cPanel can be said to be a web hosting platform. The platform is based on a system that can carry out multiple tasks at the same time, and also can be operated by multiple users. cPanel has a graphical environment that is easy to navigate, control, and manage and allows for automation with tools specifically designed to make web hosting less cumbersome.

Furthermore, the product is built to be used either as a VPS or a dedicated server and is, therefore, used to solve hosting problems and achieve remote access. It is relatively cheap and easy to set up; hence, widely used. With VPS cPanel, you don't have to be there to keep an uptime check, as it ensures your website is available on the web for access all the time.

Therefore, the website owner does site check and other diagnostic when he chooses. He does this not because it is paramount to check but because cPanel VPS comes with management functions that help manage websites hosted on it, with this website's owner can have the leisure of doing other things or activities with free their time. In this article, we'll be discussing cPanel VPS and how to use it.

What is VPS?

A VPS refers to a system that is connected to a parent server virtually, called the host. This parent server is responsible for allocating resources to each server so that each VPS can act alone as a single operating system. Hence, VPS hosting is used to give virtualization and remote access to your website, whether on-premise or off-premise. It gives users a virtual private server that is divided into several hosting interfaces. Each VPS interface and resources such as CPU and RAM are made available to users without interference of other VPS.

VPS is a very vital aspect of website hosting. It helps keep uptime checks on your websites makes them available anywhere, reduces the webmaster's monitoring time, and provides defense against malware and viruses. In a situation where there are spikes in site traffic, ordinary hosting may not be able to keep your websites in check; this may result in server downtime and loss of resources. VPS helps to remove this disadvantage, as most VPS comes with an allocated amount of storage to keep traffic spikes in check, hence the likelihood that a server downtime would occur using VPS hosting is very low, and when these resources are not enough, the virtual private server gives the capabilities to opt for more resources by way of an upgrade, and with VPS hosting most times you pay for resources that you used hence enabling you to save money.


Many websites run applications and software that has a lot of resources in them. When these resources run on a website, the storage size used is very important and critical to the general performance of the website. When the storage allocated is used up and cannot handle the inbound traffic, that server may run at a very slow speed or may completely shut down, and may not be able to recover sites resources. cPanel VPS is made to particularly use the smaller hosting interface on a VPS. This feature enables websites hosted on VPS to run efficiently without having downtime or any form of interruption. cPanel VPS is a server that helps manage your website using just one dashboard.

cPanel VPS hosting can be said to be a configured cPanel server that enables websites and other applications and software to run in a Linux based environment. It provides resources for website servers, MySQL, DNS, email, and other resources. All of these help the website to run in its efficient mode without interruptions and make the website have completely virtualization and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The VPS cPanel is seen as a very user-friendly VPS hosting service as users’ do not require proficiency in any programming language. The platform helps you manage your websites, also has the advantage of allowing others to help you manage your websites too, but giving you the right to make the final decision in whatever implementation anybody carries out on your website.

How cPanel VPS Works

For web pages and sites to function at optimum capacity despite the amount of workload adequate storage, CPU, processors are needed. These help to prevent the webserver from crashing or malfunctioning. This brought the idea of an off-premise environment that is scalable, secure, remote, safe, and easy to use. Especially in the face of this global pandemic industries and organization are relocating their physical resources to the cloud. This move is a way of mitigating against the spread of the Covid-19 virus by reducing physical contact and using artificial intelligence models trained and hosted in a virtual private server somewhere in the world.

Hence, remote access and virtualization are encouraged in all aspects and works of life these days. VPS cPanel hosting helps to achieve this for physical structures to be moved to the cloud and be accessed anywhere in the world, with each worker given their roles as it were in a real-life situation.

Furthermore, it is a leading VPS hosting service that has been used by many. Its longevity has made its technologies to be advance, reliable, secure, and scalable. This history has made it have a strong developmental background to increase its growth and development; hence, more features are developed daily to enhance web hosting. This also ensures that the cPanel VPS server is user friendly. It also gives features and functions that make the website management and control very easy and user friendly.

VPS cPanel hosting helps in maintaining your web server memory. This enhances the function and overall performance of your web server in addition to the services it offers. This generally increases the site performance and enhances user experience; it also put the websites in the top ranks for SEO. Therefore, cPanel can make your website globally accessible and available with many visitors that would be eager and willing to buy your goods or services or generally get entertained by the content of your website. This is because it would be nice to do so, considering the speed of execution, the beautiful graphical interface, and efficient server maintenance.


cPanel is designed to have many graphical interfaces for web hosting functions. This graphical environment that allows for website hosting also allows for automation with cPanel hosting.

