GoDaddy VPS offers one of the best and unique self-managed and fully managed VPS services. They boast of quality hosting service for many forms of websites and is arguably the largest provider of domains in the world. Developers and other website owners can access any of the range of plans that suits them.

The two exceptional plans on the VPS GoDaddy are the self-managed and fully managed VPS plans, which are majorly different based on which person takes over the server management responsibility. You can choose the fully managed plan as a newbie who does not know anything in the world of tech.

Suppose you are, however, conversant with the uses and purposes of the VPS services. In that case, you may opt for the GoDaddy VPS's self-managed option, which will allow you to access many other arrays of services and choose the preference that best suits your web visitors.

Self-managed GoDaddy VPS

You can subscribe to about four self-managed hosting services on VPS GoDaddy, which provide several exceptional experiences. Their self-managed VPS hosting provides you with the flexibility to have absolute control to root access and optional control panels.

The performance and uptime of their hosting services guarantee unlimited traffic for your site.Developers and system administrators will enjoy a range of flexible server configurations and scalable performance options. This high-performance VPS hosting provider also supports eCommerce websites, and the owners of such websites can integrate any payment option of their choice on their web.

Moreover, these payment options are PCI compliant and offer full security for your customers. These eCommerce sites also can install apps such as PrestaShop, Magento, and Opencart, all with a single click. All these make it easy to configure your web to your perfect preference.

Fully managed GoDaddy VPS.

With the fully managed GoDaddy VPS, you do not need to worry about how you will make your web prominently operational. GoDaddy VPS fully managed service gives 24/7 support for your web, with a team of dedicated experts proactively monitoring your server.

You do not need to be concerned about numerous technical responsibilities as this team will oversee them all. Ranging from MySQL processes and Apache to CPU utilization, the administrators' team will fix many bugged problems for your site's smooth and continuous running.

The VPS GoDaddy comes with many useful packages, including PHP version upgrade, HTTP/2 server configuration, WordPress installation, package management, SSL installations, SQL server express installation, PHP module installation, DNS configuration, site migration, etc.

What is VPS GoDaddy

The VPS GoDaddy is a web hosting provider that provides technological tools needed for web pages and hosts such web pages on their dedicated server, giving most web owners an isolated hosting environment where they do not need to share resources and storage RAM and CPU with others.

You can run both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu or CentOS) operating systems using the VPS GoDaddy. The dedicated IP address on VPS GoDaddy supports the Server Name Indication (SNI), thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated IP address when using an SSL certificate on the server. Besides, their single dedicated server does not have any bad effect on the SEO of the web you host on GoDaddy VPS.

What can VPS GoDaddy do?

With VPS GoDaddy, you have total control and complete root access to your site. You can build a testing environment for much application development, run business application analytics, stupa VPN, host webs that run on a resource-intensive application, sell your product directly from your site and have access to a lot of bandwidth.

The VPS GoDaddy has the GoCentral as its free we Builder, which you can use to create responsive designs on your site. This Builder also allows you to create the mobile type of your desktop website so that your visitors can always access your site from any device. Building your page is very easy with the drag and drop function accessible through the GoCentral Builder.

Owners of eCommerce websites can now fully enjoy the free GoDaddy Online eCommerce Store, which gives them distinctive features such as unlimited product listing, secure checkout, store themes, SEO tools, etc. Such owners can easily select any theme they want and add the pricing of their product, the product, images, and the preferred payment option.

Besides, the security features of GoDaddy are top-notch. This security feature can detect malware through its automatic malware scanning, content delivery network, and web application firewall (WAF).

The Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a great option to get many desktop apps with a look of modern web adaption of the Outlook email client. With these, you have access to build contacts, calendar layout, and perform several other tasks. You will also enjoy the GoDaddy VPS algorithm, which is based on machine learning (ML). With their ready-to-use templates, you have access to let your web look in a very professional way.

Why VPS GoDaddy is better

  • GoDaddy VPS offers good hosting with great configuration flexibility on your web.
  • Their automated backups, alert tools, scheduling, on-demand monitoring, and skillful backing comes with a different subscription plan that fits your budget.
  • Their high-performance VPS hosting is based upon the use of KVM, providing users to have optional access to control panel tools such as Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition or Panel/WHM.
  • GoDaddy VPS offers one-time paid task-based services and fully managed VPS hosting for subscribers who cannot self-manage their servers.
  • There is an automatic backup or on-demand backup for your site when you use VPS GoDaddy.
  • You have your absolute 100 % dedicated server.
  • GoDaddy gives you an unlimited number of traffics on your site because of their fast loading time.
  • Their hosting plan is very secure from external attacks by viruses or hackers.
  • There is no restriction on the number of applications you can install on your web when you use GoDaddy.
  • With GoDaddy, you will enjoy an almost immediate setup of your website.
  • You can create many websites on the GoDaddy VPS.
  • GoDaddy now uses the Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium for their email hosting.

