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First and foremost, let us start with the basic understanding of the VPS. Some of you may already know that this term is shortened from a virtual private server. A virtual server originates from the partition of a physical server where the user has full access to the assigned resources without having to share them like in a shared hosting platform.

What are the Benefits of Utilizing VPS?

We will show you the advantages that you can get when you utilize VPS hosting, such as:
  1. Enhance Loading Speed: Higher bounce rate still one of the biggest nightmare when you run a business website. VPS able to mitigate this issue for you.
  2. Dedicated Server Resources: Since VPS hosting plans provide its user with dedicated resources. It means you have your own CPU cores, Memory, Bandwidth, NVMe, and up to 200 GB SSD storage.
  3. Server Admin for Control and Privacy: You will get full control over your server, from the database, files, and stored information.
  4. Simple Scalability: We can assist you when you want to scale your server with bigger resources.
  5. Dedicated IP Address:, as your VPS provider, will provide you with IPv4 and IPv6 at a fair price.

In addition, there are other benefits that you can have when you sign up with our VPS plans, those are:

  • You do not have to worry about your VPS performance because our VPS plans are supported with cloud server infrastructure. Therefore, it is able to maintain the operation of several websites.
  • Full root access to the server and web hosts control panel
  • Lower price compared to physical server usage and its maintenance

Of course, some of you may say that shared hosting or web hosting services are a reasonable option, especially for those that just start using hosting services.

However, since the users have to share the resource fairly, you will not have the above advantages in shared hosting. On the other hand, utilizing a VPS plan requires its user to have the required knowledge to configure, manage and maintain a VPS server.

At the point where you think that your shared account is unable to sustain your website, then you may need to upgrade to a hosting plan that can provide a larger resource than shared hosting. But you do not need to go for a pricey hosting plan like a dedicated server. Hence, a VPS server that stands between shared and dedicated hosting should be a much rational option for you. In fact, you can go for the managed VPS, other VPS hosting services if you think that you do not have the required knowledge to monitor the server. Lastly, the VPS hosting plans of have the money-back guarantee procedure, so you can have the freedom to choose the hosting plan that suits you the most. You should take note that many VPS providers do not offer their customers a money-back guarantee.

Free VPS Hosting: Things that you should pay attention

Suppose that you are a developer or business owner who is interested in utilizing VPS to enhance your IT department. Then you may want to go for the free VPS trial first before you work with the real one. From there, you will learn a thing or two about VPS management and its advantages for your interest. In this case, we provide a list of things that you should look out for when you try a free VPS plan:

  • Location of the Server

By using the free VPS hosting, you will know the location of your server. At, we have more than 15 locations scattered across the globe from United States, United Kingdom to some countries in the Asia Pacific.

  • Performance

From a free VPS trial, you can test the server performance directly. For instance, you can run the website to see the server handle the traffic and its processing speed. Based on your free VPS trial, you will know which VPS hosting plans that can support your needs.

  • Server (OS) Operating System

Signing up for a certain VPS plan, the provider will provide you with the operating systems alternatives that you are free to choose. We offer Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows VPS hosting, and so forth.

  • Disk Space

Disk space or storage is one of the essential aspects of a VPS. Hence, when you are still looking for an appropriate VPS package for your project. Then having a free VPS trial is a good idea.

  • Security

Since it is a free VPS trial, you may think that free VPS would also "free" from security. In contrast, when you sign up with free VPS trial, we provide you with almost the same security level as the paid ones.

Take advantage of our Free VPS Trial

You can now start adding up the advantages of a private VPS completely free of charge. That's because we are now offering a 1-day trial and 7-day trial - the choice is yours! Whether you are an SME that is assessing the right server package to help you grow or are a larger company that wants to tighten up its IT infrastructure, we are here with the best VPS solution for your organization. Flexibility is the key- with a server from us, you are complete' future proofed' and only pay for what you need, not what you don't.

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We are confident, as one of the best web hosting companies, that after a day or week using our trial VPS solution, you will see why so many businesses are able to improve their operational efficiency thanks to a virtual private server. Over the course of the trial, you can pick and choose the services which are most suited to your needs - it's a chance to tailor your VPS solution to your own requirements completely. There is no fee, no credit card required, and absolutely no obligations - this is your opportunity to assess the many benefits of a VPS solution.

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Trial VPS Web Hosting Services and features also include

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No dropouts, no slowdown

Some of the common frustrations associated with servers are negated by VPS solutions. Whether it is slow speed, poor latency, or unreliable connections, you can benefit from the rapid 40 Gbit Mellanox network which we offer, allied with high-performance Intel E5 processors. It is part of an unmatched networking and hardware infrastructure which gives you so much more than simply reliable storage, the benefit which many alternative server packages hang their hat on. Wave goodbye to the bottlenecks and slowdown, which can disrupt your business activities.

VPS control at your fingertips

Free VPS servers shouldn't be so complicated that they are only able to be operated by your hosting provider. Take your Free SSD VPS Trial, and you will see just how simple things can be thanks to the user-friendly control panel, which the solution features, giving you plenty of options at your fingertips. It's an intuitive interface for VPS solution management that cuts down on the number of clicks needed to perform key tasks - from upgrading your package to setting up private networks and actioning firewalls. It all goes towards saving you valuable time.

free vps trial

3-way storage which won't let you down

If you are looking at a VPS solution that seems to have a dream price tag, it probably is too good to be true! That's because many VPS hosting providers seek to cut costs by using outdated hardware, such as older RAID drives. If you want to avoid the slowness and unreliability which can often go hand in hand with these sub-par solutions, then try a genuinely high-performance VPS Server Free with our 1-day trial.

We are here for you

During your Free VPS Server trial with us, please take a look at the complete support package which comes along with our Linux or Windows VPS solutions. That means a 24/7 chat service which ensures that there is always a trained professional on hand to answer queries and respond to any issues in the event that they arise. It's a quick, responsive service that doesn't leave you hanging around waiting for an email to be answered. Our technical team is there to provide reassurance and keep your Windows Server VPS solution working to its full potential.

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