Forex trading is one of those businesses where several factors can seriously impact profitability. Some of these factors are attacks by computer viruses, power cuts, server downtime, connection failure, and many more. A forex virtual private server helps you take care of these negative factors.

We will work you through what you need to know about forex VPS. Walk with us, will you?

What is a Forex VPS?

With consumer habits increasingly favoring online views, orders, payments, and downloads, businesses need to boost their online presence. One way forex traders can boost their trading activities is via the use of a forex VPS.It may seem strange to you, but you will undoubtedly see how this is the best course for your trade with the right information about it.

The Forex VPS is a unique virtual private server that makes forex trading easier and more efficient. With a forex VPS, you are assured of quality uptime, high-level security. Another plus you can easily execute your trades even with a power outage.

Many people today choose to install and employ Forex VPS to trade. Traders can control their trading activities with ease, in addition to optimizing their processes. Let us take a look at how Forex VPSs work.

How Does A Forex VPS Work?

It provides traders with 24hrs access via the internet. These Forex VPS platforms are accessed via on-demand or monthly subscription fee models. As we promised, we will explain just how a Forex VPS server works.

Features like shared tenancy or dedicated tenancy, redundancy or disaster recovery, etc. are common with this service. Consumers’ experience of internet-related products is hinged on availability, uptime, and fast website load speeds.

Forex VPS bypasses and relays data and trade orders to forex brokers on MT4 (MetaTrader 4 VPS). The MT4 is an electronic VPS trading platform that is preferred by retail forex brokers. The MT4 software is used to view live streaming prices, charts, manage accounts, and execute live trades.

Other platform alternatives for forex trading are ProTrade and cTrader. cTrader has a web trading platform that is akin to its desktop application. It comes with numerous features and a superior trading experience. cTrader is among the popular Forex VPS amongst retail Forex brokers.

First, commercial traders pay a hefty fee to position their servers near the main trading server. The proximity allows these institutional traders to get new trades. However, retail traders lack the resources to pay for this access. Thus, the forex VPS hosting service industry has witnessed an increase in demand.

Forex VPS provides traders with great trading facilities and much more, all at affordable prices, better even than a Co-located facility. All you need to set up your Forex VPS is a local device connected to the internet, MT4, an expert advisor, and a network connection.

What are the Benefits of Using a Forex VPS?

Forex virtual private server come with several features and advantages. These features differ across the hosting providers. We have taken the liberty of listing some of the advantages of Forex VPS.

  • Great Performance – Most forex VPS hosting are designed to work with virtualization technology. This technology essentially allows forex VPS providers to share their resources fairly amongst many users.The virtualization is done at the operating system cadre and could point out many issues ranging from low speed, uptime, and increased latency.

The hyper-virtualization technology is great for Forex traders who intend to run their VPS on Windows, OpenVZ, and Microsoft Windows.

  • Cost Reduction – Using a forex VPS is a smart way for you to boost your trade at a reduced cost. You don’t have to think about installation costs, electricity, cybersecurity, etc.With Forex VPS hosting, you get to enjoy great features at great prices.
  • Flexible Hosting Plans - Forex VPS provides you a great deal of flexibility. These forex VPS plans have a wide range of great features and plans that you can select to suit your trading needs.
  • High Server Uptime – Another advantage of forex VPS is the improved uptime it provides you with. Most Forex VPS providers guarantee you at least 98% server uptime.The high uptime is necessary because of the nature of forex trading. You don’t want a trade to go south just because your server went down at the crucial point. For this reason, it is a smart choice to migrate to a Forex VPS hosting plan.
  • Ease of Customization – Another advantage is that you get to customize your server exactly the way you want. You can choose from the myriad of features it offer like disk size, RAM, hard CPU. They allow you to scale up your server resources like bandwidth and storage space.
  • Top-Notch Security - Many of forex VPS Hosting services have really great security features that protect you from bugs, virus attacks, DDoS etc. Some even have features that warn you when your server is being attacked.

Ability to Accept Various Applications – Most Forex VPS provides design their hosting platforms to provide you with a server that supports a variety of Forex applications and software.

Forex VPS systems by top companies come replete with some of the best security features. The managed forex virtual private servers undergo routine checks routinely to ensure that they are functioning as they should. This is what gives the providers the confidence to guarantee you high uptime of up to 99.99%.

