In order to have a trouble-free environment for running our EAs without spending additional costs on procurement of computer hardware, backup internet, or power supply, all you need to do is setup a Forex VPS server.

A VPS is basically an added computer on which hosted servers are run. All the users need to do to interact with the server is to access their accounts using any mobile device or personal computer. The major advantage you get from this is that you will not have to run the computer you use in running your Forex trades 24/7 neither do you have to depend internet connection or power supply to do your trading stuffs because Forex VPS will keep your trade running all day long.

Setting up a Forex VPS account is very simple. All you need do is log in to your Forex VPS and set up your expert advisor the same way you will do it on your PC. Additionally, you can as well use your VPS to configure any other online MT4 trading platform that you have.

As soon a s the while setup is complete, just disconnect and go about your normal daily business with full confidence that your PC can be turned off without missing any of your Forex trade.


Now what the heck does this have in common with Forex? Let me show you five reasons why you should consider trading using a VPS instead of directly trading on your personal computer.

1. Opportunity to Trade from Anywhere

When using a desktop computer for your trading activities instead of portable computers like laptops, you’ll be restricted to trading only when you are on your desktop computer.

While there are other options these days, perhaps you don’t feel like buying a mobile device or a laptop for your Forex trading activities, or probably your broker doesn’t support trading mobile platforms.Possibly the interface doesn’t appeal to you.Maybe your broker doesn’t offer an online trading platform and requires a download before you can trade.Whichever case it may be, with the help of a VPS, you can get connected to your trading platform anywhere anytime as long as you are online irrespective of your location.

2. Trade even if your power supply is out!

If you running automated trading, your trade doesn’t have to be off even if your power supply is completely on shutdown.If your trading automation works well, you can let it continue to make money for you even if you are not there to minter the trades.

3. Trade at Anytime!

Taking into consideration that you are not limited to trading from a particular location, the use of VPS give you the opportunity to trade from anywhere. Since your trading activities are automated, you can enjoy for comfortability from your trades even if your computer is off even while you’re sleeping.

4. Vigorous Security

Most of the VPS services offered by the best companies come with best security features. Most of these VPS systems are run on managed servers that are frequently checked out to ensure that are functioning well and majority of these VPS companies give assurance of 99.99% uptime. Aside regular security check, you also receive antivirus as well as update on other tools so as to make sure that system is secured from any vulnerabilities.

5. Reduction in your Slippage

This is one of the way by which a VPS server can benefit you as a Forex trader even if you manually place all your entries without any automation. A VPS has the ability to rapidly execute all your trades more than your personal computer because it is much faster transmitting trading orders from a VPS that from s PC.What you actually get is less of delay as well as less slippage.As everyone knows, lot of money can lost to slippage and sometimes it can cost a fortune. So this is a great opportunity to reduce your trade losses and volatility.

You need to understand that VPS service can be a luxury, though the only thing you need is probably the basic minimum disk space, so when choosing the right VPS service that fits your need, checkout for something that offers superior RAM and ample transfer allowance.Check out numerous VPS reviews available online to find the best hosts that fit your need and when you find one, put a call up through to the customer service to make inquiries about how many system resources you essentially need before you buy a plan.

You don’t have any reason to break the bank to make this happen since this will turn out to be a monthly expenditure for your Forex trades if you go for it.

Is VPS meant for everybody?Well, not automatically, while some people will get a great deal of benefit from its use others will only get a limited advantage from it in form of reduced slippage.If you are one of automated trading enthusiasts or that you are probably stucked with restricted resources for placing trades with no use of mobile device for trading or probably using download-only software, VPS will probably makes more sense to you.


A VPS can be a decent choice for a Forex trader like you who might want to keep his mechanical framework running and prepared to take exchange signals while the business sectors are open, without keeping his eyes stucked to your computer screen consistently all the time, without leaving your PC or portable computers the whole time.

Another practical grounds to use a VPS is the capacity to get it accessed remotely, which is highly beneficial for Forex traders who move around often or would love checking their trading account and the system from anyplace and through virtually any device. Not all Forex brokers offer Forex trading across all platforms be it mobile or web-based but having a VPS can permit you to manage your account in the same way you would on your standard trading desk.

