For every server owner, getting Dreamhost windows VPS is a critical step to scaling up your business. In the economic world, the impact of social media advertising is rapidly increasing. With the constant increase, it causes more traffic to websites hosted on the internet. Thus, Dreamhost windows VPS offers a premium hosting services that accommodate increased traffic. With Dreamhost, you can scale up your resources, including CPU, RAM, and disk space.

Limited resources cause a poor performance to your server and frustrate your website visitors. Thus, you can purchase a managed Dreamhost windows VPS to monitor your resources and upgrade when needed. More so, we have a fully available technical team that can attend to your needs and solve any IT problem as fast as possible. Beginners or small businesses can get a cheap Dreamhost windows VPS to familiarize themselves with the other server operations, and determine their business needs.

Dreamhost VPS Root Access and System Monitoring

You can get both Dreamhost VPS root access and system monitoring in managed VPS hosting. Before moving on, you may wonder what root access means.

Root access provides full server control to users. With this, you can carry out several server operations, including application installation, third-party software, hosting multiple servers, and many others. Also, you can tweak your system settings to suit your preference or needs. Moreover, root access is mostly available for users hosting their websites on cloud servers, VPS servers, and dedicated servers. Root enables users to edit and sort out different files. However, the term “root access” is commonly used in Linux-based VPS, which is the same as the “administrator” term used in windows-based VPS. Almost every windows VPS users have administrative access while you may need to request it in Linux VPS.

System monitoring is a great enjoyment when subscribed to the managed windows VPS plan. Generally, your service provider is responsible for server maintenance, but users do not fully enjoy 24/7 system monitoring in unmanaged windows VPS.

Many service providers restrict root access, to prevent human-induced error or system malfunction. Nonetheless, you can get root access provided you are an IT expert.

How do I use Root Access on windows-based servers?

Many users are confused about using root access on windows-based servers. Hence, this article answers many users' curiosity.

Firstly, your service provider should give you a username, administrative password, and IP address. IP addresses are unique and assigned to specific servers. When you log in to a server with a remote desktop connection, input your username, password, and server’s IP address. , you can have access to make changes to the dashboard and control panel settings. However, ensure to read and understand the server terms and conditions, before agreeing to the root access permission.

What can I do with my root access?

Having mentioned how to use root access, you may wonder what you can do with root access and why you should have it. Although you do not need root access to carry out daily activities, you will need it to perform more sensitive server operations. Hence, listed below are things you can do with your root access:

  • Have full management control to set up and configure your system software.
  • Write and edit server files. More so, it allows companies or organizations to monitor each work. With this, you can discard old files, add, and update new files.
  • Customize your control panel. The control panel is used to assign tasks or activities to various system features. Hence, you can choose the features you want to keep running at present.
  • Allow you to grant external accounts permission to either read files or carry out some directories.

What Is The Difference Between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting?

Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting are the most popular VPS hosting platforms. However, each hosting platform has its unique features and characteristics. In relation to cost, dedicated hosting is the most expensive, and shared hosting the cheapest, with VPS hosting being intermediate. That is, VPS hosting is not as expensive as dedicated hosting but costlier than shared hosting. Also, shared hosting is often a preferred choice for new users, while growing businesses host their website on VPS hosting since shared hosting is limited in meeting their needs. Meanwhile, dedicated hosting is on a bigger scale, since a single user owns a whole physical machine. Meanwhile, users share a physical machine in shared hosting and VPS hosting. What then is the difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting?

  1. Resources: On both shared and VPS hosting, users host their servers on the same physical machine, but the difference exist in the number of servers on the machine, and how the resources are allocated. On shared hosting, users share resources among themselves, which increases the risk of a server running out of resources, while each server has its resources on VPS hosting. On shared hosting, users share bandwidth, disk space, and CPU with each other. Hence, whenever a server generates higher traffic than the rest, it reduces the number of resources available for others. Also, users get more hardware on VPS hosting, which is the reason for the larger allocation.
  2. Server performance: Your server performance is vital to your website visitors, and since each server has its resources on VPS hosting, it improves the server loading speed. Moreover, since unlimited bandwidth is available on the VPS server, users rest assured of faster loading times. Also, the increased bandwidth help manage high server traffic.
  3. Purpose: Shared and VPS hosting also in terms of hosting purpose. Shared hosting is preferable for websites with fixed contents or doesn’t generate a large number of traffic. Likewise, it is an excellent choice for users with personal sites, or blogs and s,mall-sized businesses. However, Dreamhost windows VPS allows users to migrate to VPS hosting with little or no stress. Also, there are limited features and functions available in shared hosting, compared to VPS hosting, which influences each hosting purpose. For business owners looking into growing the business in the nearest future, VPS hosting is a good investment.
  4. Cost: As mentioned earlier, shared hosting is less expensive than VPS hosting. You can get an affordable Dreamhost Windows VPS plan. Nevertheless, you can consider the hosting option that best suits your business, rather than cost. In the long run, your business needs to determine how much you spent on server hosting platforms. For instance, users running an online store will likely outgrow shared hosting in the nearest future.
  5. Server configuration: On shared hosting, your service provider is in charge of your server configuration.
  6. Security: Normally, reputable service providers ensure optimum security in shared hosting. The issue arises, when there is a security breach on any server hosted on the same physical machine. At this point, other servers are exposed to the same risk. Nevertheless, many shared hosting are safely guarded by the providers, but it's not as safe as VPS hosting. With Dreamhost windows VPS, you are less bothered about security breaches from other servers. More so, you can install a preferred security measure to increase your server’s safety. About security, the safety of your data matters as well. Dreamhost windows VPS has a 3-way storage system against the old RAID storage system. The 3-way storage system enables users to restore backup.