Choosing the right GoDaddy VPS hosting plan

The VPS GoDaddy offers both fully managed and self-managed (unmanaged) VPS hosting services. If you have excellent technical know-how on how a website operates, you can use their self-managed services, but it is advisable to subscribe to their fully managed plan if you are a newbie.

Also, to subscribe to the various VPS option under the GoDaddy VPS managed and unmanaged plan, you will need to consider the number of resources you will need. These resources may range from control pane and support type to storage, RAM, and CPU. Endeavor to activate alert tools for any emergency issue on your site and select plans that include restoring ability, backups, and server monitoring tools.

How do I access my VPS on GoDaddy?

If you are not particularly techy, you may find it difficult to access your GoDaddy VPS, but this is a simple step that you will always need as long as you are on the VPS GoDaddy their self-managed VPS option. You can easily log on to GoDaddy's Gen 4 server (with Plesk) with the password and username you provided during the registration process.

Doing this will ensure that other users on the GoDaddy VPS can also access their server.They will have no access to your GoDaddy account's password and username. The easy aspect of this is that you need any admin access to log in to your account. Log in by following the steps below.

  • Open your web browser and input your IP address.
  • Enter your username as admin
  • Input your hosting account password.
  • Press log in.

You can also connect through the Remote Desktop (RDC) to the Gen 4 Windows server; you can manage all other parts of your server by doing this. You can connect by

  • Opening the RD on your Windows computer.
  • Input your Gen 4 IP server’s address.
  • Select “connect.”
  • Input your password and username.
  • Press, "OK."

When you enable administration access, you will have the right to use every other root access on your Gen 4 server. The administration access is crucial because it will help you install many applications and perform several high-level changes to your server's configurations. You can enable admin or root access by

  • Logging in to your account on the GoDaddy VPS.
  • Going to the "My Products" page and clicking on "Servers."
  • Clicking “Manage” on the Gen 4 server you want to use.
  • Selecting the “Settings” option on the dashboard of the account that you have just opened.
  • Going to the Access section, jus next to the Admin Access, and click on "Manage."
  • Select "Enable Admin Access" and click on "Save."

If the above steps are patiently done, you will have the admin/root access enabled on your server and can enjoy the opportunity to make changes that suits your preference on your server.

You may also decide to connect to the secure shell (SSH) by following the steps above to connect to your server. To connect to the SSH, you will need your primary FTP password and username and your domain name or IP address. Then, you will need to

  • Go to SSH client and open it.
  • To establish the SSH connection, enter your host (i.e., your IP address or domain name) and your SSH port (the default port is 22).
  • Enter your password and username when prompted.

You can do other things using your connection to the SSH client involves importing MySQL databases through the SSH and exporting MySQL databases in SSH. You can also enable several add-on domains when you might have logged in to your server.

How much does VPS GoDaddy cost?

GoDaddy VPS hosting service provides you a virtual server at a comfortable price as low as $19.9 per month for new subscribers and a renewable price of $29.99 per month for returning users. With this, you can access up to 240 GB of storage, 8 GB of RAM, and a free SLL throughout one year. There are four pricing plans for the VPS GoDaddy,

  • Launch: The launch VPS plan of GoDaddy is the least of GoDaddy's VPS hosting services. They do not have promotional prices but come with useable resources, including storage of 40 GB, 2 GB RAM, 1 CPU, and comes at $29.99 per month.
  • Enhance: Just like the launch pricing plan, the enhanced pricing plan also offers no promotional prices but comes with larger resources, which include 60 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, 2 CPU, and a price of $44.99 per month.
  • Grow: Grow pricing plan features 150 GB of storage, 6 GB of RAM, and 3 CPU at the cost of $59.99 every month.
  • Expand: With a storage capacity of 200 GB, 8 GB of RAM, 4 CPUs, and a cost of $74.99 per month, the expanded pricing option of the VPS GoDaddy is the largest any user can get for the smooth running of his/her website.

With the different options you can subscribe to on the GoDaddy VPS, you will ultimately get a great worth of your money. The pricing costs are made to accommodate the resources any user will need at that time. You can easily downgrade or upgrade based on the number of visitors on your web without affecting the several activities you have put in place to keep running the web.

The expanded pricing option is better suited for webs with resource-heavy apps and other eCommerce sites. Though, if you are considering starting on a small scale and building your audience along the way, the launch pricing option provides you the best choice to start. You do not need to worry much as the VPS GoDaddy has the best hosting service that will suit your preference at any of your preferred price plans.

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