A VPS (Virtual Private Server) refers to an off-premise form of web hosting. Your resources are hosted in a data center, allowing you to use a portion of a server and giving you full privilege to customize your space the way you want to, unlike shared hosting. With VPS hosting, you get the best of shared and dedicated hosting.

Consequently, it is unarguably the option to host your forex web services; you get to share the cost of running your server with other sites monthly or yearly and retain control over your portion of the server. You have access to your choice of an Operating System (OS can be Linux VPS or Windows VPS), SSD, RAM, etc. This way, your website enjoys robust and smother site performance, thereby reducing your website's bounce rate and increasing your ranking on google.

Therefore, due to the abundant benefits when you decided to have a VPS promotion, you must have access to free forex VPS hosting services. And here, our clients are given access to the best VPS host at a low price, thereby catering to their forex needs based on their budget. Subscribe now to gain access to our packages.


Trading of currencies is prominently done electronically on the foreign exchange market (forex) over-the-counter (OTC). Therefore, every transaction occurs over the computer networks of forex traders all over the world.

Forex VPS, in simple terms, refers to the use of virtualization machines to host your forex site, which mostly uses by a forex trader. In other words, you gain access to make use of a super machine within a server connected to a data center; you don't have to worry about traffic and how sudden and an excessive influx of traffic to your site can cause it to crash down. Therefore, with our hosting services, you get a better/higher level of traffic and a higher data transfer level.

Usually, top institution traders had to pay a chunk of money as access fees to locate their trading engines close to the ones they derive news trades from. But again, let's not forget that this is particularly expensive. So, most retail investor accounts cannot afford this; therefore, they've begun to rely heavily on forex VPS services over the years. This way, they get access to the same amount of resources for trading round the clock just like the institution traders, but at a lower cost compared to them.

They also have the edge over the institution traders as they the necessary speed, accuracy, latency, and stability needed by modern-day trading software.


Forex VPS utilizes data centers to provide trading companies the ability to host their software round the clock.

The workings of a trading company generally involve three entities- the trader's computer, forex broker server (MT4, MT5, etc.), as well as the EA (expert advisors also called forex robots) all connected to the internet. If this setup is made without a VPS linked to the EA to become VPS EA, the trader must monitor it himself and remain connected to the forex broker server.

However, when the EAs are installed on the VPS, the trader no longer needs an uptime to be done 24/7 on his PC, as the VPS does the job of ensuring the EAs continually sends orders to the broker's server without any form of support. Therefore, the VPS provides the 24/7 uptime required for trading.

First, you need to set up an active VPS account to begin using the Forex VPS hosting service. After this is done, you are given an IP address and a username and password: these are your credentials to gaining access to your Forex Virtual machine.

For windows, you can use the Remote Desktop connection to access your VPS account; after creating it, you need to click on it from your start menu button and then follow the promptings to include your username and password. This automatically connects you with your VPS, displaying a virtual desktop from which you can run your trading services.

Note that the virtual environment is yours for as long as you want and are paying for the service, so you can customize it the way you deem fit. You also have the option of either getting your expert advisor (EA) files from your computer to the VPS or download the MT4 trading platform directly from the browser of your VPS.

The system supports and controls itself, which means that the trader does not necessarily need to be connected to the VPS. However, he still has control rights over the VPS as he would sometimes need to make changes here and there, such as adding an EAs. Still, the VPS remains connected to the broker's server without any form of interruption, and therefore orders are being sent to it directly.

Another benefit of the VPS service for your forex hosting is the difference in network requirements. A setup without VPS requires the EA needs to be connected to the internet for the forex brokers server to trade. But a forex VPS bypasses all these as it doesn't need the trader to be connected to the internet before it can run, relaying trade orders to the forex brokers server. It should be noted that your choice of VPS should be close to the location of your forex broker.

The commonly used forex broker is the MetaTrader 4, which is often referred to as MT4. In simple English, it is an electronic platform meant for trading and is patronized frequently by the retail forex trader. The software is used to monitor the charts and prices and execute trade orders while managing different accounts. Other forms of brokers server include cTrader and Protrader.


Perhaps you are tired of the traditional way of trading forex account type, you want to explore other methods, but then you do not have the financial capacity to pay as much as institutional traders. Upon research, you heard about VPS servers and how they can be of great advantage to retail forex traders. Now you're in a dilemma, how do you gain access to a VPS, and how do you confirm that it's the right option without spending money first?

