A Windows 10 VPS Hosting is a hosting type that permits you to run completely different windows desktop or server remotely while not having to use multiple computers. The windows 10 Vps is the most up-to-date package from windows. it's additionally stable than shared hosting.

It permits many folks, businesses, or organizations to access a specific server and access company data,reports, and updates files from any geographical location within the world and successively reduces stress.

This article is a guide for many users who are willing to get reliable and licensed VPS Windows hosting. The guide outlines the uses of VPS windows hosting, the attributes to look out for before buying, and also where to get reliable windows 10 VPS hosting.

How Do I Run a VPS On Windows 10?

Do you ask yourself, how do I run a VPS on windows 10? In few minutes, you can easily set up your Windows 10 VPS. The process takes less than 2 minutes. It is because Microsoft has modified numerous features and created new ones within the latest Windows 10.

The process of setting up a windows VPS hosting is straightforward and the same across all other VPS hosting platforms. The method is explained below;

Firstly you are to Click on the start button. Then click on the search button, and type in "remote desktop". Then choose "Remote Desktop Connection". You are to type in the IP address of your Windows 10 VPS. Lastly, you are to insert your username and password in the new Windows that appears.

The Many Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting

People commonly ask about the many advantages of windows VPS hosting. Below are ways to use VPS hosting for your business:

  • Host your Business applications such as ERP & CRM and access them from multiple locations

Businesses thrive on ERP and CRM systems. ERP connects companies' financial and operational systems to a central database. Companies often use it to run a successful operation. CRM on the other hand, manages how customers interact with their businesses. They are known as vital data repositories.

You can install both systems on a windows 10 VPS hosting server and access it at any time from anywhere. Many people will benefit from being able to access your systems from the comfort of their homes or office desks.

  • Host a virtual office known as cloud office
Having a virtual office is the new deal. We now see business install applications like Microsoft Word, Excel sheet, and office on their VPS servers. Also, they install their accounting systems such as MYOB, Quicken on their VPS.

It is because you can personalize the data, apps, and files you install on your own VPS network. Also, this eases clients accessibility of files from any part of the world.

  • Host your services within the cloud
With most of your applications, emails, and websites installed on your VPS, you save the cost of buying multiple servers. It is possible because one windows 10 VPS hosting can perform the work of multiple servers. With the advanced technology, you can install more applications, websites and emails, on a VPS hosting network.
  • Host your emails, websites, and applications within the cloud
One of the perks of Windows 10 VPS hosting is its ability to host multi websites, emails, and application. With windows 10 VPS hosting, you can easily install applications, upload emails, and websites relevant to your business. Often times, you can access them from your comfort zone. Also, it reduces your level of vulnerability in comparison to other shared hosting networks.

Although you have to be careful of your choice of VPS hosting provider. It is often to scale back the danger of losing your business or personal files. Moreso, you can contact us for your windows 10 VPS hosting. We offer 100% and 24/7 security

  • Host files, documents, etc. That is a remote storage

Business owners often use Windows 10 VPS hosting as a storage system - Especially businesses that possess outsized personal files. You can use a Windows 10 VPS hosting to store important files as a backup.

With its option of easy accessibility from anywhere in the world, it is also an excellent way to ensure your data is safe.

What is Windows 10 VPS hosting used for?

Windows VPS hosting is employed by fewer folks to share allotted segments of a disk drive, processing power, and memory. it's used chiefly by commercials and few personal users.

You can store, preserve and make data, information, or files available to individuals from different parts of the world at any time of the day without having to set up.

A windows 10 VPS hosting is commonly known as remote desktop. You can gain access to a host computer over the internet.

How does a Windows 10 VPS hosting work?

The windows 10 VPS hosting works based on virtualization technology. It means different desktops generated by you or your team are stored on a particular desktop in the server. And this desktop can be easily accessed by you or your team members from different parts of the world.

Windows 10 VPS hosting is also called remote-controlled software, where you can always log in to access your files, data, application, desktop, or server. With this method, there is no need for hardware set up before you can access your files.

What attributes ought I to look out for before buying a windows 10 VPS hosting?

Before buying a windows 10 VPS hosting, ensure to continuously lookout for attributes such as information measure, bandwidth, CPU cores, straightforward integration, performance rate, level of security, stability, support, reliability, cost, and most importantly, client support, among different factors.

