Green Cloud Services offers high-performance services and provides an independent operating system tier virtual platform for improved system reliability and security

GreenCloudVPS is a market pioneer in services for Virtual Private Networks and Dedicated Servers. We operate thousands of VPS and dedicated servers through our data centers on three continents and help clients from over 150 countries worldwide. Our range of offerings and plans cater to customers, consumers, small and medium enterprises, and larger organizations.

Delivers an elevated VPS system in database server with complete compatibility. Green Cloud Services offers high-performance services, while Virtual Machine Infrastructure provides an independent operating system tier virtual platform for improved system reliability and security. Register for your Green Cloud VPS now and get a free 1/7-day trial.

Green Cloud Services is one of Hong Kong's suppliers of cloud computing applications. Averaging 10 years of advanced hosting services knowledge, our Linux professionals team will offer cloud services at the business level across the globe.

What is green cloud VPS?

Among the most popular marketing tactics that people are adopting is to go online now.

Apart from the traditional printed advertising, by taking a step into the internet world, there is a need to widen the sector. Did you know, though, that this is not as easy as it sounds? Every user who wants to create their own channel must be a safe, reliable, and committed solution.

There might not be enough for a website and a linked network. A more reliable link can be developed by combining a private and dedicated server for unique clients to the organization. These server forms are still the current standard.

No organization will actually communicate with consumers without their network connection being used, so they face information leakage in the phase.

Green Cloud VPS is a portal that can appeal to multiple users who really need their online community support. Company owners and individuals handle the numerous shifts and developments within their platform by having a better-designed package to meet the needs.

For traffic, use, and even security reasons, their ability to create a stable and problem-free link for their customers is one of the most simple solutions for an organization. What Green Cloud VPS is really all about this.

For many companies worldwide, their private virtual server is among the most essential components they want for their enterprise, and Green Could VPS is a system that can provide it for them. For various people who try to enhance their online services, this website has several choices.

A shared hosting service will handle users who experience moderate to congested traffic, a virtual server, and a dedicated server plan. All hosting plans offer a money return guarantee for 30 days and a service scheme for the entire year.

This suggests that it is easier to solve repairs, upgrades, and other challenges when service teams will assist the customer in case they really need it.

Green Cloud VPS now provides virtual private database services to more than 50 countries worldwide, guaranteeing high-quality results. This portal can serve anything without any complications, from individual articles to massive corporate websites.

Each plan is equipped with varying capacity and memory allowances, so it is essentially tailored according to the intended use. Launching at less than $5.00 per month, you should expect the network to improve a significant amount.

The framework can be more reliable for private and dedicated servers so unwanted access can be avoided, traffic can be easily handled, and transfers will be completed without interruption.

Through support from various operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac, customer can access their particular domain. The basic gui and control panel that manages the server means that it can be used even by newcomers.

1. Parameters for Billing

  • Guarantee for Money Back
A small refund is available for all standard VPS services provided by GreenCloudVPS. The Reimbursements are available only within 7 days of the login process and are only valid for a new customer's first service.
  • Formulation and Details Billing
Transactions to GreenCloudVPS for all operations 14 days earlier than the deadline. You are liable to arrange payment by the given deadline. After 2 days of becoming delinquent, overdue accounts will be responsible for a 10 percent late charge. At its own discretion, GreenCloudVPS can add extra late additional fees for minor offenses. This late charge is non-negotiable and is attached to all delinquent invoices immediately.
  • Frauds
In the case of wrongdoing being identified, at the absolute discretion of GreenCloudVPS, the dishonest client is liable to immediate suspension/termination. Every illegal account/server detail accessible to GreenCloudVPS will be sent to all local councils and any financial institutions concerned.
  • Chargebacks and conflicts
The customer agrees that Paypal or its credit card issuer's effort to challenge or enforce a chargeback would result in the termination of all operations. A chargeback levied under false identities is assumed to be dishonest and regarded as such.
  • Note on cancellation
Users can terminate their subscription at any time, mostly during the month, or arrange a particular time with us to discontinue the service. Make sure to disable any direct deposits you may have set up to stop being paid for service you do not like; please give us as much warning as possible before termination.
  • Affiliate Services
For every VPS request you assign to us, we have a 10% one-time account discount. To be an associate, you must have an existing subscription. With dedicated servers, large RAM VPS, there is presently no online community. For certain bonus rewards, the incentive rate can vary.


