You are offered a good number of alternatives when you want to go for a web hosting service. Options range from those which may be well established to the ones still small. Others may be more beneficial than others, and some may be known to only a few people. However, whenever web hosting is mentioned, one of the ‘big names’ which can never be ignored is the InMotion hosting services. From its good reputation down to popularity, InMotion has distinguished itself from competitors by its interesting features which include SSD hosting, amazing customer support, a 90-day refund policy, cheap pricing for hosting plans, and many more.

InMotion was founded in 2001 in Los Angeles, California, and has grown rapidly to become one of the top hosting services in its country of origin and around the globe at large, offering plans not just for the popular VPS hosting but for all other web hosting types as well. According to the InMotion website, they host about 300,000 domain names also offering unlimited storage and bandwidth having a back end that is easy to operate, and a cPanel that gives you control over email accounts, FTPs, install apps, enable SSL encryption, etc.

InMotion has a set of unique features that distinguishes it from other hosting services including but not limited to FTP accounts, SSD hosting, cPanel hosting, cheap hosting, email accounts, PHP hosting, Domains and websites, Ruby hosting, security, enhanced security, Added value with basic packages, etc. Most of these features may seem complex or beyond comprehension but they are really quite simple to understand. Below are some of the best features offered by InMotion hosting:

SSD HOSTING: This is one of the best features InMotion offers. The SSD stands for Solid State Drives and is pivotal in fast data transfer with such data transfer limited by only the network speed and not as a result of overcrowding (from website traffic).

CPanel HOSTING: this is another very important feature as your hosting options can be managed using cPanel. This gives you the power to create email accounts, enable SSL encryption for your website, and the management of FTP accounts as well.

DOMAINS AND WEBSITES FOR VPS PACKAGE: With InMotion hosting, you are provided with unlimited domains, and this makes it possible for you to host many websites just by using the ideal VPS plan.

FTP ACCOUNTS: FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. With FTP available with InMotion hosting, connecting to your server is simple and quick. FTP access can be managed from the cPanel which InMotion hosting also provides.

RUBY HOSTING: An object-oriented programming language, Ruby hosting offered by InMotion allows for the quick creation of web applications.

SECURITY: InMotion takes a comfortable step in the right direction when dealing with website security for their customers, forming a partnership with third-party security companies. Website admins no longer waste money in adding tiers of security to their website.

MORE VALUE WITH BASIC PACK.AGES: InMotion offers unlimited bandwidth and storage for most of their basic packages and this goes a long way as a website admin. For example, an unlimited bandwidth increases the use of your website without frustrating delays. Disk space determines how well your website activities can be carried out conveniently also giving your website room for future growths.

Also, with InMotion hosting, the issue of having to worry about your site going down is taken care of as the company specializes in keeping your website online and active for extended periods. InMotion hosting has a lot of other added features like PostgreSQL hosting, Transfer websites, WooCommerce WordPress, cheap hosting, cheap dedicated servers, etc. These added features are certainly what gives Inmotion their edge over other web hosting services and why they have earned their reputation as one of the leading web hosting services since 2001.


InMotion Hosting and Rackspace hosting have clear differences ranging from prices to features available in each hosting service. Distinguishing features like private cloud, application migration, web, and mobile apps, collaboration and productivity, E-commerce, custom storage, etc differ from features like SSD hosting, PostgreSQL hosting, SSH hosting, shared cPanel hosting in InMotion hosting.

Aside from distinguishing features other concepts like pricing, global availability, and server locations are worth mentioning when the two are to be compared. For instance, while InMotion hosting is available in over 175 countries across the globe, Rackspace hosting is available in just about 120 countries, a difference of about 55 countries, which gives Inmotion hosting service a comfortable lead over Rackspace hosting in terms of global presence. Also, in InMotion hosting, the server is located in only North America while in Rackspace hosting, they have several servers located in North America, Europe, and Asia. This may turn favorable eyes in the direction of Rackspace as it is believed to be the best local server accounts for website speed, therefore website admins may prefer to use a hosting service with a local server (one available in their own country) which InMotion hosting cannot give.

Pricing differs according to different types of web hosting offers in InMotion hosting on their platform. These types include Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, Shared hosting (this is similar to VPS but is rather limited because it has reduced flexibility over website management and has many people sharing an entire physical server), Reseller hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and WordPress. The prices are different due to the variety in features and benefits. Selecting a type of hosting is the sole decision of the customer as he or she may benefit more from one type of web hosting more than the other.

