There is a growing number of businesses online, as more organizations strive to get an excellent digital presence. This activity is still prevalent in Russia, as many websites are proliferating in the digital market. For most organizations seeking a better option other than the shared server, the Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a more suitable option.

Unlike the shared server, VPS hosting enables users to get their dedicated resources within a shared system. With each working independently on the VPS, they can conduct some helpful changes that wouldn't affect others' workspace. Some businesses that now require a "full root access" to the hosting server can now access such using the VPS.

VPS for businesses involves many excellent features that help boost the company's performance and is also affordable. Users get an allocation of their very own Disk space, RAM, and CPU. You can also choose to increase your allocated resources or decrease them to suit your organization's needs for more stability.

Thus, you can access our VPS Russia services, as our providers within the country can help you host and manage. With our VPS hosting services, you are sure to start experiencing a faster loading time while online and work within a secured space. If you have desired to have a dedicated IP address, you can get it with VPS hosting.

What is the Best VPS in Russia?

The best VPS services offer users a private environment that houses only their website, even within a shared system. This activity is due to the server's division, which provides each person their copy of the virtual technology. Thus, moving from the shared servers to the VPS hosting server, you would be able to access excellent performance, reliability, and full control of your workspace.

Although the VPS is a cheaper option than the dedicated servers, it mimics such hosting features. So, with the best VPS hosting, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Great Reliability

Many organizations in Russia seem to search for excellent hosting services for their operations within the digital space that would be quite reliable. The VPS hosting can ensure that they have excellent uptime and excellent loading speed. It can be quite disturbing knowing that your site is having slow loading time issues. Such kind of issues can deter your audience, as they grow impatient waiting for the site to load.

But, since you have your workspace with others' activities not affecting you, you can be less bothered about other sites' traffic on the VPS share physical system. This feature of the best VPS hosting service plays a significant role in improving the business site's loading time. These provisions would improve business capabilities and also meet up with the needs of audiences.

  • Security

With the everyday attacks that occur within cyberspace, it would be really helpful for users to get a safe online space free from attacks. Only the best VPS hosting can provide you with a trusted service that detects incoming or outgoing malware attacks. It doesn't end there, as the superior technology such as VPS hosting use in detecting malware can also help provide an efficient response that would prevent further attacks.

It is a fact that the cyber world often face issues like Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), a common situation that attacks with the network power resulting from varying computers. Such an attack can wreak havoc and results in errors, which automatically makes the site unavailable. But, with the excellent security that the best VPS hosting offers, you can rest assured that such would not occur while on the server.

  • Scalable Performance

Aside from the fact that users can use their dedicated resources as they please, it is also worthy of note that the VPS hosting allows users to increase their allocated resources whenever they want. Thus, if you notice that your business is expanding and you need more web hosting resources, you can get a suitable VPS plan that covers your needs.

Interestingly, you can choose to upgrade your VPS plan without any hassles, and you are also free to opt-out and go for a smaller plan if you so desire. This server is not like the shared server, and you can get started with the scaling up or down without further interruptions.

  • Easy Maintenance
Maintaining your VPS server can be straightforward, as you can find the best hosting companies providing users with managed services that would work on updating your server. Thus, they take full responsibility and ensure that the server never skips any of the helpful updates required.

However, even with their unmanaged services, you can also gain access to the hosting company's customer support. Our hosting service can provide you access to contact our technical management team. Getting them at any time is possible since they work 24/7 to attend to any of your complaints.

  • Very Affordable
You can find all the excellent features provided by the VPS hosting services at an affordable cost. Thus, it is cost-effective, and whether it is a Linux or Windows-based hosting you are searching for, you can get it even with a low budget.

With its cost being relatively affordable, you can save some money while using this server. You can also find some free VPS services; our VPS hosting service even provides users with a free service that lasts for seven days.

  • Excellent Backups
All data of users gets stored on the server, and as such, all essential and useful information you have on your server can be safe. This service automatically store your data and create a proper backup. If there is any situation that results in you losing your data, you can quickly get it back.

Are you searching for the best VPS hosting in Russia? Well, you can check out our excellent VPS hosting service, as we can provide you with Linux-based or Windows-based VPS. You can key in from anywhere, as we have up to 15 hosting locations across the world. Thus, users should choose from the list, picking any location closest to them.

