Is InterServer hosting good?

Yes, InterServer hosting is a very good and reliable web hosting provider because it provides guaranteed email delivery, best server performance and very low prices affordable for anyone. InterServer hosting provides unlimited resources as well as excellent features which can help to boost and protect your website. One other beautiful fact is that InterServer hosting never stops working on improving her products for a better experience for their customers as long as the users will be ready to pay for the improved services. After much researches and reviews collated from customers and experts, the following are some points that can serve as support for the claim that InterServer hosting is very good and reliable. Let us consider some of the points below which support these claims.

  • Cheap Hosting Service

You can own an InterServer VPS for as low as 4 US dollars per month which remains constant compared to some other hosts who increase their prices on subsequent subscriptions or renewals.

Stress-Free Free Website Migration

Interserver hosting allows you to perform free website migration without being stressed over it. You can carry out these processes easily because they have support team who are always available and sorting out all issues 24 hours per day. You cannot be stranded because the support team is always ready to help you ease all the activities performed and so you can relax because you have a team to work with.

A+ Rating From BBB

BBB is an organization that rates the services rendered by a brand and gives certification for its performance. And any brand or organization rated by BBB to be excellent must be a force to reckon with amongst its competitors. However, Interserver has received a A+ rating from BBB for her excellent performance and review of satisfaction of the customers. Therefore Interserver is recommended as a very good hosting server.

Price-Lock Mechanism

InterServer provides a guarantee for Price-lock which makes the price remain stable and constant. With the Price-Lock mechanism, you are able to lock the price for which you signed up without any hike in the price for any reason. So it means you will continue to renew your subscription with the same amount you signed up with.

Money-Back Policy

InterServer VPS gives a guarantee among a few others for you to get back your money within a period of 30days if you are not satisfied with your hosted plan. However, to enjoy this offer, you must contact the support team within the period of 30days in order to get a refund of your money. Although this offer is only for shared windows, WordPress and shared web hosting packages. But if you are on other plans, you will have to pay for it on a monthly basis.

WordPress Security

InterServer hosting also provides support for WordPress Security. It provides services such as investigation, restoration and prevention which help to redeem a compromised or hacked site. It also helps to stabilize the site against a future attack from hackers.

Email Hosting

The plans on the InterServer Hosting is coupled with a free email package for new users. However, for as little as 5 US dollars per month, you can get an offer for a private email hosting from them.

Free Website Building Tool

A free website building tool known as SitePad is offered to customers and it contains a drop and drag builder, rapid development options and inbuilt themes which can be used and customized as much as one desires. You can customize everything based on your preferred operating system to the software, control panels and server capacity.

  • Reliability

Despite the fact that InterServer hosts a lot of websites, it still performs well by keeping the site up to 100% at most times. It contains special inbuilt features that make the servers fast and high in performance.

Free Migration

If you own a website hosted on another server, Interserver can help you move this website and transfer it to your new Interserver hosting account. You don't have anything to fuss about, all you need to do is to pay an affordable amount and relax, watch them perform all the tasks.

Easy Business Setup

InterServer hosting promises a good option to start up your business on low funds. It is a hosting server that is stable for a successful business because it will offer you many beautiful features that will make your business grow and boom in no time. However, when your business grows and you will need to upgrade but InterServer hosting will be there to take care of that with an affordable plan.

Inter-Insurance Policy Against Hacking

Most times, sites are hacked due to lack of getting the site and its components updated to the latest one. But InterServer provides an Inter-insurance policy which states that, 'any account which is hacked or compromised will be cleaned up without charges or billing for it'. This policy covers all customers as long as you are a user of the InterServer hosting.

Free Trial

InterServer gives you a chance to try for the first 30 days, any shared or VPS hosting services. And if you are not satisfied, you can stop using it and cancel the plan before the end of the 30 days trial and you will not be charged or billed for it.

New Domain Registration

InterServer allows you to register new domains for as low as 1.99 US dollars as soon as you get a new hosting package from them.

20 years of Successful Business Track Record

InterServer has gained ground for itself as one of the best hosting Servers with a successful business record of over 20years of experience in the world. For this reason, most website owners and bloggers make use of the InterServer hosting for their great performance.

The points above are enough to prove that InterServer hosting is very good for use. For more information, click this link. However, no matter how well or how best a brand may be performing, it always has one or two demerits in its mode or mechanism of action which is considered below.