Pros and Cons of Windows 10 VPS Hosting

Windows 10 VPS hosting combines the benefits of shared and dedicated hosting and is becoming a much sought-after option these days. Some of the factors are major concern for most VPS hosting users and potential users include;

  • Technical expertise; Windows 10 VPS hosting does not require a high level of technical knowlege. But, little knowledge of technology is good for effective use of the server.
  • Traffic: Most users or potential users are concerned about too many users generating traffic on their VPS server. it is potentially true because a windows 10 VPS hosting is less Robust than a Dedicated Server. It is suitable for a website that draws moderate traffic.
  • Vulnerability: Most people feel that their files, applications, and websites are vulnerable to attack a windows 10 VPS hosting server. It is not so at all. You only need to get a reliable and secured Windows10 VPS provider for yourself or your business.

Some people also believe that other users can affect their site. It is true if the VPS host divides the server space among plenty users, banking on the possibility that they will not use the entire bandwidth allocated to them. Other websites on the same physical server can get affected if they do.

Using Silverlight With Windows Web Hosting

Using silverlight with windows web hosting is achieveable, provided you patronize a reputable service provider. By purchasing a windows 10 VPS from us, you stand an opportunity to get premium benefits and top-notch services. Here is a number of Windows 10 VPS features available with us:

  • Security

Our windows 10 VPS hosting provides high-end security that protects your files and database. We guarantee excellent services, and to serve you beyond your expectations.

You also don't need to worry when other people's files are corrupted, because we make sure your files won't be affected by our windows VPS hosting.

We provide around the clock protection against hacking and other web malware attacks.

  • Customer Support:
We also offer a 24/7 customer care network. We have a team of experts who is available to answer your questions and resolve your problems promptly. You can always reach out to us through phone calls, emails, or live chat.
  • Automated backups
We provide regular backup, so you do not need to worry about losing your files, apps, or desktops with our windows VPS hosting. You can also restore your file at any time or anywhere collectively or singly.
  • 24/7 Windows remote desktop
With our windows 10 VPS hosting you can access your desktop 24/7 from any part of the world. It is often because our system is usually on and connected.

This system is applicable in organizations whose staffs work remotely. They can always access files, servers, and information, without interruption. It is also very reliable for people that engage in forex trading, stocks trading, data analysis, or people who develop or use high-end games and apps, etc.

  • Stability and Speed
Our Windows VPS 10 hosting plan comes with excellent stability and speed. W've built our trust and credibility in business and good customer reviews. Although our packages are affordable, we are keen on providing our customers and potential customers a reason to trust our products or service because it will enhance our customer's experience and yield better reviews.
  • Accommodate high-performance web apps
Our windows VPS hosting accommodates web apps such as online forms, shopping carts, word processors, spreadsheets, video, and photo editing, file conversion, file scanning, and email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL. Most importantly, our VPS hosting accommodates high-performance web apps such as ERP, CRM, Quinox, etc. It also hosts websites used for forex trading, web design, etc. It is fast, reliable, and does not slow your work or usage in any way.
  • Easy Accessibility and Modification:
With our windows 10 VPS hosting, you can easily grant or restrict users access, modify and carry out other managerial activities using a remote desktop connection.

VPS hosting makes life easier especially as it reduces or alienates the need to carry hard copies of data. Your data stays in one place, becomes easy to access at any time, anywhere.

  • Highly customizable servers with full root access
Our Windows 10 VPS hosting allows you to install apps, websites, emails on the server. Also, individuals or commercials can customize their cloud office to suit their personal or business needs.

We also grant root access to you. That is, you have total control over your server.

  • Reliability
We provide the most reliable windows 10 VPS hosting solutions. Our windows 10 VPS hosting performs its intended function adequately, at the specified period. It operates in a defined environment without failure.
  • Affordability
Our windows 10 VPS hosting plans are affordable and cost-effective when compared to other windows VPS hosting providers. With our Windows 10 VPS hosting, you tend to save more. You don't need to spend on getting multiple servers or hiring people to manage them. It enhances profit maximization in the long run.
  • Instant upgrades without downtime
Our windows 10 VPS hosting provides seamless upgrades between plans. It is easy and requires no complex technical know-how.
  • FREE around-the-clock monitoring
With our windows 10 VPS hosting, we provide free round-the-clock monitoring of your database, files, webs, and applications stored on your server. We also carry out timely performance checks to discover and correct faults or malware's on the server.

You can rest assured that your data is secured and safe 24/7.


We have various Windows 10 hosting VPS packages, meeting the needs of different users. Bearing this in mind, small sized business can start with lower VPS plan, and upgrade in the future. We recommend new bloggers running a Windows configured system, to purchase the suitable plan. Windows have several operating versions. Ensure the Windows system can run the installed server without crashing. Moreover, we have multiple datacenters that allow big businesses or organizations, to own a virtual machine in different locations.

You can contact our customer support team via email, online chat, or phone call for further information. Upon successful registration and payment, your service provider will give you login details, including your username and password.

Windows 10 VPS Hosting

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