To use VPS with VPS cPanel, the first thing to do is purchase a VPS solution that has cPanel solutions preinstalled in it; this helps to make it easy to use instead of buying a traditional VPS without cPanel solutions or distributions in it. After this step, you will get the login credentials of the VPS solution you have already purchased after signing up with the VPS service provider and creating your account. With these credentials, you will log in to your interface. Also, credentials to access the cPanel server is sent to your email after logging into your VPS account.

For fresh VPS that does not have cPanel preinstalled in it, the following steps would serve as a guide to using a VPS cPanel.

  1. After logging into the server, you are taken to an environment where you will be asked to choose an image, select centos; this is because cPanel is programmed to work on the centos server.
  2. Select the size of the server you want to use, you may select any configuration that suits your needs and plan, but the required minimum for VPS cPanel hosting as recommended is 1 GB of RAM with 20 GB SSD. For backups of data, block storage can be selected.
  3. Furthermore, you will be required to select a data center. This is the location where your website will be hosted, and it is always advisable to choose a location closer to you; you can also select IPv6, monitoring, and private Networking.
  4. Choose a domain name.
  5. Install your cPanel on your server. To do this;
  • After you have gotten the email containing your logging details, this implies your server is ready. Make a note of the server name, server IP address, server user name, and server password.
  • First, need to install pert to make sure the server can install cPanel; after this, check to confirm that the server has a qualified domain name.
  • The next step is the installation of a wget and screen. After the installation is complete, open the screen and install cPanel
  • When the installation is complete, start the script. It usually takes about 1 to 3 hours for the script to complete execution.
  • When the above step is complete, the next thing is to configure the settings on the cPanel.
  • Access the server by entering your username and password on the WHM interface. After logging in, agree to the terms of operations and use of the WHM interface and include some basic features.
  • Add your email, set the server configuration to BIND, and scroll down to choose your server; leave the FTP VPS settings at default.
  • Click "use the file system quotas" and select the finish.
  • The final step is to pay for a VPS cPanel license. Though, first-time users are given a free trial for about 15 days, after which, you will have to pay for a license.


Yes, you do need cPanel on VPS. VPS cPanel has over the years gained popularity and has been applauded by many webmasters for its great features. It is regarded as one of the best VPS hosting services. With its user-friendly interface, it is easy to understand the work; hence a website owner without prior understanding of coding can easily set up a cPanel reading just a few instructions.

For businesses, particularly those that are new to programming or lack programming backgrounds, VPS cPanel hosting will afford you the simplicity of setting up, helping you elevate your online presence without the drudgery of writing thousands of lines of codes. cPanel on VPS has an interface and environment that are very graphical in designs; hence clients do not experience a hard time navigating and setting up their cPanel VPS server.

With its over 20years business experience, cPanel has gotten a large and dedicated customer base because of its highly efficient resources and good management abilities. With VPS cPanel, there are no complications in managing websites as you would have with other VPS hosts, so you don't have to worry about getting a bug and getting stuck trying to fix it. Its operations and setup are easy to understand and manage.

The question of whether one needs cPanel on VPS is therefore dependent on the use case of the website and what the web owner wants.You need a hosting server that is secure, reliable, cheap, and easy to set up because of its graphical interface. Also, it must not require many lines of codes before it can run, with many years of its operations which implies that help will not be far in case you get stuck in carrying out any particular implementations.

These are the benefits of using VPS cPanel:

  • The interface is graphical, which makes it beautiful and enticing with its colorful view. This makes it very easy to use and navigate and manage their website without getting confused.
  • It supports different OS. It is not limited to a particular operating system making it flexible. Hence, used by the majority of website hosting companies.
  • cPanel is relatively cheap to purchase.
  • Because of its long-standing and good records, cPanel has a very large client base. This gives clients trust to purchase its service not doubt as to the authenticity of the software.
  • Other applications that are the third party are supported by cPanel and can be installed on cPanel.
  • cPanel carries out an uptime check on its software and carries out a prompt upgrade to add features to enhance user experience.


To conclude, VPS cPanel hosting is crucial as far as website hosting is concerned; it is very reliable, affordable, secure, and scalable. It prevents downtime by creating backup storage and expanding storage when there is a spike in traffic.

VPS solutions are widely adopted worldwide because of the numerous advantages, hence for website hosting, or forex E. If you need hosting or other forms of hosting that keep your resources in an off-premise environment that can be accessed anywhere in the world, get a good VPS Cpanel hosting package, and enjoy the beauty of virtualization with enormous gain.

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