This is where we come in to help you. Our forex VPS host packages are focused on giving you access to the best forest servers irrespective of your location. Thus, aid automatic trading with MetaTrader and cTrader as our brokers; this way, you're guaranteed 24/7 high-quality uptime service. We also offer you good reliable servers featuring low latency, thus providing the fastest trades for your software. And you don't have to worry as we equally provide 24/7 support and high security for your logged data. This way, you get the best trading results just from using our forex VPS host.

The summary of our packages includes the following:

  • No downtime is required when you need to back up your forex server; this is because you gain access to on-demand backups' lives. So, your VPS EAs remain connected while backups occur. Therefore, you are always up to speed with the current price chart without manually updating it.
  • Experience flexible billing method; you don't need to sign any contract, as you can determine how long you want to keep your forex server; therefore, you only pay for the resources you use.
  • Gain access to a 24/7 help desk even as your server keeps running; this allows you to use multiple online software for trading. Feel free to check on the state of your trading orders at any given time, as our service providers are always available.
  • Your forex server is secured when you use a VPS. This is because our available services guarantee high protection and security for the MetaTrader and cTrader.
  • We also have optimized templates for your forex server available.
  • Finally, firewall configuration is rapid and easy to set up, and thus encourages easy management.

Fortunately, some of the packages come with a free 7-day trial available so that you can have a feel of our operations are optimized to serve you better and thus help you begin your journey into the world of Virtualization for your forex trading. So what are you waiting for? Sign on today to gain access to our 7-day free forex VPS hosting servers.


The use of virtualization services to automate business processes is one that has come to stay and has been embraced by many persons. Fortunately, retail forex traders have seen the benefits of using the forex VPS hosting server for their trading activity. This assertion is because, unlike the traditional setup that requires the trader's complete attention, the use of forex VPS gives you a 24-hour running server with software designed to ensure it overcomes issues regarding internet connectivity that could cause it to slow down.

It also helps to overcome common problems like technical difficulties, power outages, malicious attacks, etc., experienced by traders putting them at a significant disadvantage. It is safe, trustworthy, and secured, as it is regularly scanned to ensure optimal performance. They also have malware and antivirus tools, which help protect your data from virtual threats, and your data is continually backed up to ensure they are always available.

These are all part of our clients' services; hurry up, and claim your free forex VPS 7-day trial offer now.


There are numerous reasons to port from using the traditional and old method of forex trading to the use of Forex VPS; some of the benefits have been outlined below:

1. It offers stability

The forex market is fast-paced and, as such, requires faster connectivity to achieve a level of stability. Anything short of this could incur a significant loss for the trader; this is where the use of a virtual private server becomes very important. VPS offers traders 24/7 access to a virtual desktop computer that can be accessed anytime from any location and enable them to maintain a connection with their trades all the time.

2. Accessibility

A VPS is a perfect trading environment because your trading account can have uninterrupted trading connectivity as it allows you to move around even during it's working for you. You don't need to be in the particular location close to your forex broker, you need to have a VPS located around them, and you can gain access to that VPS remotely from any site. You are even at liberty to use any device, including a smartphone, to access and monitor your trade.

3. Enhanced Security

The service also offers you security, as it eliminates loopholes for disasters. This is because your host provider monitors it, and antivirus installations are continuously updated, thereby reducing the chances of system crashing, errors, and hacking.

4. Customization

Unlike when you use a shared server hosting, the forex VPS host allows you full control of your server to a large extent. You, therefore, have the privilege of customizing it to suit your needs/requirements.

Other benefits of using a forex VPS host include:

  • 24/7 monitoring team/support team.
  • Optimal connectivity speed.
  • Lost data can be recovered quickly because of regular backup.
  • No downtime; server is continuously running.
  • Orders run quickly and efficiently with minimal delay.
  • It is compatible with other OS.

Have you decided to use a VPS for your trading activities? Do you think that you want to try the free forex VPS first? Signup with us today and get started on our 7-day free forex VPS host server.


The world as it is today has gone virtual, and most businesses have successfully scaled up to meet their clients' growing demands. For a retail forex trader, having a way to mitigate the risk involved in trading successfully will go a long way to boost your performance and thus increase your profit, and what better way to do this than with our forex VPS hosting server? None.

Some of the factors that should be considered before choosing your forex VPS host provider include package plans, uptime performance, scalability, and your forex broker's location. You may want to try the free forex VPS first for 7 days before deciding to choose the best package for you. We have VPS hosts for every area, and package plans to suit your budget needs.

Sign up today to get started and claim your free forex VPS host trial.

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