iPage is an American tech company founded in the year 1998. The company host more than one million websites in two different data centers across the United States. One of the fascinating thing about this massive website hosting company is that their uptime stands at an average of 99.96 percent for the last two years and their loading times is blazing at an average speed of 746ms.

It will gladden your heart to find out that you can get a single shared hosting package for as low as $1.99 per month over the next three years; this is one of the cheapest you could ever get for a website hosting plan from a tech giant like iPage!

iPage also offers two different WordPress hosting plans while you also get additional features like SiteLock and routine malware deletion. With the Default plans, you will enjoy limitless bandwidth and enough disk space not mentioning the free domain name and free SSL certificate that comes with the plan, which you will enjoy for a full one year!

Another fantastic fact about hosting your website with iPage is that their plans are remarkably cheaper than those of their competitors if you sign up for their first three-year package. With their above-average uptime and friendly customer support, you can't ask for more! Oh, let also add; you will also have access to every tool in this world that can make your experience a blasting one. They have library of all tools or open-source applications that you could ever need.

iPage also their VPS built using Openstack/KVM technology, one of the booming virtualized platforms you can ever see in the market. The company also uses energy-efficient servers and dangerously fast Storage Area Network (SAN) storage located in a high-tech data center, which is dependable and affordable.

Now let me burst your brain with these fantastic features! Take a look at what you'll be losing if you miss out on getting iPage VPS

  1. Low-Cost Website Hosting Plans.
  2. Loads of Third-Party Apps.
  3. Guaranteed 30-Day Money-Back Opportunity.
  4. Respectable Loading Time of at least 746ms.
  5. 99.96% Strong Uptime
  6. Responsive Customer Care Support

But wait! Before you conclude, I want you to read on as more you need to know.


What is VPS?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a cost-effective way to help small businesses gain more flexibility and effectiveness which they can never get with shared hosting without incurring many expenses associated with running a dedicated server.

Another good thing is that these small businesses do not require the excessive power of a dedicated server. This can only mean one thing; the VPS provides a first-class isolating option when you outgrow your shared hosting plan.

With the VPS, you are laying your hand on the personal, powerful, and flexible server without the expenses and complication of running outsourced hardware. Each VPS operates on its OS, autonomous of the others, creating the false impression that it is, in reality, its self-regulating server. Each VPS can also be rebooted separately.

How Does a Virtual Private Server Works?

A VPS can be seen as server operating inside a server. It is a situation where one physical server hosts manifold virtual servers with each isolated from the other ones. This can only be accomplished with the help of a software called a hypervisor. A hypervisor's function is to separate the physical server from the servers hosted on it and separate each of them from the rest.

To fully grab how a VPS works, you need a need to have a basic understanding of website hosting.

Fundamentally, this kind of arrangement allows website owners to make a payment for storing your site data as we all as the database of your website on a server.

Shortly, we are going to be making a comparison of various types of website hosting. One fantastic option that all website owners should consider is VPS hosting especially when considering a hosting plan for storing and launching their assets on the Internet.

A Virtual Private Server is a robust computer shared among numerous users with each user's site information stored on the server having their power devoted to them and dedicated memory space. Computer hardware called hypervisor is used in getting this done. The hardware constructs virtual platforms by generating, releasing, and managing the server's entire available resources.

Instead of creating a war of space and power among another website on the server, the VPS gives you your personalized resources while also reaping the benefits o that is associated with having your dedicated storage, RAM, and other vital resources.


A VPS has numerous uses, but some do not know that A VPS can be used to achieve that; that's exactly what we'll be focusing on under this section.

I have highlighted below some of the most common applications of a VPS. Let's take a look!

For Hosting a Personal ServerThough a VPS does not give you all the access to the same computational power a dedicated server will provide you with however a VPS, which happens to be a server, can also offer same privileged a dedicated server will give you an even more than that. Some particular VPS servers are capable of operating minor Voice Over Internet Protocol servers. Meanwhile to use

a VPS to run a VOIP server requires lot of technical know-how.

  • As a Supplementary Storage

Many genuine concerns have been raised against the hazardous nature of using cloud based services to save website data as there have been many data leakages and security breaches reported by several foremost tech companies.

Another valid concern raises is that using cloud services can also be relatively costly. So, securing most of your highly confidential information using a VPS which gives that is configured with adequate security measures could turn out to be the secured and lucrative technique for eradicating those pesky peripheral hard drives for backups.

You can even take another step by installing a private sync service on your VPS.

  • Using VPS is a Testing Platform

The technologically inclined personnel use a VPS as an excellent platform for testing new software, OS installations, and new hardware for deploying them for concrete usage.

