There are lots of perks that come with having a VPS. VPS offers excellent hosting options that are cheap and efficient. Amazon VPS windows is one of those you can trust with taking care of your hosting needs.

Let's a quick look at what you need to know about Amazon VPS windows.

Window Server Options

With the array of options available on Amazon VPS windows, you'd definitely get one to suit your needs. Below are some of the options available:

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 an acronym for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. It is a web service providing secure and resizable compute capacity in the cloud for Windows instances. It is created in such a way that makes web-scale cloud computing a less tasking process for developers.

With Amazon EC2, you get a broad and deep computing platform with choices of storage, operating system, processor, and purchase model. You also get 400GBps ethernet networking—the first of its kind. The simple web service interfaces let you obtain and configure capacity with reduced friction.

Additionally, with Amazon EC2, you get total control of your computing resources.

Amazon EC2 Dedicated Host

This is a physical server specially created and dedicated for your use. With this, you can take care of corporate compliance requirements.

With EC2 dedicated hosts you can use your software licenses from vendors such as Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft.

Amazon EC2 dedicated host gives you flexibility and cost-effectiveness of using your licenses. The resiliency, elasticity and simplicity of AWS are part of the additional benefits you enjoy.

Additionally, Amazon EC2 dedicated host is integrated with AWS License Manager. AWS License Manager helps with the management of the licenses of your software. This includes Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Window Server licenses.

In AWS License Manager, you can decide the licensing terms that control license usage. You also have the option of setting the preferences of your dedicated host for capacity utilization and host allocation.

AWS will take care of the administrative tasks once you complete the set up.

Amazon RDS (Relational Database)

With Amazon RDS setting up, operating, and scaling a relational database on the cloud becomes easy. Apart from this, it also provides reduced cost and resizable capacity. Plus, it makes time-consuming tasks like patching, setting up databases, and hardware provisioning automated. With the reduced time, you can focus on the security, performance, and compatibility of your application.

Available on various database instance types. RDS is well optimized for performance and memory. You also have the luxury to choose from six familiar database engines. These database engines include MySQL, Amazon Aurora, Maria DB, Oracle database, PostgreSQL, and SQL server.

Furthermore, you can replicate or migrate your existing database with Amazon RDS easily. Just use the AWS Database Migration Service.

Amazon Aurora

This is a relational database specially designedfor the cloud. Compatible with both MySQL and PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora combines the simplicity and reduced cost known with open databases and the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases.

This means you do not have to stress yourself about migrating your PostgreSQL orMySQL databases to Aurora.

Some of the features of Aurora include a self-healing, fault-tolerant storage system. The storage system can autoscale up to a whopping 128TB per database instance. It also can deliver high performance, point in time delivery, continuous backup to Amazon S3,replication across three availability zones are part of what Amazon Aurora can deliver.

Amazon Aurora is three times faster than PostgreSQL and five times than the standard MySQL database.

Another interesting feature of Amazon Aurora is that it provides security, reliability, and availability of commercial databases at a reduced cost- up to 90% reduction.

Amazon FSx for Windows server

Amazon FSx for Windows Files server is built on Windows server delivering a plethora of administrative features. This includes- end-user file restore, user quotas, and Microsoft Active Directory integration. Amazon FSx provides reliable file storage. Apart from being reliable, you can also bank on its scalablity. This can be easily accessed over standard SMB protocol ( Server Message Block).

Additionally, FSx offers single and multiple AZ deployment options,plus data encryption both at rest and in transit, and completely managed backups. The Amazon FSx file storage can be accessed through Windows, macOS, and Linux compute instances and all devices running on Premise or AWS.

To top it all, with Amazon FSx, you can optimize the cost and performance of workload needs by making use of the SSD and HDD storage options.

Amazon EBS

Amazon EBS an acronym for Amazon Elastic Block Store. This is a block-storage service created for use with Amazon EC2. It is compatible with both throughput and workloads that many transactions at any scale.

This service lets you deploy workloads like relational and non-relational databases, data analytics engines, file systems etc

You have the option of choosing from six different types of volume. This will help balance price and optimal performance. You can modify the volume types, adjust performance, increase volume size without causing disruption to your important applications. With Amazon ESB, Single-digit millisecond latency for sequential workloads like Hadoop and high-performance database workload like SAP HANA is achievable.

Amazon EBS is designed for mission-critical systems, and its volumes are replicated within an AZ. Scaling up to Petabytes of data is also very easy.

AWS License Manager

With AWS License Manager it is easy to manage the licenses of your software from vendors such as IBM, SAP, Microsoft and Oracleacross AWS and on-premise environments.

AWS License Manager makes customization of licensing rules possible for administrators. This shows the terms of their licensing agreement. With these rules in place, administrators can prevent licensing violations. You can also set a notification for infringement or stop the instance from launching.