Most VPS suppliers additionally offer a devoted power supply, which implies that you can have the option to depend on your machine to keep your Forex framework up and running in any event, when power goes out in your vicinity. No compelling reason to freeze when your internet connection chooses to take a break or if a complete blackout occurs!

VPS frameworks commonly accompany great security features, as the organizations that deal with these systems frequently have measures set up to check if the servers are smoothly working and even give reinforcement to ensure dependable uptime. For some Forex traders, trading using VPS sometimes results in faster execution and fewer postponements, which implies less slippage.

With VPS, the Forex VPS sidelines the majority of the issue recorded by trader having to be online, the Forex VPS configured to relay data and trade commands to the Broker’s MT4 server.

A typical VPS is utilized for more modest outstanding tasks that requires steady execution. Businesses may explore the use of a VPS for:

  • Hosting between 1 to 10 websites
  • Storing company and client documents in anaccessible wayfrom anywhere across the world
  • Web servers’ hosting
  • Databases
  • Email Hosting

Generally, you can utilize VPS for anything you'd utilize a dedicated server for; in any case, remember you will get less by and large stockpiling and data transfer capacity. In the event that you needn't bother with a whole dedicated server, VPS is a more moderate decision since you'll just pay for what you need.


Before we proceed to how you can configure your Forex VPS, let quickly look at some of the things you will need;

  • A central Forex trading engine which can either be desktop or laptop computer.
  • An isolated device; this can be a laptop computer, a tablet, or a Smartphone
  • An dynamic DNS account
  • Accessibilityto the routeron your home or work network

Haven highlighted the machinery you’ll need, let proceed to the setup!

First Step: Register for a dynamic DNS account

You Say what?!

Before you freak out with this tech term, let me explain what this means; in a simple term, dynamic DNS give you the opportunity of creating and using an IP address that is very easy to remember in accessing yourpersonal computer instead of cramming a very complicated one.

Think of it as coming up with a custom-made 1-800-GIMMEPIPS phone number against a set of numbers.

NO-IP provides a dynamic DNS service at no cost that can permit you to gain access to your workstation from any internet-connected gadget.

Just follow the steps to configure and get your account activated, and with the help of this DNS service, you should be able to automatically connect your hostname to your existing IP address.

Second Step: Set Up your Router

To be able to remotely access your workstation, you need to carry out configuration of your router. Don’t panic over this even if you are not tech savvy! You can always seek for help whenever the procedure is d=getting too complicated or better still takes a queue from these guidelines below;

For newbie, you can start by identifying your default home or work network gateway IP address which should allow you to have access to the settings of your router.

The port-forwarding paraphernalia listed below are typically found under the Security segment:

External port is 8080 while the Internal port is 8080

Protocol: Choose “both” to permit access from either TCP or UDP devices

Device IP: enter the internal IP address of your remote device

Third Step: Enable the Connection of your Remote Desktop

For those using Windows as their major Forex trading terminal, you need to enable the connectivity of your remote desktop which simply gives you the authority to gain access using a different device.

In order to get this done, all you need is open the Control Panel of your workstation and click System and Services/Maintenance after which you are required to click system, then Remote Settings. Then under the Remote Desktop panel, select, ‘Allow Users to connect remotely to this computer.’

Fourth Step: Install all the essential programs on your remote device

No matter the Dynamic DNS service you’re using, it normally comes with a software or application that you need to install on your central PCs well as your remote device from where you can gain access to te workstation you use for Forex trading activities. All yo need to do at this point is to enter your username and password from the main computer when asked to do so and Tada, you’re in!

On the other hand, you can look into programs like TeamViewer, AnyDesk, or LogMeIn though these remote access services attracts certain once a trial period is used up or when if you’re trying to add additional features.

Bottom Line

For today’s retail Forex traders, Forex VPS is a necessity as this is the closest they can get in mimicking the consolidating configuration of the systematic traders. Whenever you’re choosing a Forex VPS server for all your Forex trading needs, Make sure that the one you are choosing is closely located to your broker’s server. You can always contact your Forex VPS provider to know the location of the data centre that is hosting your Forex VPS.

To sum it all, VPS works perfectly only for those who opt for automated and remote trading because it is pocket friendly and sometimes it’s free! All you need to do is ensure that appropriate considerations guide your choice of VPS platforms.

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