Advantages and Disadvantages of the Services Offered by OVH Hosting

As OVH is known to be one of the world's largest and highly used web hosting company, they have a range of great advantages or benefits offered to those who patronize their services, and some little disadvantages, since nothing is in itself perfect. Therefore, let us take a look at the pros and cons of the OVH hosting company’s web hosting services. To begin with, below are the major advantages of using the OVH web hosting services, which has made it so popular among website owners:

  • Data Centers: By this, we are referring to the multitude of good, efficient, and well-updated data centers across the globe that can easily be accessed by the users of the OVH servers. This helps to ensure that they are always updated in their various fields. Setting it apart as one of the most resourceful and reliable web hosting providers.
  • Configuration: It is relatively very easy for its configuration to be carried out which is awesome for beginners and less stressful to any website operator making the website's management very convenient.
  • Connectivity: It has excellent connectivity which ensures its services are fast and reliable, thereby, making it more attractive to prospective web operators which are good for their websites as it decreases traffic congestion.
  • Control Panel: It grants users the liberty to choose the sort of control panel they want between a cPanel or Plesk to guarantee full customer satisfaction. This feature is important because it ensures that the websites are in the user's desired taste and are fully customized.
  • Bandwidth: They offer reasonable bandwidth provisions that help to avoid undue and frequent crashes on the servers whenever there is heavy traffic. This helps to retain good public reviews and encourage patronage.
  • Limited options for immediate support. Things such as live chats for users, and refunds are not offered but rather, just email hosting and communal said groups are available. This is not very user friendly and very discouraging because other companies provide very active customer care and service systems.
  • The users of the websites or the customers of the hosting are the ones solely responsible for backups and any other support operation. What this means is that the users are given absolute control over their cloud services. This is a scare especially to beginners who do not have experience in managing websites and may stand as an obstacle to them.
  • Limited one-click application installations which if compared with other companies are very low and not helpful as they provide up to hundreds of these services. This very discouraging especially in moments of emergency
  • Though OVH offers free control panels, some of them are however customized and do not offer the flexibility of design and function to its users. This does not offer full control and customization of the website.
  • A no refund policy means if a user is dissatisfied with the services of the company, he just has to leave without compensation. This is a financial scare and setback, especially for small and middle scale businesses.
  • Customer Support: It offers 24/7 toll-free customer service phone support, making the website networks user friendly and very convenient. Also, the OVH hosting customer service ensures immediate attention is paid to any problem encountered by users.
  • Security: They apply an anti-DDoS system to ensure top security for websites and to avoid any possible breaches, giving the users premium security assurance which is essential to all users.
  • Language selection: It includes a special feature of different language provision, enabling it to be utilized by different people from different regions to suit the users.
  • Ease of Use: Their servers are not complicated and very easy to use, therefore perfect for even a beginner and prevents any mishaps during the operation. It also comes with detailed tutorials on how to set up and manage websites which helps mostly beginners to cope well.
  • Speed: It has a very fast processing speed, making operations fast and enjoyable. Also, it has a very fast processing power of about 1Gbps to 40Gbps, also making activities on the websites very fast and enjoyable.
  • Affordability: Their plans can be gotten at very cheap starting prices, especially for small and middle scale businesses which can be very helpful to them as they save their resources.

As seen in the aforementioned, the services of OVH are top-notch without a doubt. However, it has a few notable shortcomings, which can be easily ignored but is still important to know about. The following are the disadvantages of using the OVH hosting company’s services.

This in turn may lead to frequent loss of important data and unsatisfactory general performance to those who cannot effectively manage a server to an extent on their own.

Analysis and Features of OVH Hosting

The OVH web hosting system has been ranked the third best web host due to its wonderful features. Let us take a look at, or analyze the hosting company better by using the following specifics which are unique to it.

