What is Offshore VPS?

Offshore VPS hosting is basically just hosting your website, data, or application on a VPS datacenter located far away from your business location, usually in a different country. There are many reasons why one can go for offshore hosting. Some of these reasons include hosting copyrighted content, DMCA content, adult content, hacking websites etc. It is usually used to promote or host illegal things forbidden or banned in the client's place of origin. For instance, poker and casino are banned in India and most Asian countries. Therefore, you cannot host these websites there. The only option you have if you want to make these contents or websites in those places is hosting offshore. Many customers make use of offshore VPS hosting because it is very difficult to shut down legally or even to contact.

Due to better infrastructure in some countries, your offshore hosting can come with better uptime and higher speed connections. Other benefits include:

1. Potential Cost Savings

Since fees such as sales tax vary in different countries, going for an offshore VPS can save you money, especially when it has lower or no extra fees added.

Also, some countries have less government regulation of Internet communications, which helps the hosting company save better. With this, their services can be gotten less than in a country with a lot of regulation. If the country, however, has much regulation, the company may be forced to increase their cost of services.

2. Freedom of speech and Anonymity

One of the best reasons for using an offshore VPS for most is freedom of speech and protection from government interference.

The kind of access a government can have to your server and whatever information it contains depends on what the local laws of a country are.

Also, if your server is located in the same country as your business, there is a risk that the government might compel you to hand over your data. Many famous websites have considered and used offshore VPS hosting for this reason.

3. Freedom from false DMCA complaints

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a copyright law that is effective in many countries. It was made to protect copyright holders from the theft of digital products. Although the law is a good thing, with the way it's set up, it is very easy for anybody to accuse you of theft. With this, any of your competitors or clients with bad intentions for you might be unethical and try to damage your business by filing a DMCA complaint against you. Many hosting companies rarely stand up to these complaints and may shut down your website without proper investigation.

Companies that offer a hosting that ignores DMCA do not react like others when they receive complaints. They review claims and ensure that it is legitimate instead. Be mindful that this doesn't mean they don't totally ignore the complaints. Offshore VPS hosting gives you the chance to work with companies with stronger policies around DMCA complaints.

4. Better reliability

One good advantage that can be possible with offshore VPS hosting is the better reliability. The quality of infrastructure and electricity supply makes some countries rank over others in terms of their VPS services.

Also, some places are prone to disasters and misfortunes. If your server is somewhere that experiences flooding, storms, or power outages of any other form, it will definitely be affected, and so will your website and business.

5. Better Website Performance

Since the internet is worldwide, the location of your physical business doesn't really matter. The main thing is the location of your customers. If your server is located closer to your visitors, it will improve your website's load time, hence more visitors.

Statistics have shown that although data travels in seconds, any extra second or two takes a good number of customers away. A second or two can make a huge difference. With your server located offshore, it will provide faster and excellent performance for your visitors most especially those in areas close to it. Also, with the infrastructure and policies we mentioned earlier, your server will maintain great performance for the rest of the world too.

In choosing the right offshore hosting, you have to consider a few things because this hosting type is not perfect for everyone. One of the most important factors to consider is the level of support you'll get from the offshore hosting provider. Many times, you will encounter problems trying to reach customer support. Sometimes, it's the language barrier; others, it's the time zone. Even if you get to enjoy all the benefits of offshore VPS, it will all still be useless if the company's support isn't accessible when you need them.

Although it may cost you a bit, you should get offshore VPS hosting if your business type requires it. It will definitely be able to help you do your work online professionally and freely. But first, make sure you check out the very important features of the offshore hosting provider to see if you can cope first.

Why is There Free Hosting But No Free Offshore Hosting?

Having a website of your own and editing or updating its content can be an easy task. However, the one thing which can pose a problem is having to decide whether to have free hosting or to go for offshore hosting for your website instead.

Hosting a website, especially on VPS, can be compared to renting out physical space. As a host or hosting provider, you will have to provide capital such as servers, maintenance, bandwidth, customer support, etc. All these things will cost you some money. Nevertheless, some providers still offer free hosting.

