Windows Virtual Server Can Help Small Business Owners

Whatever business you run, the server that you choose is a very important factor to determine the outcome of that business. Your decision could be vital in deciding if your business expands or fails. If you are operating a small business most especially, the selection of the perfect server to suit it doesn’t have to be too much work. All you have to do is consider some laid out standards to help you make the right choice.

Before we go into details on how Windows Virtual Server can help small business owners, we will first go over the essentials of a business server and then the OS that makes servers perform.

By now, you should already know that the Operating System is very valuable in web hosting and computing in general. If you are to end up with an OS that you can't work with, you can do nothing other than to change from it. It is also a feature you must take seriously when choosing for your small business. Usually, you are presented with Linux and Windows. Microsoft, the developers of Windows have made it extremely functional and have included more apps that support virtualization to help improve your experience. These apps are also very secured.

Although the Linux VPS is a more popular server than Windows VPS, the latter offers a more pleasing Graphical User Interface (GUI) which helps customers to manage their server conveniently. Linux on the other hand is quite complex and requires you to have an amount of knowledge of syntax. You will also need Windows to complement most of the widely used apps such as Active Directory, MS SQL, and SharePoint. These apps all run very well on Windows and that is why it is preferred by many businesses.

Also, the support Microsoft offers is another reason businesses tend to prefer Windows VPS. Microsoft is famous for its responsive support services over the years. Linux doesn’t offer that much support. In addition to this, Windows VPS has just enough resources to handle the needs of a small business.

Finally, we have the pricing as another very important aspect of the Windows VPS. We know that dedicated servers are too expensive for small businesses that are usually on a strict budget. Due to the affordability of a Windows VPS, it is one of the most perfect options for companies to go for.

We already know that Companies usually carry out researches to understand the state of the market before making decisions. With the right service provider, one which is already cost-effective and offers the perfect resources, your business will be given all it needs for its researches. Furthermore, products which are known as Server Virtualization by classification are quite similar in many aspects. They all help in offering solutions to companies of different sizes.

One very important activity to carry out is to match customers to the right Small Business Server to suit their needs. Small businesses require the right server to scale up their needs. Going for this right server depends on how it can help your business, and there are many ways in which Windows Virtual Server can help small business owners. Below are some of them:

  • It provides small businesses with a secured hosting email. Startup businesses usually start with Gmail, Yahoo, or, but will transition to a domain-specific email client as soon as they can. Windows VPS helps small business owners to think more deeply about the need to secure their hosting main and realizing it as well.
  • It helps considerably in hosting eCommerce. With Windows, customers are provided with efficient commercial transactions. The personal and financial information of small businesses and their customers are well-protected.
  • It can be used in hosting applications. By hosting apps or a website on a remote server, your need for new hardware is reduced. You do not have to purchase a physical server, but rent it through the cloud.
  • It helps them create a virtual server environment. Though small, If your business covers multiple brands, and your workers need to work remotely, then it needs server hosting.
  • It helps back up business data. With this feature which Windows offer, small businesses can their storage security. As long as their data is backed up in the cloud, they can easily retrieve their data if something unexpected should happen. If this feature is used correctly, you will not even have to inform your customers that you lost their data, because you will get them almost as soon as you lost them.
  • It helps in the storage of documents. We know that it is essential for all businesses, no matter the size to store their documents. This ensures their continuity and data protection. Windows offer small businesses the opportunity to safely save documents.

The Windows server delivers many other benefits to small businesses which help them grow, and it has enough resources to help large businesses expand as well. It is a must-have for small businesses that strive for growth.

KVM Windows VPS For Faster Speed

Over the years, we Windows have developed VPS to present their customers with the opportunity to enjoy their services more conveniently. They have released updates that allow their users to save more while enjoying a significant boost in performance. This boost in performance means faster processing and hence loading time, as well as a boosted overall I/O performance.

As we already know, all VPS are generally based on virtualization. Due to the advancements it has seen over time, there are now a variety of software-based tools that split a server to become a VPS. One of these is the KVM which allows you to access your VPS in under 60 seconds after ordering it. It was originally developed by Red Hat in 2008, and have become very common among virtualization platforms.

