What is InMotion Hosting?

If you have a professional or personal website and you are looking for a suitable web hosting service provider, then InMotion Hosting may be the right hosting solution for you. It has numerous enticing features like reasonably priced dedicated, shared, WordPress, VPS, and reseller plans. Also, there are different, free eCommerce tools that you can use to spice up things for your website.

The fact that it does not feature a Windows server may be a real turn off for some Windows users, but generally, it is a service that you should go for as it is worth every dollar that you invest in it.

Shared Web Hosting

It does not have to cost a lot to have a website that hosts your services and products built to your taste. Shared hosting might be your best bet if you desire something like inexpensive web hosting service due to financial constraints. With this type of hosting service, your website will be in a situation that is akin to that of people sharing rooms, which are actually spaces in a common server. That means that you’ll not be the only one that will be paying for the costs of running the servers, as the bill will be shared among the different users using the same server.

You guessed it right. It is not a very powerful option. It is due to the fact that a server may become inefficient as a result of the many resources it has to take care of. But then, it is a very suitable solution for those website owners who do not intent to garner such large traffic.

This hosting solution offers its users three shared hosting packages, all of which are Linux-based. The starter plan, known as the Launch plan has a subscription fee of about $4.99/month and can hold up to 50GB SSD storage, plus it supports up to two sites. The second plan, known as the Power plan, costs $7.99/month and can hold up to 50 different websites and an SSD storage space of 100GB. The Pro plan takes the game even further when it offers a whopping 200GB storage and 100 websites support. But then, the Pro plan is InMotion’s only plan from this service provider that does not demand that you be trapped in their annual contracts. It starts from $19.99/month.

It is interesting to know that all of the plans offered by this service provider include unrestricted email accounts and monthly transfer of data.

Some other InMotion’s rivals also offer unrestricted monthly transfer of data, email, and storage, with each of their plans being able to work on both Linux and Windows servers.

VPS Web Hosting

VPS hosting provides greater features than shared web hosting in terms of capacity. That's because the domain exists on a network that competes for the bandwidth for far smaller pages than it is with shared web hosting. And, the site is equipped with a fixed amount of services by web hosting. VPS web hosting is more costly than shared web hosting, as a consequence, but it is a much more efficient and secure method. You'll have friends, but they're not all in your network to the exact same degree that shared web hosting-approach housemates could be. You can conceive of VPS hosting as staying inside your own space.

Unmanaged and managed cloud VPS hosting is provided by InMotion Hosting. Controlled VPS start from $51.99/month (or a monthly charge of $29.99, on a 2-year package), while cloud web VPS stars are unmanaged and flexible at $5/ month. With six terabyte of monthly transference of data, 8GB of RAM, up to 260 gigabyte of RAM, and five dedicated IPs, you get decent top-level specifications. Domains, unlimited email, MySQL databases, and websites are also part of what you'll enjoy.

For 30GB of disk space, 1GB of RAM, unlimited email, and unlimited monthly data transfers, Hostwinds has loaded and dynamic VPS offers that start from $4.49/month. For 96GB of RAM, 750GB of storage space, limitless monthly transfer of data, and limitless email. Hostwinds provides you with plenty of space to expand.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Your site, with this type of hosting, resides on a different server on its own and utilizes the maximum capability of the network. To put it differently, you do not share with roommates on your network, you get the entire space to yourself. It is indeed an incredibly efficient method of hosting due to this. It is one that if you intend your site to attract a significant volume of traffic, you can check out. Mission-vital websites should be on dedicated servers that can't break off (or slow things down).

InMotion Hosting's Bare Metal and dedicated plans are a powerful alternative for popular sites, recently updated to the new Intel Xeon technologies and with further Linux alternatives (including (Debian 9/10, Centos 7/8, OpenSUSE, and Ubuntu 20.04/18.04). You will install the company's web servers that come with an incredible 192GB of RAM, fifteen terabytes of monthly transfer of data, and up to 25TB of storage, beginning at $139.99/month. Check out this solution if you want any larger specifications that allow you to configure, build, schedule, and hardware that you deem fit.

WordPress Web Hosting

In web hosting, WordPress is indeed a very big brand, since the platform caters for about 30% of the websites on the internet. InMotion provides excellent services if you're searching for WordPress web hosting. Your digital presence would be on a web server that hosts just WordPress websites solely. With respect to load speeds and stability, this is a major benefit.

Your WordPress site is placed in a WordPress-only setting that provides some fantastic advantages. Server configurations like cache, PHP staff, and much more are tuned-in straight from WordPress to the specifications suggested. Never again will you have to try hosting the site on a web server that has Concrete5 running on one site and Joomla runs on another. Both websites now in a state of synergy, speed, and consistency inside WordPress.

The WordPress-maximized, Linux-based, services of InMotion Hosting are already pre-installed with the web service and deliver website positioning and automated app updates. InMotion Hosting instantly installs WordPress plugins from third parties with a friendly touch. Through an in-house encryption framework and a customized NGINX framework, it also helps the WordPress setup.

