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Web hosting has evolved over the years and today there are many options available to website owners. The hosting service you will choose will largely depend on factors like the scale of your business, the number of your site visitors, the sensitivity of your data, and your budget. Considering all these factors, you may decide to host your site on a physical server that can either be dedicated to you alone or shared among several users. The third option is to go for a virtual private server which combines the benefits of a dedicated server with the low cost of a shared server.

However, you may decide not to host your website on any form of physical servers and go for cloud hosting. This will provide improved functionality, more security, and reliability. However, it will cost you more.

In this article, we will look at what a cloud service is, the cloud services offered by Google, how to create Google Virtual Private Cloud, how to use Google Virtual Private Cloud, and how you can get Google VPC for free.

Let’s start by explaining what cloud hosting is.

What is Cloud Hosting?

In computing, the cloud referred to a virtual environment where many computers work together to provide online services. Therefore, cloud hosting involved hosting your website on a virtual server. Similar to VPS, cloud hosting makes several virtual servers from a single physical server and made them available for hosting your website. But unlike the VPS, cloud hosting makes use of many virtual servers to host a website. In this web hosting solution, a website is on a server that is most efficient for it. If the server becomes unavailable or less efficient, the website automatically moves to the next available server. That means your website can be hosted on more than one server. With this system, a cloud server is able to offer better performance with little or no downtime and an incredibly high loading speed.

Since cloud hosting uses multiple servers, there is no limit to the resources available to you. Generally, cloud hosting allows you to use as many resources as you may need and pay for what you use. This makes the hosting option easily scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient. If you are operating a website that is experiencing variable traffic, it means doing the time of low traffic you won’t need to get a server with more resources than you need. And when the traffic to your website increases, you won’t need to move your site to a different server.

There are different types of cloud hosting as well as different cloud hosting service providers. A cloud hosting could be a public cloud that put several users on the same virtual server or a private cloud that creates a separate virtual server for a website. The other option is a hybrid server that combines the advantages of the public and private cloud.

Cloud services are available from different service providers. Among the most popular cloud service providers is Google. So, next, we will discuss the cloud hosting provided by Google.

Google Cloud Hosting

There is no doubt Google is among the most popular technology company of our time. The Google Cloud platform offers several cloud services including web hosting. As an experienced company in the internet related services, you can trust Google web hosting for high performance, reliability, and safety. Google offers several web hosting services each one with different features and at different prices.

Does Google Offer Free Web Hosting?

While Google does not offer free web hosting it has free programs. The google cloud free program includes a 90-days free cloud hosting that will enable a user to enjoy up to $300 services. After the 90 days, a user can decide to subscribe if he enjoys the services available.

The free program also includes free tiers that enable a user to continually use free selected google services on a limited scale. Among the free services available in the Google Compute Engine.

Google Compute Engine allows users to launch virtual machines on google cloud services and use the virtual machine to host their website. However, the launching of the virtual machine must be on demand. Google compute engine runs on Windows Operating System and Linux Operating System. Although there is a limit to the services available on the Google Compute Engine, it is absolutely free of charge.

Google VPC

If you are used to the virtual private server you can consider Google VPC as being similar. Like the Virtual Private Server, Google Virtual Private Cloud is a kind of server that allows you to use resources independent of other users on the virtual server. Using Compute Engine, several virtual machines can be created each one is isolated from the rest and has its own resources. The virtual machines work like a physical server providing internet functionality for websites and other cloud-based resources. The only way they are different from the physical server is that they are virtualized and they are in the cloud. Google VPC networks are located within the Google Cloud.

What Cloud Services Does Google VPC Offer?

With Google Virtual Private Cloud you can connect your website to the internet through the virtual machines generated by the Compute Engine. Google VPC also allows for on-premises networking. This can be achieved with the Cloud Interconnect and the Cloud VPN tunnel. The virtual cloud also offers the distribution of traffic to your server from the Google Cloud external load balancers. There are other load balancing features you can enjoy as well, including an in-built system for balancing the load on Transmission control protocol or User Data Protocol. By default, Google VPC comes with a virtual firewall and with two firewall rules. The default firewall prevents all connectivity with your network, hence you must change it accordingly. You can configure your site firewall to control data that are allowed in your network. It is essential to set your firewall appropriately. However, if you don’t want a firewall, you can set it to “No Firewall.”

How Do I Use Google VPC?

The major activities to do with Google VPC involves creating one, editing, or deleting an existing one. Then you can set your firewall to decide which connectivity is allowed within your network. You can also create a subnet and add the subnet to your network.

How to Create a Google VPC

There are two different modes of VPC that can be created. They are Auto mode and custom mode. To create an auto mode you can follow the following steps:

Visit Google Cloud Console

Under networking, click on” VPC Networking” then “Create VPC network”

Choose a name

Choose Automatic subnet

Choose your firewall rule or choose “No Rule”

Choose “Dynamic Routing Mode”

Choose between 1460 MTU and 1500 MTU

Click on “Create”

How Can I Get Free Google VPC?

Google provides a 90 days free trial for its hosting services. Within 90 days you can enjoy the service for free. Although you must provide your credit card details to sign up for the free trial, Google stated clearly that your card will not be billed. The trial has maximum resources worth up to $300. It means if you use resources worth up to $300 within a period lesser than 90 days, the free trial will automatically come to an end. The free services also restrict your activities in some areas. For instant, you can mine cryptocurrency with it. After 90 days, some services will still be available for users to enjoy even if you choose not to subscribe. But if you are satisfied with the service and you can afford to continue, you can subscribe as you will never be able to enjoy the free trial again. It is only available once for every customer.


Google is among the most popular internet service providers. The giant technology company provides cloud web hosting to internet owners among numerous other services. Google Virtual Private Cloud hosting involves hosting a website on a virtual server located within the Google Cloud. This is achieved by creating several virtual machines on a physical server in the cloud. Each of the virtual machines allocated its own resources and is completely isolated from the rest, hence the activities of a network do not affect other networks.

Google Private Cloud hosting has many advantages. As it is with cloud hosting, your website will be hosted on multiple servers. This ensures at any point in time you are on a server with the best functionality. Hence your webpage will load fast, there will be no downtime and there will be a generally improved web performance. Google Private Cloud hosting also allows you to pay only for the resources that you use. This gives room for flexibility, easy scaling, and saves you from paying for excess resources.

Through Google Cloud Platform you can create Google VPC on Google Compute Engine. You can also enjoy a 90-day free trial web hosting that is worth up to $300.

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