The KVM is an acronym for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. It makes use of virtualization technology and combines properly with Windows VPS. Its main purpose is for running multiple operating systems with a single hardware. You should know that every operating system runs with physical machines, without which no kind of running impact can be affected. It is for this reason why KVM Windows VPS is valuable.

Windows Operating System benefits a huge deal from KVM. They get enough convenient operations from the disk I/O operations. The driver of KVM for Windows is much better than other servers. With it, higher rates of data along with its reading and writing are allowed. They are much faster than the basic Windows VPS server not running on KVM.

Below are some of the reasons why you can use KVM Windows VPS for faster speed:

  • It has integrated features and offers better upgrade services.
  • Every KVM Windows VPS is usually backed by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and is also configured within only an hour of signup. You also get to enjoy this great feature with no extra setup fees.

Aside from the fact that the KVM Windows comes with high performance and great affordability, it offers also SSH and full root access. Along with these is a dedicated IP address, and a set of reseller hosting tools – such as billing and support software, as well as a domain reseller account.

More include:

  • It has a lower I/O wait time
  • It improves stability considerably
  • It has an impressive 6,300 MB/S read and writes speed
  • It uses about 75% less energy than SSD
  • It has reduced latency
  • It also comes with an increased I/O and resiliency
  • It offers 24/7/365 technical support for customers

Generally, due to all these, the KVM has been found to have about 10X the raw performance of an SSD VPS from many of the famous providers. The best part is that this technology doesn’t stop there, there is always a great effort by windows to improve the services even more so it will benefit the users more. It is for this reason they will always keep having more users.

Finally, you should have in mind that not every provider offers the same kind of KVM services. The above-mentioned services are that of Ensure to contact them to get the best KVM Windows VPS for faster speed.

How To Buy KVM VPS With Instant Setup?

Virtual Private Servers are completely independent servers, which use virtualization technology to provide one of the best web hosting services to customers. Each virtual server on the physical server contains independent resources such as RAM, CPU, and Hard drives.

VPS usually has many technologies working to improve its utility. One of such is the KVM, an open-source technology designed by Red Hat. Virtual Private Servers which uses this technology has dedicated kernels and hardware resources to help improve users’ experience significantly. Some of the benefits which KVM VPS offers include the following:

  • Complete root access
  • Direct Phone support
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • Fully managed or unmanaged services for you to decide according to your requirements
  • Unlimited resources
  • Much faster speed
  • Remote reboot
  • The choice of changing your OS at any time.

If you decided on going for the KVM VPS, there are many providers for you to choose from. However, the best provider is With them, you will enjoy some of the most interesting KVM VPS services such as high performance, better security, unlimited resources, etc, for as low as only $5. It is also very convenient to buy a plan as they offer many payment methods such as Cryptocurrency, Wire Transfer, PayPal, and a lot more. Their VPS are located in many countries worldwide as well.

Are you bothered about how to buy KVM VPS with instant setup? Well, you should contact to conveniently get a plan in a few easy steps. Below are the steps in buying KVM VPS with instant setup:

  • Visit
  • On the main screen, the prices of the main plans will be displayed. You will be presented with the following plans:

$ 4,99 plan: 1 GB Memory/ 1 core, 25 GB disk / 1 TB transfer

$ 9,99: 2 GB memory / 2 cores, 50 GB disk / 2 TB transfer

$ 14,99: 3 GB memory / 2 cores, 75 GB disk / 3 TB transfer

$ 19,99: 4 GB memory / 3 cores, 100 GB disk / 4 TB transfer

$ 29,99: 6 GB memory / 4 cores, 150 GB disk / 5 TB transfer

$ 39,99: 8 GB memory / 6 cores, 200 GB disk / 6 TB transfer.

Among all these, choose the one which perfectly suits your budget and requirements. You will also receive a free 7-day trial for the first four plans.

  • To select a plan, click on the icon just below the plan with “Select VPS” or “Start 7-day trial” on it.
  • Type in your email and password
  • Confirm you are human and not a robot
  • Fill in the form which pops up
  • Select your payment method and carry out the payment.

Your KVM VPS should get running in seconds.

KVM Windows VPS

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