The dedicated hosting ranges from low to high and the price also ranges from $100 to $140 a month with added features for the high – price dedicated hosting. The VPS hosting also ranges from $18 to $30 a month, shared hosting is priced at $3 to about $14, Reseller and WordPress can be gotten at about $16 and $5 respectively. One unique service InMotion hosting offers is a discount on all their plans in the customer’s first month, after which the prices revert to the standard.

In Rackspace hosting, different prices relate to different hosting types including. The dedicated hosting pricing is further divided into two; the rapid development dedicated server and the customized dedicated servers. In the rapid development dedicated server, there is an option of choosing from four different servers picking the one best for your needs with price ranging from about $674 - $1199 a month while in customized dedicated servers there is an option to customize choosing what best suits your needs. The price ranges from $750 - $1300 a month.

The pricing on Rackspace hosting is based on the configurations you choose. In cloud hosting, Rackspace gives an option of 'calculator' – a method where an individual has the option of adding individual items (features) to the server with Rackspace suggesting a hosting plan based on the features you have chosen. The price can be anything from $75 a month and above. Rackspace hosting also gives the option of 'Pay-as-you-go'; a method of picking RAM size, Bandwidth, etc with the charges calculated per hour.

Aside from offering great pricing amidst other features, InMotion hosting has a reputation for great customer support with multiple testimonies and reviews on the internet ranking InMotion hosting service as one of the best not just when it comes to performance, but also the best in customer service. Rackspace hosting also has great reviews when it comes to customer service but people seem to prefer talking to and receiving solutions to their problems from actual knowledgeable human beings offering support through live chat, phone, and email and this is what InMotion web hosting service offers.

In conclusion, the two options are great for your VPS hosting services. Whatever one you decide on will go a long way in satisfying a wide variety of needs, and this may make it difficult to choose which to work with. However, the decision of which to go for shouldn’t be much of a big deal as it depends entirely on your needs.


When it comes to storage technology in VPS hosting, there are two types majorly in use. First is the traditional type, known as Hard Disk Drive (HDD). It is an older method that operates by utilizing physical disks that spins to store data. This method can cause a significant delay while waiting for the disks to spin. It has been used by many computers for a very long period until the invention of SSD. SSD on the other hand stands for Solid State Drive and does not make use of any spinning physical disks. It stores data simply on microchips.

As stated earlier, SSD is an acronym for Solid-state drives where data is stored into drives using flash memory. SSD is an advancement in web hosting, shifting from the Hard disk drive (HDD) that dominated entirely computer storage in the 00’s decade. However, with an increase in speed, avoidance of lags, and overheating SSD has quickly become known for being better and more efficient in Data storage than the HDD. HDD was inefficient in the sense that it had moving parts, overheated quickly, and made very loud unpleasant noises. Below are some of the advantages of SSD hosting over its predecessor.

  1. It has an improved hosting speed: This is one of the major benefits of SSD over HDD. It comes with improvements that allow your drive to serve data much faster. A hosting company can benefit from an increase in speed by 200% just by switching from HDD to SSD. And since loading speed is one ranking factor Google uses, it can be very good for business.
  2. Its Data is more secured: Since HDD relies solely on the physical spinning of disks, the risk of mechanical failures is heightened. And we know such failures can lead to your loss of data. We already know SSD does not rely on mechanical parts, and therefore it is the ideal option for those who care about their data.
  3. Your requests are executed much faster: One major improvement SSD offers is the ability to read and write data simultaneously. With this, requests and tasks can be executed much faster, thereby, considerably increasing performance while saving time at the same time.
  4. It consumes far less power and is more environmental friendly: When compared to HDD, research has shown that the SSD requires only about 20% of the power that HDD requires. This can help in lowering electricity consumption greatly, further helping you save better.

In conclusion, we have seen that the disk read speed of HDD is significantly slower than the SSD. SSD offers speed, durability, power, etc. The only edge which HDD has over SSD is its price per GB of storage, but the more the technology is advanced and applied, the more that gap too is narrowed.

Due to all the points that have been outlined, we can see that it’s no surprise some web hosting companies like InMotion looking to improve their services and customers as well, has switched to SSD. The hosting giant has decided on announcing VPS hosting plans with SSDs because with the knowledge of SSD, people now tend to go for VPS hosting services that make use of this advanced technology in web hosting, hence, increasing their customers.

In the summer of 2014, the CEO of InMotion hosting, Mr. Todd Robinson announced the new plans available for VPS hosting services complete with Solid State Drives for the added benefits of SSDs as mentioned earlier also increasing disk space, bandwidth, and performance for all VPS plans. This means that customers of InMotion and VPS hosting users in general now have the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of SSD in addition to the benefits InMotion VPS hosting offers. Contact InMotion today and see why they are the best one the market.

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