Does Dreamhost Offer Windows VPS Hosting?

There are several questions asked by many server users, especially newbies. Does Dreamhost offer windows VPS hosting? That’s a good question right there. If you are familiar with the server world, you may have heard that windows VPS hosting is more expensive than Linux hosting, which is true. Although windows hosting price varies with different service providers, you can get an affordable Dreamhost windows VPS. However, windows VPS is expensive than Linux VPS since it requires a license fee, and users don’t get community service. Thus, windows VPS is highly protected from threats or viruses.

Below are the advantages you will get from hosting your server on Dreamhost windows VPS:

  1. Easy scalability: As said earlier, Dreamhost windows VPS allows small or medium-sized companies to scale up their business quickly. Although many new businesses start with shared hosting, as time goes on, the traffic increases, and the need to increase the available resources. In shared hosting, since the resources are shared among users, it's often insufficient. Thus the need to upgrade to a better hosting plan. Moreover, scaling up can be done subsequently. For instance, we have various windows VPS plan to meet specific needs. In this case, you can choose a plan that meets your needs at the moment, which prevents you from excess spending. In nearest future, you can scale up in a bit, which is much better if you subscribe to the managed Dreamhost windows VPS.
  2. Relatively cheap: Although windows VPS isn’t as cheap as shared hosting, it’s not as expensive as dedicated hosting, coupled with the provided benefits. Windows VPS is the ice on the cake that provides the functions available on dedicated hosting, even at a lesser price. VPS hosting is often the next available option for companies who cannot afford a dedicated hosting platform. More so, your service provider can host more servers on the same physical machine to reduce the incurred charges.
  3. Increased resources: Since you are not sharing resources with other users, you can optimize your resources. More so, it is ideal for companies or business owners that are not sure of the needed resources to run the server effectively. Since only your server uses the resources, you rest assured you are channeling your money rightly. However, the type and number of servers you are hosting also determines the number of resources required to run your server. For a web hosting function, you would need a minimum of 4GB RAM, while for multiple servers, such as web hosting, mail hosting, and game server, we recommend a minimum of 32GB RAM.
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth: Another added advantage of Dreamhost windows VPS is the unlimited bandwidth available. For many new users, they enjoy the unlimited bandwidth with the given time frame. What does bandwidth mean? Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred from your server whenever a guest visits the site. With flexible bandwidth, companies can upload rich media contents without fear of overcrowding or jamming.
  5. Advanced technical setup: Windows VPS hosting, being developed by Microsoft, is often updated to the latest versions. Microsoft developed a Hyper-V hosting feature that allows users to easily navigate through the system, by providing several customer service options. Moreover, the Hyper-V is installed with a webspace with an explanatory video of what to do.
  6. Various versions available: With windows enhancement, you have varieties of windows versions to choose from, ranging from windows 2003 to the latest Windows 2020. It provides installation for almost every windows user.
  7. Windows interface: This is specifically an excellent choice for businesses that run operations in a windows environment. Although there are different interfaces used in the VPS world, the windows interface has similar icons and arrangements. This interface is used to create, manage, and publish sites. Therefore, an experienced windows OS user can quickly adapt to the windows VPS interface.
  8. Ease of Administration: Another advantage the window VPS provides is easy access for administrators to set up the control panel. Meanwhile, Windows VPS is useful for IT enthusiasts that love to work around various requirements, as it includes in-depth customization.

In conclusion, Dreamhost Windows VPS is readily available for every interested users. Moreover, our datacenters are located in well secured environment, which protect hosted servers from losing vital information and data. In addition, you can try our 7 days free trial, which provide enough insight on VPS hosting services. Contact our customer support team via email or online chat.

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