Know the difference between dedicated VPS and dedicated server and decide on which one to go for.

In the web hosting world, there are many options you can choose from. It depends on what you want and how much you have. If you want a plan of high quality, then you need to check your pocket.

The most basic hosting type is shared hosting. It is less expensive but has less efficiency and performance ability than others. If you have a personal blog or a small static site and you don't want to spend much, shared hosting is the best option.

However, if you want the best players in the hosting game, if you want more efficiency and high performance, then you should consider dedicated VPS and dedicated server.

You may want to ask, "What's the difference between dedicated server and dedicated vps?" Be patient; you'll soon understand what makes dedicated VPS different from dedicated server.

The Difference Between Dedicated Server and Dedicated VPS

Dedicated VPS

Imagine renting a block of flats in an apartment. You have your room and the facilities in the room (like a toilet and bathroom) to yourself. That's like a kind of privacy, right? Yes. However, you will need to share some facilities like electricity, swimming pool, garage and so on with other occupants in the apartment. That's a fine description of what dedicated VPS is.

Dedicated VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is where many sites utilize the same server, but each site has its personal set resource limits on stuff like bandwidth and RAM. Your site can borrow resources from other websites on the server if you've run out of resources and other sites haven't used up their allocation.

If you have a small business website or a large personal site that requires moderate resources, then dedicated VPS is highly recommended for you. Apart from you having your privacy (something everyone desires), you won't have to battle with your site slowly loading or your site crashing frequently. Dedicated VPS is able to handle large traffic on your site, and it is not too pricey.

However, there is another web hosting plan that you may want to consider, which is:

Dedicated Server

Now, you decide you are tired of sharing the swimming pool, electricity, garage and other facilities with other occupants of the apartment and you go on to rent the whole apartment to yourself. Great, isn't it? Even though that will cost you extra money, you will be in charge of everything that goes on in the apartment. You're not afraid that anyone may pollute the swimming pool or break into your flat when you're away. That's what dedicated server is about.

Dedicated server hosting is you having an entire server to yourself. You are in complete charge from the start and you can select your own resource limits. In summary, you call the shots.

If you have a medium to large business site, then dedicated server is for you. However, if you have a small business site and you want to save time and any problem, you can sign for a dedicated server. The only side to it is that you must be tech-savvy; if you're not, you may find things difficult here.

I believe you have got an understanding of the difference between a dedicated server and dedicated VPS. You're still not clear? Don't worry; just read on as we explore the two hosting plans more.

Real Advantages Of Using Dedicated VPS

Having considered the difference between a dedicated server and a dedicated VPS, you might want to know the real advantages of using dedicated VPS. Why should you use it? What benefits does it have over dedicated server? Does your business need it, or should you opt for dedicated server? These will be answered as you read on.

Dedicated VPS has its advantages, even if they are little. The following are the real advantages of using dedicated VPS:

1. Price

This is very obvious. The higher the quality of the hosting plan, the more expensive it is. VPS is more expensive than shared hosting because it has more efficiency, security and higher performance ability than it. When it comes to dedicated server, dedicated VPS is cheaper. I believe the reason is obvious--dedicated server offers the best hosting features and it should be no surprise it is more expensive.

Dedicated VPS hosting has an affordable and nice price range and you can choose the one you want.

2. Scalability

If you plant a palm tree, you expect it to grow as tall as it can be. This is what scalability is about. It is the degree to which your hosting plan can grow with your site.

Dedicated VPS is like a budding olive tree--it has a space to grow, but you can never attain the same heights as a palm tree or a great oak.

Dedicated server is like a great oak or a palm tree. Once it reaches its maximum height, it can never grow beyond that. You have all the resources, security and performance you want, and there is no room to grow again. Though you can adjust your limits every month, you have hit a glass ceiling.

So, dedicated VPS is more beneficial here. It acts as a middle man (ground) for sites who stand between requiring a shared or dedicated server plan, and you can grow your website until when you are ready to upgrade. Dedicated server, on the other hand, provides all you need at once.

3. Configuration and Customization

This may be a bit tricky as both dedicated VPS and dedicated server offer managed and unmanaged plans, and both have an adjustable resource which can be amended each month.

Unmanaged and managed plans can be explained like when you want to put some furniture together. With unmanaged plans, you are provided with the tools but you will have to do the building yourself (that can be strenuous, right?). For managed plans, on the other hand, you will be provided with the tools and it will be built and managed for you (Cool, you say? It all depends on how much you have in your pocket). Do you understand now?