WP-1000S (which goes for $4.99/month, for a yearly plan) includes 50 GB of capacity for solid-state drives, and can host one site with nearly 20,000 visitors, and unrestricted monthly data and emails. WP-2000S (which starts from $7.99/month) makes things spicy and can hold two websites, 50,000 guests, and a 100GB SSD drive.

Finishing up at two options are the VPS and WP-3000S plans. Starting from $10.99/month with a yearly contract, WP-3000S offers you an unrestricted email, 150GB of data, and three websites. WordPress VPS is the state of the art bundle (starting from $51.99/month) that is entirely operated by some in-house professionals and provides you with dedicated services, unrestricted pages, 75 GB of storage and three IPs, and the option to add extra space as a premium option.

Last and definitely not least, one-year or monthly subscriptions are provided through WordPress Dedicated hosting packages. It provides supervised storage on a server beginning at $139.99/month, plus it features the ability to install RAID tools, website conversion, and up to fifteen dedicated IPs.

Reseller Web Hosting

If you want to host games on your website, but you don't want to waste a second worrying about getting the right bandwidth for it, 5hen you can try out the InMotion's reseller hosting bundles. It six hosting bundles, starting from $21.39/month, will offer you limitless email storage space, up to 6 terabytes of monthly connectivity, and lots of cPanel accounts.

Its entry-level R-1000S package features about twenty-five cPanels, 800 gigabytes of monthly transfer of data, and 80 gigabyte of storage. Its R-2000S mid-tier package increases the storage space to about 120 gigabytes, and the monthly transfer of user’s data up to 1,200 gigabyte. The R-3000S package features a whopping 1,600 gigabyte of monthly data transfers and 160 gigabyte of storage space.

Configuring Your Site With Inmotion

A reduction extends to the very first term, just like most hosting services. InMotion announces its renewal prices, meaning there are no surprises for you. Sadly, there’re no suitable alternatives that bills monthly.

The site builder of the service needs another password and username, but creating a site is an entirely easy affair. You can pick from three types of websites (photo album, blog, or website), select colors and styles, and select the types of sections you would want to feature on your website. You can include special sections, like eShop and Flash Intro, plus the regular sections like About Us and Email Us. After that, you can connect your sections to a poll, index, script module, or RSS reader.

The Premium Website Builder, nevertheless, does not create especially enticing sections; my profile appeared outdated. Put another way, to build your platform, you might use WordPress. That leaves the door open for several WordPress plug-ins and WordPress themes that are site-enriching.

Security and E-Commerce

While payment methods are a bit lacking, this hosting service has several e-commerce choices. For a more comprehensive store, you can check out PrestaShop or OpenCart (no cost implication). It has a robust interface to track sales and consumers and opportunities for billing and various deliveries. This defeats other platforms that charge an additional monthly e-commerce fee, such as JustHost and iPower. Sadly, with the simple Launch Package, e-commerce is not accessible, although it is provided on their Pro and Power packages.

Numerous security tools are offered by InMotion, like free backup privileges for profiles below 10GB in capacity. To search for other security threats and ransomware, Sucuri Security functionality that is usable for WordPress pages. Also accessible for email accounts is McAfee virus security and spam (starting from $1.39/month). SSL certificates (that goes for $99.99/year, plus a $25 download fee) that have a designated IP address can be obtained.

First-rate Uptime

This factor is exceedingly significant part of the fun of hosting. Customers or clients would not be able to view or search you, your services, or products if your site is offline. It is nightmarish for both you and your business. Fortunately, InMotion will prove consistent connectivity in your checking.

There's also a feature for site tracking to measure the connectivity of your trial pages over a 2-weeks span. The system pings your site every fifteen minutes and sends you a message if it cannot reach the server in a minute. The report would show that during the trial phase, your site did not go off the radar at all.

Nice Customer Service

On weekdays, check out InMotion's live chat to know how VPS hosting differs from shared hosting.

It has a rather attractive 3-month money-back policy that optimizes the compensation plans of most of the other hosting services. The ninety-seven days money-back promise of Dreamhost beats InMotion's deals by seven days, though.

A Commendable Web Hosting Service

InMotion is a website service provider that features the expertise to satisfy your business-related or personal hosting requirements, in as much as you do not require a Windows-based server, with a myriad of hosting forms, superb customer service, long money-back policy, and high availability. The other interesting drawback is that Inmotion only encourages you to go on the monthly path with specific packages if you want short-term hosting. Also, this hosting service is a hosting service deserving of your effort and time, if those are not turnoffs.

Is Inmotion VPS Good?

It shouldn't be a wonder that InMotion stays one of the best choices as one of the leaders of VPS hosting. With some of the friendliest, fastest service engineers in the industry, the firm blends high-performance and high-tech infrastructure.


  • Many hosting types
  • Excellent uptime
  • All of its plans come with unlimited email


  • Not all of its plans come with monthly payment choices
  • Lacks Windows servers

The Bottom Line

InMotion is a feature-crammed hosting service provider that caters to a large plethora of hosting needs; so far you do not have to use a Windows-based server.

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