the server. Windows VPS gives you technical support as well as added security.

You have full control over your site, and you can do everything from customizing your server to advanced coding without any difficulty. Your windows VPS is a great tool when it comes to your website that is growing and needs high-performance levels.

  • It is cost-effective than dedicated servers and much better than the shared server hosting
  • You don'tdon't have to bear the grunt when other users are experiencing traffic
  • You have advanced security measures
  • You are able to control your site as well as your server more

All these reasons are more than enough for a person to switch over to windows VPS.

Free Windows VPS

What is Windows VPS, and how do you use it?

Virtual private server or VPS hosting is becoming the popular option because it offers the affordability of shared server hosting, and it is reliable as dedicated servers. With different operating systems, the VPS works differently. Windows is one of the popular VPS in the market. Because windows are used by many, it naturally becomes the popular choice. What is different about windows VPS?

  • Control panel: the main control panel is a friendly interface called Plesk
  • Compatibility: if you are using platforms that are windows friendly like ASP.NET, MySQL, MS Access, and VB Development, then windows VPS is the most compatible choice.
  • Support: the greatest advantage of using windows VPS is that you get support from Microsoft
  • Easy to use: with windows VPS, there are no complications, and running is very easy

Windows VPS hosting is powered by the most advanced software available, and still, it is one of the most user-friendly interfaces available in the market. The features of windows VPS makes even inexperienced users use the server without any complications. So if you are upgrading to windows VPS, then there is no problem in running it as it is designed as the friendliest interface with no complications.

When would you use a windows VPS?

If you are new to the business and you have a growing website, then shared hosting is not the right choice. Your website performance will depend on the traffic surge of other sites, and you will have to be satisfied with the available resources. So running a website or your E-commerce business becomes rather complicated.

If you are using windows, friendly platforms, then upgrading your server to windows VPS is the best idea. If you have growing traffic and it is going beyond the limits of a shared server and because you are new to the business and investing in a dedicated server is beyond your capacity, then it is good to switch to windows VPS.

You can get full administrative access, and you can make sure that your performance runs at its peak. You can also get the advantage of enhanced security features, and you will not have to worry about any security breaches. Consumers need to trust a website when they provide you with personal information like credit details etc.

Windows VPS is just the server you need for your business or your website to perform at its maximum. Your continuously growing audiences need to have a faster website, and windows VPS will give your customers the best experience, so they don'tdon't have to hop around looking for better websites.

In short, if you are looking for optimum performance levels, greater security, full control over the server, you need to switch over to Windows VPS, and if you want to check out its performance, it is easy to get a free windows vps trial and see why it is the most popular choice of the people.

Get the best hosting server for your website.

As you have an expanding site, it is important that you start thinking of upgrading your server to a better one. Or else it will negatively affect your performance, and traffic is bound to go to greener pastures. And using Windows VPS hosting, it will give you the windows that are familiar to you as well as the flexibility of a virtual server.

If you are using windows VPS hosting, you get the advantage and support of the giant Microsoft, and you get to use the software that has a good amount of experience behind it. You get additional customer service, faster updates, and you can also provide answers to your customer queries with informative information.

What is VPS all about?

Virtual private network hosting allows business entities or E-commerce websites to upgrade their present hosting server to a better and more viable option without paying a higher price.

VPS gives you a hosting server that is affordable as shared hosting and the privacy and reliability of dedicated hosting. When you are using VPS, it gives you full control over your space, and you have the freedom to customize the server according to your choice and needs.

Windows VPS is a hosting server or software that uses windows technology, and because windows are used by many worldwide, it becomes the most popular choice. VPS hosting is the best way to make your website work at the optimum level, and also, the customers are happy with your site as they need not spend time just have the page loaded. This, in turn, will give you a better audience.

VPS is ideal for companies that are in a state where they do not know how to handle traffic and how much traffic they need to plan for. So upgrading your server to a better and resourceful server is the right option.

Get your windows VPS now.

All the above reasons are more than enough for you to understand why you need to upgrade to a better server and why windows are the best VPS hosting available in the market.

In order to get all the benefits of the windows VPS server and let your business get to its optimum level, you will have to upgrade it now with the best windows VPS that is completely managed and has the support of Microsoft.

You get all the technical support and the advantage of enhanced security that no other VPS server has. Your server is managed and is updated automatically, and you don'tdon't have to be responsible for any of this. You get the added benefit of customizing your server the way you want and running any number of applications and coding benefits. So get your free windows vps and give your business or website the traffic it needs. Gain your customer's trust and make your website the choice of millions.

Free Windows VPS

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