Free hosting in this context means that the server owners or hosting providers do not charge website owners or clients any money to host their website. However, it will be limited in user support or come with other conditional terms of usage. Here, their major source of income is from placing many adverts across your website. They use these adverts as a market strategy to make up for their lost income.

Though you can start off your website without paying any fee for hosting, you will have no power over the ads that will be done on your website. You may not even want them, but you don't have a choice. In addition to these ads, there is no tech support, and it reduces your power over your website. Another reason why the free hosting is free is because of the poor customer service. Many people are using it, hence difficult to maintain.

Before using a hosting service, you should keep in mind that web hosting is not just a device where we store data or our websites. It is more than that, and there are many vital services that we cannot ignore. These services were created for customers' needs and to suit their general plans, especially in long term marketing. Having an online presence is like running an offline business; it is complex and has many demands. Another thing you should have in mind is that you are limited by the number of server resources you will receive. Common features such as MySQL databases, PHP programming, CGI scripts, and FTP may be unavailable. However, if you are opening a new website, running a regular or an average website, the disk storage and data transfer that free hosting offers would be sufficient for your needs.

But if your requirements are applications that require advanced scripting support, or if your website needs specific features like additional disk space, more bandwidth, higher security etc, then you should go for offshore hosting. This is because offshore hosting is designed to drive your business's growth by offering all the assistance that is expected of a hosting service. It is not free, but it might be very valuable, depending on your needs.

Offshore hosting, as we have seen, is simply hosting your website, data, or application in an entirely different location, especially in a different country from where your business is located. This type of hosting is never free because of the full package advantages it offers to its users.

The benefits of offshore hosting are in a league of their own compared to what you'd expect with free hosting. In fact, offshore hosting offers far better assistance. Some examples of these benefits are quality hosting with SSD hard disk, as well as a highly secured technology. It also provides much more resources like bandwidth, storage space, RAM, CPU, power etc. These all lead to high performance to add to the hosting's stability and reliability as well. It gives you your value for money through the assistance in administration, optimization as well as the appropriate support it offers. Combined to all this, offshore hosting grants you freedom, privacy, protection from certain laws in your place, and regulation.

Most times, website owners require a premium hosting service to establish a great online presence and to host their websites in a different country from where they stay. In some cases, it may be that the price of offshore hosting is cheaper because of certain reasons. These options could come with high standards and support too. It all depends on the location of the servers and the provider's strategy. But whatever the case, it is not free.

According to statistics, the number of websites in the world is over 1.9 billion. Sadly, more than 90000 websites are hacked daily. Free hosting is not only vulnerable; it does not provide any sort of automatic backup to your website's data as well. Therefore, if your website is hacked, that may be all for the data saved in it. This is one very important reason why there isn't any free offshore hosting. Due to the capital invested in providing a well-secured server, your data is well protected and is always backed up.

Finally, offshore hosting will always bring you the very best experience and will provide a 24/7 assistance to add. If you encounter any problem, you can easily contact the technical staff for support. With all these services, you do not have to worry about your server like with free hosting.

With the comparison we have made so far, the difference between free hosting and offshore hosting is very obvious. It is for this huge difference that there is free hosting but no free offshore hosting. If you should go for offshore hosting today, you will definitely enjoy the value of your money.

Why is Offshore Hosting Not Free?

Offshore hosting like we have already seen is simply hosting your website on a server with its data centre located far away from your place of origin. This means that when you operate on offshore hosting, your server is not in your country. There are many reasons websites benefit from offshore hosting. Some of them are as follows:

  • Privacy
  • Anonymity
  • Different local laws & regulation
  • Low cost
  • Tax benefits
  • No forced ads for monetization
  • Full customization
  • User support availability
  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Space ownership
  • More storage & bandwidth
  • Well backed up data
  • Secured – data protection

As a fact, offshore hosting providers offer the best experience and assistance in web hosting, and all those services deserve a good charge.

Also, to set up these services, the company had to set up the needed resources, infrastructure, employ qualified staff and a lot more. They also have to spend on regular maintenance, tax depending on the country and for other reasons to keep the server working in its quality state. All these are a few reasons why offshore hosting is not free.

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