  • Changes to Price:
At the outset of a client's next billing period for that program, GreenCloudVPS retains the right to change rates for services. We believe that price rises would usually not be directly due to the traditionally decreasing bandwidth and desktop computers. Events outside our influence, though, like premiums paid to us for licensing fees, electricity, space, or labor, or responsive to differences in legislation, taxation, prices, or other market costs, are volatile in nature and which entail sudden rises in pricing at any point.
  • Monetary currency and prices:
Both utilities are presently valued in US dollars. GreenCloudVPS retains the opportunity, after prior effect of this adjustment to the existing parties, to re-price any or all facilities in a foreign currency.
  • Valid pricing for fresh orders only:
Our pricing continuously varies because of our product on hand. These rates are changed daily if required to clear surplus inventory or to purposely slow sales as determined by stock levels. As a result, any rates available online, in exclusive deals, or quoted to particular customers are applicable only for new server orders and may not be extended to current demands.
  • Unique Promotions:
Special discount pricing can be provided from period to period, on a specific instance basis, to individual current or prospective customers or particular classes of current or potential clients, considering the dynamics of the unique situation and our market priorities at the moment. As such, deals offered to specific customers, current potential clients, or particular individuals of current and potential users apply only to those users to whom the agreement is made. No other individual or group may refer to current or new orders. Special deals are not available with further plans to be moved.
  • Help Assistance
GreenCloudVPS offers hardware assistance related to the operation of customer servers, as our resources are unmanaged. Outside of the implementation of products selected from the entry form. GreenCloudVPS does not provide technical support. GreenCloudVPS only ensures the automatic installation of any program and does not in any way take responsibility for any software setup. GreenCloudVPS is not liable for any Operating Systems misconfiguration-related downtime. Inside their control center software, KVM/OpenVZ VPS customers can restart their Processor. GreenCloudVPS does not have our consumers with any form of service. We can only offer assistance directly to GreenCloudVPS clients.
  • Backups & Lack of Data
Your use of the facility is entirely at your own expense. For folders and/or information stored on your database, GreenCloudVPS is not liable. You consent to assume total accountability for the transmission of files and information and preserve every good backup of files and data saved on the servers of GreenCloudVPS.
  • Reselling
GreenCloudVPS helps and supports our clients to use the services we offer to sell/resell web hosting. The only requirement is that you or your staff or agents can supply your clients with first-level professional assistance and payment. You or your colleagues, and not your customers personally, must pose any concerns that need contact with our service team in our help desk. Resellers are liable for the acts performed on the systems they are billing for, namely bandwidth data charges or breaches of service terms, even when reselling service to anyone else. We could provide resellers with some consistency, as the termination of one exploitation service does not force us to cancel the reseller's other programs, as would usually be needed for frequent customers.
  • Monitoring Material:
The content and type of use of the service shall not be regulated daily in breach of these terms of relevant legislation. We may become informed of actions that violate this arrangement or applicable legislation in the process of conducting other duties related to running GreenCloudVPS. Upon receipt of notification of such infringements, we can take reasonable steps that, based on the intensity of the breach, may include an alert, termination of temporary or permanent service, or confirmation to the proper authority in child cruelty cases or other serious crimes. And if we become informed of a particular infringement, this would not enable us to track the same consumer or any other customers continuously for potential breaches since we do not have the capacity or the power to track customers frequently in this manner.

That being said, to ensure correct billing, power preparation, and service continuity, we should track the number of resources used, statistical statistics.

  • Application of Bandwidth
A monthly bandwidth quota is given to you. Based on the hosting service you buy, this fee differs. We retain the option to suspend the account before the beginning of the next period, suspend the service until further bandwidth is purchased at an extra cost. Suspend the client until you reach a high bundle standard, cancel the account and/or pay you an additional overpayment fee if the bill passes the allotted number. The accumulated one-month transition cannot be rolled forward to the following month.

Unlimited internet bandwidth on Windows VPS: The networking port is equally allocated, so increased bandwidth is not authorized to be used continuously. This means regularly eating more than 100mbps for 6 hours or sometimes bursting to the full port.

Vietnam VPS international connectivity: restricted bandwidth from Vietnam to the globe. In Vietnam, we provide 1Gbps domestic bandwidth and 50mbps global bandwidth, so it is NOT permitted to continuously consume more than 5mbps international bandwidth for 1 hour.

Can I use green cloud VPS for the gaming server?

Yes, green cloud VPS could be used as a gaming server just like almost all VPS Servers. You could use your VPS to mount a VoIP program if you really need to establish a voice-over-IP network for your company, and you don't have a long-term framework. You should use the application of your choosing and operate your VoIP application separately, as you have total power over your VPS setting.

How to use green cloud VPS

When finishing up the green cloud VPS host, some simple conditions are defined. A certified service provider can only promise the confidentiality and privacy of data revealed by a web designer and websites with related applications.

  1. To get websites to run efficiently worldwide and support customers without any complaints, the VPS host can guarantee a 24/7 electricity supply.
  2. The updating of shared hosting services and the additional edge of a dedicated host is VPS hosting. The efficient splitting program allows full user control and excellent features.
  3. To manage multiple programs and accounts under only one Virtual Personal Server, control panels need to be provided under a different server running the control board plan, which can be handled by the handle cell, a supporter supplies PHP, MySQL database, various email addresses, domains, subsites, and script generator operating systems.
  4. A promoter must have VPS servers that satisfy the webmaster's hosting guidelines, implying that bandwidth, disk space, and storage standards should be in conformity with the regulations specified.
  5. The donor plays a vital role in SEO hosting and provides each internet master with carefully designed Digital Private Devices. In an action called slitting, computer devices are designed with numerous software methods.
  6. The VPS host advanced service infrastructure needs to be sufficiently reliable to reach out to consumers to host critical problems and fix problems as soon as possible.
  7. It is essential to have a single sponsor willing to store and control VPS vendors so that the host can select according to his business needs.
  8. While the VPS server h-AS has limited capacity, bandwidth, and space, it still takes care to run the most productive state apps. The webmaster manages the hosting software at the user level and can execute its programs over its own operating systems.

To have the modern technical experience to deal with it, a VPS is required. Resources are exchanged between separate customers via traditional web hosting. A VPS has the distinctive characteristics of both a dedicated server and a popular one.

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