  • Multi-tasking – Forex VPS servers offer you high-performance that allows you attend to hundreds, and even thousands of customers at the same time. You are able to achieve this because forex VPS systems come packed with optimal bandwidth. The ease of multi-tasking means you experience great trading activities, better credibility and better resources.
  • Technical Support – With forex VPS, you re assured of round the clock support in case you run into any difficulty. The technical support team are there to work you through each challenge free of charge.
  • Unlimited Trade Access – A great advantage of Forex VPS is the access it give you to run your trades regardless of the time. You can begin, finish or simply monitor trades irrespective of the time or your location. One reason for this feature is because your trade is independent of physical locations. The automation of the trade allows your trade continue even when you are unavailable to keep track of them.
  • Reduced Slippage – Reduced slippage is one of the numerous advantages of using Forex VPS servers. You get to place your trade automatically or manually depending on what you want. These forex VPS execute your forex trades way faster than your computer possibly can. It relays orders swiftly.

This fast transmission of transactions translates to reduced delays and, consequently, reduced slippage time. Slippage can cost you lots of money so any avenue to cut down on slippage is welcome.

What is Forex VPS Used For?

Forex VPS hosting platforms are used for a lot of functions. Majorly, their features are exploited by traders to provide better trading experience and automated, easier trade practices. When it comes to trading via Forex, traders must learn to reduce latency and use a platform that guarantees top-notch security. Forex VPS is used to make this happen.

Forex VPS is used to prioritize trading because each second is priceless and crucial to your trade's success. They are also used to control or automate trades. They are used to easily control the advisor's trade and select your desired trading platform.

As a forex trader, you can use the VPS to control the number of EAs to be uploaded and monitor the advisor's trade.

We have listed five of the top forex VPS providers in the next section.

What Are Some of the Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers?

Now that you understand what a forex VPS is and its benefits, it is time for you to take the next leap and select one. We have come up with a list of the top Forex VPS available for you to choose from.

  • Forex Cheap VPS – this forex VPS has been providing server hosting services since it was founded in 2013. It focuses on the foreign exchange trade market space. The narrowed focus ensures that it keeps up with the fast-paced nature of forex trade.

Forex cheap VPS is designed with very fast servers that offer a 100% uptime guarantee. Thus, you don't have to miss any opportunity to trade and make more money. Apart from offering forex traders a platform for trading, Forex Cheap allows you to set up dedicated servers. The forex cheap VPS site is in plain English; however, it supports 25 other languages.

It boasts premium forex VPS trading servers, a fully managed VPS and dedicated servers to boot, a 100% uptime guarantee, and high storage space. It has a downside with all these benefits: Forex Cheap VPS offers you just a three-day partial money-back guarantee.

  • Hostinger - Hostinger is among the affordable Forex VPS options. The best part is that the Hostinger Forex VPS plan costs less than a dollar. It is great for individuals looking for a cheap way to boost their trades and automate things. It is user-friendly and provides you with round the clock technical support.

The Hostinger VPS hosting platform's advantages include swift page loading time, free SSL, reduced downtime, and automatic backups done every week. You cannot do the backup daily, and you are exposed to constant upsell popups; these are some of the downsides of Hostinger Forex VPS plans.

  • - Interserver VPS hosting is one of the top names in VPS hosting. Interserver has been on the block since as far back as 1991 and has an extensive range of VPS plans to show for it.

The Interserver VPS hosting plans offer you the flexibility and scalability you need to ply your trade effectively. The Linux VPS subscription price costs only $6 a month, while the Windows-based Interserver forex VPS costs a minimum of $10 per month. These plans offer you access to various features like storage, memory, server location, and transfer.

  • - FxVm is the best trading VPS hosting platform for forex traders that use the MetaTrader platform for their trade. They provide a great forex VPS hosting platform for forex traders. Apart from being compatible with MT 4 and MT5 platforms, FxVm provides technical support. This technical support is available for traders using other platforms like Currenex, TradeStation 1 and 2, Ninja trader, etc.

With FxVm forex VPS, you have access to an expert support team 24/7. With FxVm forex VPS, you have all you need to run a successful trade. The basic plan costs $19. You also get access to up to 1Gb of RAM, 50 GB storage space, 1 CPU core, multiple server locations, and swift set up.

  • HostWinds - The HostWinds VPS providers have been on the block since 2010 and have succeeded in making a name for themselves as great Forex VPS providers. HostWinds has a forex VPS package feature with several plans, all at different subscription rates. For example, their Budget Linux plan costs only $7.50 monthly. Their Windows Forex VPS plan, however, costs slightly more at $13.50 monthly.

These plans both provide you with up to 1 GB of RAM. They have a high transfer speed of up to 100mbps and 25 GB storage space to allow you to trade easily. One good thing is that with HostWind VPS, you can easily customize and scale up your server features.

Other great advantages of HostWind Forex VPS plans are improved uptime and 24/7 technical support.


Forex VPS are fast becoming a popular choice for forex traders. With it, you can efficiently run your trades without the fear of downtimes or failed connections. There are quite a number of VPS hosting platforms for forex; some of which are Interserver, Hostinger, and HostWind. We have provided you with a smart and economical way to boost your trade; take advantage of it.

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