  • Using VPS to serve as VPN

By default, the Internet was designed so that anyone can access any information from any part of the world as long as you have the correct website URL and you have an internet connection. Still, these days, the government has placed restrictions like censorship and geoblocking on the amount of information you can access on the Internet. To corroborate that, several privacy scandals are being reported on the Internet daily across that world.

To bypass all these restrictions and save yourself from being a victim of such scandals, you will need a VPN server to freely and securely surf the Internet without having to look over your shoulder as if someone after you.

In the beginning, businesses use a VPS server to enable their employees access the internal data of their companies in a secure way. That is precisely the name VPN was derived meaning Virtual Private Network. The alarming rate at which privacy has to be protected on the Internet today has caused virtually everyone to turn to a VPN to handle their details.

There are tons of VPN service providers across different places you can choose from today. The majority of these providers are very resourceful when trying to bypass the geo-blocking restrictions and protect your data for secure transmission.

Meanwhile, suppose you're the type that distributes or sensitive access information on the Internet, or probably you don't want anybody to be able to trace your activities on the Internet. In that case, you'll need the services of a reliable VPN service provider. Though not all these vendors have their VPN built the same way, and all of their VPN products are not trusted, a situation like this can be avoided by carrying out a VPN set on your personal VPS by yourself.

  • Using a VPS to serve as a Proxy

The word proxy means 'an envoy or a representative' that works like a mediator between your device and the Internet. Each time you send a request from your device to the Internet, the proxy will intercept the right and see if the requested data is in the cache. If yes, it must return the cached version of the requested data and connect exclusively of connecting to the requested resource. And if the requested data is not in the cache, proxy server then sends your request by first changing your IP address to its own.

Though, the ability of a VPS that works like a proxy to hides the IP addresses of an endpoint device has been confused for being a VPN. Meanwhile, aside from hiding your devices' IP address, a VPN and a proxy server can be employed for different purposes.


When looking for a new VPS hosting provider, what features should you look out for to confirm you're choosing the best VPS? Let me quickly burst your brain that Virtual Private Server hosting, called VPS hosting, takes your website's performance to an elevated level.

If you want to fully want to enjoy the benefits that come with VPS hosting, there are some salient features you should look out for when looking for good VPS services to be used for your website and other purposes,

Now pay attention!

  • Dependability: A high-quality VPS hosting provider should have a superior reputation in terms of uptime dependability.
  • Security of the Server: Ensure that your VPS provider offers you rigorous security programs and policies on their servers.
  • Customizability: A high-quality VPS should be customized without stress to satisfy your needs and desires.
  • Standard World-Class Hardware: Top of the things you should consider when choosing the right VPS provider is the hardware that will host your virtual private space. Aside that, you should also ensure that an excellent CPU is included, a dedicated RAM, and a sizeable storage area.
  • Affordability: As VPS is similar to a fusion between a dedicated server and a shared server, a high-quality VPS package should not be able to offer you only the freedom and power that comes with a dedicated server but also with a reasonable price that is equivalent to that of a shared server.
  • Autonomy and Control: An perfect VPS account offers the owners the liberty and complete control over their own confidential space, with the decisive power on the OS and the apps that he wants to set up and deploy
  • Personal Gateway: It should offer personal Web, IMAP, FTP, POP, servers, and SMTP gateway.
  • Sound and Dependable Technical Assistance: Although owners of VPS accounts are accountable for preserving and maintaining their servers, a high-quality VPS account user should have access to quality technical support anytime it is required.

Best VPS Hosting Services

After all-embracing research has been carried out and from our website hosting's personal experience, we've narrowed down the top VPS web hosting services currently available in the market.

Here are the eight most significant VPS hosting options you can chew over:

  1. Hostinger: Most economical website VPS hosting
  2. Bluehost: Most feature-packed VPS website hosting service
  3. DreamHost: Most excellent for limitless bandwidth
  4. Liquid Web: Premium managed VPS website hosting
  5. HostGator: Most expandable VPS website hosting service
  6. A2 Hosting: Top VPS hosting suitable for software developers
  7. InMotion: Greatest VPS hosting for website transfer
  8. HostPapa: Most excellent VPS hosting for businesses

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iPage has uncomplicated hosting for persons and small enterprises. The company has a free website builder and all their plans make it easy for anybody to build a website.

Why not jump into their WordPress plan and install the app to get started on the platform effortlessly. The company has additional robust VPS plans for chubby businesses as well.

All-in-all, the company is generally focused on new website owners, with fully-managed hosting with round the clock support.

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