However, VPS is of more advantage here because even if you have exceeded or used up your monthly resource limits, you can borrow from other websites.

Those are the advantages of using dedicated VPS. You now know why you should use it. I trust you to decide on your choice.

I know the question in your mind. You want to know which is better between the two. Don't ask me how I knew. Follow me as we compare both hosting plans. I bet it that you will know which is better by the time you've finished reading the article.


This sounds like a one-billion question. The truth is I can't absolutely say one is better than the other. It is what you or your business wants that will determine which is better than the other.

Dedicated VPS has the advantages of possessing decent performance abilities for majority of sites and being less expensive than dedicated server. However, it can't match dedicated server in performance and resource. Your features are limited since you're still sharing resources.

Dedicated server has huge resource limits and great performance. It helps save you from upgrading to a higher plan in case your website grows. It has relatively pricey monthly pricing plans and requires you possessing technical knowledge.

Now that you have seen both sides of the coin for dedicated VPS and dedicated server, we will further compare the two hosting plans under these features: resource allocation, security, performance, customization and configuration, scalability and price.

1. Resource Allocation

Let's think of resource allocation as ordering a pizza. In dedicated VPS, you all share the resources-- all the drinks, every slice, all the sides and even the dips. There is no assurance or guarantee that you'll get an extra if you need one. That doesn't mean you can't get extra, though.

However, in dedicated server, you have a pizza all to yourself (how sweet!) Your pizza may be small, medium or big (based on how much you need), but it is all yours. Yes, you will pay more for it, but you can have 100% of the resource.

Dedicated VPS is less limited. Dedicated server has the benefit of you having as much resource as you want. You don't also have to depend on someone else. You will get root access over the server and you can install extra software and edit any file on the server.

So, if you're considering resource allocation, dedicated server is better.

2. Security

Like the scenario I gave earlier of you renting a block of flats in an apartment, if another occupant leaves the door to the apartment open (that is, if another site has a security breach on your server), you might be at risk. That's what security in dedicated VPS looks like.

Dedicated server is like owning the whole apartment (not sharing your server with other websites). Even though it can still be broken into, you cannot be put at risk by other people's carelessness. Hence, it offers a greater level of protection than dedicated VPS. Though both hosting plans allow you install your own security software, with dedicated server, you are in complete control of any security breaches.

In terms of security, dedicated server is better.

3. Performance

To explain this, let's use the context of traveling. Performance is like a route. If a few people board the bus (that is, visit your site), the driver just needs to stop occasionally which means you will arrive much faster (meaning quicker loading speeds). If many people board the bus, the driver will have to stop at every destination, which will definitely slow down your journey (site).

In the web world, good performance is about how fast and how well your site loads and runs for users. In dedicated VPS, you have your personal bus (bandwidth). If your bus gets full, there's a possibility of getting another bus.

In dedicated server, you get a turbo-charged, double-checker bus, that has the ability of delivering a huge number of visitors to your site at breakneck speed. This implies that your site will be able to deal with great surges of traffic and still load on time. Dedicated VPS also offers fantastic loading speeds, but if the other sites on the site have spikes in traffic, your site may load slowly.

Dedicated server is better when it comes to performance.

4- Configuration and customization

As earlier explained, both dedicated VPS and dedicated server provide managed and unmanaged plans. They also have adjustable resource which can be adjusted monthly. With dedicated VPS, you can borrow resources from other websites if you run out of your monthly limits. Apart from this, there is nothing much between both.

6. Scalability

Dedicated VPS allows more scalability than dedicated server. It gives your website the ability to grow, something dedicated server does not allow. Once you have all the resources, security, and performance you want in dedicated server, your website cannot grow any longer.

When it comes to scalability, dedicated VPS is better.

7. Price

Like earlier said, more resources and more efficiency equate to more pricing. Dedicated VPS is less expensive than dedicated server because it is not as efficient as dedicated server.

Now, you have been exposed to the salient differences between a dedicated VPS and a dedicated server. I am certain that there is little or no doubt in your mind on which hosting plan to opt for.

Wrapping up

The web hosting plan you choose depends on what your business needs and how much you have in your pocket. If you cannot afford getting dedicated server hosting now, you can sign up for the VPS. Once you get the money, you can then upgrade. However, if you have your money and it's what your business needs, you can opt for dedicated server instead. The choice is yours!

Dedicated VPS

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