Having an option to choose the software you want to get installed on your online workspace, and our VPS Russia hosting would provide you with such. All these mentioned features you would get at an affordable cost.

VPS Russia Cost

The VPS hosting service we offer comes in various plans that have varying amounts of dedicated resources. With just $4.99, you can get our cheapest plan and gain access to 1TB transfer, 1 CPU, 25 disk memory, and 1 GB RAM.

There are standard plans available for users, and based on the business's needs, you can also go for the CPU optimized or Memory-optimized plans. With the CPU optimized plans, you can access more cores, and with the Memory optimized plans, you can access more memory space on the server. However, you can review the rest of our plans in the table below:



Disk Space




1 GB

25 GB

1 TB

1 Core


2 GB

50 GB

2 TB

2 Cores


3 GB

75 GB

3 TB

2 Cores


4 GB

100 GB

4 TB

3 Cores


6 GB

150 GB

5 TB

4 Cores


8 GB

200 GB

6 TB

6 Cores


16 GB

400 GB

7 TB

8 Cores


24 GB

600 GB

8 TB

10 Cores


32 GB

800 GB

9 TB

12 Cores


64 GB

1600 GB

10 TB

20 Cores


96 GB

2400 GB

11 TB

24 Cores


192 GB

4800 GB

12 TB

32 Cores

These plans are open to Russia based businesses, and you can quickly get a Russia VPS from any of our service locations closest to you. Our VPS plans have the following properties:

  • VPS Replication: Using the Software-Defined Storage Method, we store your VPS hosting in a "3-way storage." Thus, you can comfortably get your VPS stored on three varying servers at the same time.
  • Efficient Technology: Our top-class service comes built with superior technology that prevents physical damages on the server. You can stay in full control of the server with the integrations of excellent storage and admin applications.
  • Excellent Performance: The Intel E5 powered processors takes charge of the server, providing a fast and reliable service. Also, our VPS hosting server comes equipped with the "40Gbit connection."
  • Available Templates: You can access various Windows and Linux operating system templates, as we have a template library. Thus, you can easily pick one that suits your business, and you can use that template to create your VPS in no time.

Note: You can get a flexible payment schedule, and we can generate a comprehensive invoice that provides you with the details of how you used this service.

What Cloud Services Does VPS Russia Offer?

One fantastic solution to cloud computing is cloud VPS hosting, which is quite helpful for digital businesses. It works as a great support, providing businesses with great resources and making access to their audiences easier. Are you wondering how the cloud stores data? It does so in an amazing manner, as it uses the network of many hosted remote servers. This technique also works well in processing and managing data.

The VPS works on a virtual machine that dedicates each copy of the virtual machine (guest instance) to users. The VPS works on a shared physical system in software that runs on the parent server. The guest instances then get a copy of the virtual operating system that manages all the operations on the server.

So, the cloud VPS offers excellent features without users needing to change their server's settings or migrating their data. Interestingly, businesses on the cloud VPS can easily resize their resources to suit their needs. So, you can source for more or reduce your already deployed cloud VPS plans.

Our cloud server can be deployed by organizations within a short while (55 minutes), and this managed VPS service is also scalable. This service supports various operating systems and provides more than 100 templates for servers, including Arch Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS 7, and Debian.

Our cloud VPS service is open to users in Russia and across the world. You can access the following features on the cloud VPS service we provide.

  • Control Panel: This aspect of the cloud VPS service comes packed with many features, including web hosting root access of control panels, ability to view your console, restart and reboot on the server. You can also have access to make changes to your operating system and firewall.
  • Fast and Reliable Hosting Infrastructure: The server works with the SSD network (40 GB) and Intel processors that ensure that there are no downtimes while on the server.
  • Easy to Deploy: Deploying and setting up this server is relatively easy, and you can get the whole process finished in no time. You can get fantastic solutions for all your needs, and you can quickly contact our customer support for more assistance.


The VPS server has provided online businesses an affordable option that comes packed with excellent features. For individuals planning on upgrading from the shared server, the VPS hosting would be suitable. With the scalable service, excellent security, and outstanding reliability, this server would ensure that you do not experience any downtimes.

The VPS hosting server acts similarly to the dedicated server, providing each individual with their allocated resources. Users can also enjoy great flexibility, as they can go on with various customizations without disturbing others on the shared physical system. You can get a suitable VPS plan and enjoy both our managed and unmanaged VPS plans that we offer.

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