Additionally, you can reduce the risk of non-compliance, extra cost as a result of licensing overages and misreporting. On the AWS License Manager dashboard you also get to view and control all your license.

Another benefit of using AWS License Manager is that it makes it easy to manage the licenses of your softwarethat require Amazon EC2 dedicated. Independent Software Vendors can also utilize the AWS License Manager for easy distribution and tracking of licenses.

After setting up your AWS License Manager, you do not have to worry about administrative tasks and the good thing is you enjoy AWS License at no extra cost. You are only charged for AWS resources used to run the applications.

AWS Directory Service

This is a service built on Microsoft AD (Active Directory). With AWS Directory Service there is no need to synchronize or replicate data from your AD to the cloud. Linking your Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS for SQL Server instances to your domain becomes very easy when you use this service.

You can also use AWS End User Computing Services like Amazon Workspaces, AD users, and groups. You can make use of the standard AD administration tools and exploit the inbuilt AD features such as single sign-on and Group policy.

Desktop as a Service(DaaS)

This is specifically created to cater for remote working needs. With the increase of seasonal and remote workers and the boom in the gig economy. People are working across borders, time zones, and organizations.

Traditional desktop infrastructure, such as VDI, has been unable to take care of the needs of this dynamic workforce. The complicated capacity planning, huge capital expenditures for licensing and hardware involved in VDI can take months and sometimes years to put in place.

You do not have to go through this stress, all you need to do is use the desktop on-demand with Amazon WorkSpaces. This is a Desktop as a service solution available on AWS. With this, you only have to worry about the management of your images while the infrastructure is managed for you. With just a few clicks, your desktop is scaled up or down to users all over the world.

Amazon Outpost

Coming in 2021 as announced by the company. Outpost is a fully managed service that offers the same AWS services and infrastructure, tools, and API to on-premises facility or any co-location for a constant hybrid experience.Poised to fully fit in for workloads that require migrating applications with local system interdepencies, low latency access to local data processing, data residency, and on-premises systems.

The outpost will be available as a 42U rack that is scalable from 1 to 96 racks to create. It will also be available in 1U and 2U rack-mountable servers for a location that has limited space or capacity requirements.

Amazon ECS

This is a completely managed container orchestration service. There are several advantages of using ECS to run containers. You can decide to use AWS Fargate to run your ECS clusters.

ECS is a serverless compute for containers and it helps in improving security of servers. It also eliminate the need for providing and managing servers, and you only pay for resources for each application.

Services such as Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Lex and other Amazon services are powered by ECS.

This ensures the reliability, security and availability of ECS is tested.

Additionally, ECS can integrate with other services such as Secret Manager and Amazon CloudWatch. This gives a familiar experience for deploying and scaling your containers.

It also integrates with other AWS services easily.This brings new capabilities to ECS.An example of this is that ECS gives flexibility to your applications that enables them use a mix of AWS far gate and Amazon EC2 with Spot and On-demand pricing options.

Many brands run their most sensitive and mission-critical applications using ECS. Some of the brands that make use of ECS services include Duolingo, Samsung, Cookpad and GE. This lends credence to its reliability and scalability.

Other options such as VMWare Cloud on AWS, Amazon Elastic container service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes service are all part of the rich window server options available on Amazon VPS windows.

Amazon Windows Server Cloud Security

Of course, one of the concerns that come with Hosting is security. With AWS, compromise of your data privacy is not something you have to worry about.

AWS helps you in building on a secure global infrastructure.

Plus you always have the ownership of your data.This includes the ability to encrypt and move it and also manage retention.

AWS encrypt all data that flows across its global network at physical layers before leaving secured facilities. You also get tools that make encrypting your data at rest and in transit easy.

You can ensure only authorized users have access to your system by using the keys managed by ASS Key Management System or using CloudHSM to manage your keys.

AWS is designed in a way that allows you to retain total control over the regions your data is physically located.

AWS makes it easier for you to meet core security requirements, such as confidentiality, protection, and data locality.

Automating manual security tasks is one of the perks that come with using AWS. So you can give your attention to other things. The beautiful thing is you are only charged for the services you use.

Amazon Window Server Partner Network

This is a community of people who build solutions and services using Amazon Web Services. AWS partners are spread all over the world and the community boast of tens of thousand of members

Basically, what happens is that AWS provides business, marketing, and technical support. The benefit that comes with being a partner is that you get help in building, marketing, and selling your AWS offerings.

As an AWS partner, you have an edge in enjoying everything AWS has to offer and speed up your journey to the cloud.

Being an AWS partner will help find and connect with partners with deep AWS expertise.

Either you provide professional consulting or you have a software solution that runs or is integrated with AWS. APN is the perfect path to build, market, and sell.

There you have the important information you need to know about Amazon VPS Windows. There are several features available on Amazon VPS Windows, and you would always get one to suit your need.

Amazon VPS Windows

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