Limited InterServer VPS Hosting

InterServer promises an unlimited hosting features for new users but these Hosting services have limits. Although a lot of providers can be like this but InterServer users are bound by server usage terms and conditions.

  • InterServer not suitable for a new user

InterServer is said not to be suitable for a new user or non-technicians because it is somehow complex to manage. It is believed that the setup process can be very tasking, time-taking and difficult to tackle. So for this reason, people may want to be discouraged because human beings are made in a way that they don't want to do anything to cause stress to them in any way. But let me put a smile on your face. You can still get it as a new user or non-technician because the InterServer hosting provides you with 24/7 support team who will be there to guide you always if need be till you get accustomed to your new server. I guess that sounds great.

InterServer Hosting Is Only in United States East Coast

Another review is that InterServer operates on only one data center and that center is located in Secaucus, New Jersey office. Although it is in only U.S.A. but it is of more advantage because most of the website traffic that are not based or connected to U.S. will need a Content Delivery Network (CDN) so that there will be easy access to their server

Some also gave their review on mostly the user interface. They claimed it was dull and unattractive among all other things but the most surprising and important thing that gives InterServer hosting a pass mark is that they got 5 stars in the ratings and the worst or less rating they got was 4 stars. Despite these demerits in the reviews, InterServer is still regarded to be very good and recommended for anyone for use. For more information on this, you can check this link.

We tested interserver VPS, did they pass?

Yes, they passed. In order to ascertain the success and reliability of any web hosting services, many points have to be put into consideration. But there are 3 main key factors that must be considered, and Interserver passed the test of these factors and qualified well to be regarded as a successful web host.

The 3 Key Factors of a Reliable and Successful Web Host

1. The First Key Factor Is Good Uptime Record

When choosing a web host, you must look forward to the hosts which have a good uptime record. Dedicated servers are the only servers that can promise to give 100% uptime. Interserver is one of the good hosts that provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee for shared and VPS plans.

2. The Second Key Factor Is High Server Speed

It is somewhat normal and a general belief that when a server is overcrowded with many users, it reduces the performance of the server and causing operations to hang on the server. But InterServer has made provision available for a limited number of users that can be active in each server every day. This step taken helps to ensure low load of activities on a server compared to some other hosts who do not limit the activities on their servers. Interserver also maintains their sever speed by making use of LiteSpeed that speeds up the web server. Lastly, embedded in it are SSD Caching Servers that speed up the server. All these measures are put in place just to ensure the stability and maintenance of a high Server speed.

3. The Third Key Factor Is Reliable Customer Support

Another key factor is the availability of a reliable customer support. Interserver makes available a reliable support team 24 hours a day. They also provide 3 options for users to get support from the team through the Ticket system, Live chat, knowledgebase and phone support. Coupled with all these is an active Online forum community where questions can be asked and responses are given promptly.

Considering all these key points aforementioned, you can now conclude that InterServer grades well for the good uptime, high speed servers and a reliable customer supports and therefore can be recommended to pass the test.

Testing for interServer unlimited hosting

Unlimited hosting is a web hosting service that promises the user unlimited storage, data transfer and or unlimited add-ons domain. Generally, Service providers cannot host unlimited websites. But most of these service providers allow unlimited hosting plans because it reduces the cost of hosting multiple sites. One of such web hosting server is Interserver.

InterServer therefore offers unlimited storage and fixed storage to all their customers with little preferences. The unlimited storage offer is meant for the shared hosting environment without a fall in speed and performance. But for fixed storage,each customer is provided with a fixed amount of resources he will have access to on the server and this limit cannot be exceeded or altered. So this creates restrictions around the long-term & overall growth of the site of the users.

The advantage of the unlimited storage over the fixed storage is that the user does not need to do the managing of the balancing of the server by himself because the web hosting provider manages the server resources, which allows each user to use many resources at a time without causing a reduction in the speed and performance of the server. For more information, check this link.


After a lot of researches have been carried out to ascertain the performance and reliability of InterServer hosting and a lot of reviews collated from the customers' satisfaction and dissatisfaction, it is therefore concluded that InterServer hosting passes the test of reliability and good enough to be recommended for anyone either a new user, a non-technician or anyone who wishes to choose a new web hosting plan.

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