  • It is the best WordPress hosting provider: The OVH hosting company makes available premium WordPress services to make its use more satisfying and efficient. It is because of these services that it has been ranked the best WordPress hosting provider.
  • Best cloud hosting provider: We know that backup and emergency information are always needed because one doesn’t want to take chances which can lead to adverse effects should an accident happen. The OVH has a good cloud system though it is completely managed by the owner of the business.
  • Best Linux web hosting provider: Due to its exceptional work in providing Linux hosting services, it is ranked the best Linux web hosting providers in the world.
  • Best e-commerce hosting provider: With the spike of thousands of businesses that all need their presence to be felt in the e-commerce world, OVH has taken time and resources to offer a very high-quality experience for its users on the e-market.
  • Best small business hosting provider: Due to its good, flexible, and cheap pricing rates which is ideal for small business owners, alongside other very interesting features and general services it offers, it has been ranked the world best at this endeavor.
  • Best windows hosting provider: The hosting giant also provides incomparable window services and has been ranked among the best in the world.
  • Best managed web hosting provider: The company mainly offers fully managed VPS web hosting and is talked about as the best in the world. This is mainly because it does not give the users undue things to worry about.
  • Best green web hosting provider: They are the best web hosting provider that insists on using environmentally friendly resources in their data centers.
  • Best email hosting provider: It has an excellent email hosting service that gives the users a first-hand experience and as such have been ranked the best
  • Best colocation hosting provider: Due to its wide global coverage, the company is seen as the best in the colocation business.
  • Best VPShosting provider: The company’s VPS services are top-notch when compared to its contemporaries right now. And as such have been ranked the world best. With its different versatile web hosting services and strategies, it has been put on the world map as the best web hosting company.
  • Disk space: It has enough disk space which is exceptional to offer easy access to files and enough space for data and information.
  • Bandwidth: It gives unlimited bandwidth which is not only very attractive but extremely efficient as well, as it eliminates problems such as frequent crashes and other processing hitches.
  • Price: You can get a plan for as low as $3.49a month, which is very affordable and ideal for small and middle scale businesses.
  • Very high speed: It gives a relatively fast and efficient speed for improvement in operations.
  • Free domain for the first year of use: If you’ve just started using the OVH hosting system it offers you no charges on your domain name, giving something sort of a trial system.
  • Multisite of a maximum of five websites: The OVH hosting is the best option for those who because of the nature of their business are looking to run more than one website. It is their best bet as it offers a multisite feature that can support a maximum of 5 websites.
  • Recommended one-click module for WordPress: Accessing WordPress from OVH hosted websites are quite easy, very convenient, and is above all, just a click away.
  • Maximum of seventy-five simultaneous visitors: Due to the excessive amount of bandwidth that OVH hosting provides, it can support a good amount of visitors at a time.
  • The OVH web hosting provider does not provide any refund initiative. If a customer is dissatisfied with the services, they will just have to wait till their monthly subscription is off.
  • The OVH web hosting provider does not terminate its services immediately if a client cannot pay on time but gives a five-day grace period although it would still be paid for by the client.

The company, OVH hosting didn’t really achieve all the above mentioned by sheer luck. It has attained those feats by providing a top-notch service that makes use of the following features:

Why Choose OVH Hosting

As we know, a company can not be easily ranked among the best in the world. Therefore, there is certainly an adequate customer satisfaction any company is to first ensure. With the lots of web hosting companies around us today, we ask ourselves why choose the OVH hosting company to set up your web site and work with it despite its also considerable setbacks? In this section, I will explain to you why OVH is the right choice.

We have seen just how affordable the services of OVH is, which is an edge it has over its competitors. Its comparative cost advantage makes it widely preferred by many. The services of OVH can be gotten for as low as $3.49 a month, which is very ideal most especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Going for this cost-effective option can benefit a business in many ways. First, it can help increase the profits of the company as the extra money which would have been used in it can be saved and added to the company’s overall income. This income in turn increases the company's capital base. It can help it to invest in a lot of things to help push its business forward. More infrastructures, more staff, and more useful gadgets can be acquired to help the business do better.

Being widely recognized to be among the largest web hosting companies in the world, and having hundreds of data centers around the world, it is very efficient in carrying out its operations. Working with OVH means you get a very large disk space along with unlimited bandwidth, and this means you get enough space to help your business grow much faster and better. The disk space provided is enough to ensure your website doesn’t experience frequent crashes, helping your website stay online even when you start getting too much traffic. With this, you can host a good number of customers and won’t suffer from losing customers due to frequent crashes. Also, you get to save the money you would have spent on a crash, or to make up for lost data after a crash.

Without doubt, OVH hosting has everything you need to run a successful web hosting. You will get the chance to enjoy the best services any web host can provide. Seeing all the benefits you stand to gain from hosting with OVH, it is definitely the best option to choose if you want to see just why VPS hosting is widely preferred. Go for nothing but the best today. Go for OVH VPS hosting.

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