Power Up Your Savings and Your Website with VPSServer's Rockstar Referral Program!

Power Up Your Savings and Your WebsiteFed up with clunky shared hosting that drags your website down like a snail on Ambien? Tired of unreliable servers that crash more often than your New Year's resolutions?

Get prepared for an exhilarating journey because VPSServer is poised to revolutionize your online experience (and boost your financial prospects) with an unbeatable combination of lightning-fast hosting and an enticing referral program that empowers you to generate substantial profits.

Picture your website racing like Usain Bolt, effortlessly outpacing the competition. That's the level of speed and dependability you can expect from VPSServer's virtual private servers.

You get your own dedicated slice of the server pie; no more sharing resources with hungry neighbors, slowing you down.

Adjust your settings with the finesse of a tech expert, tailor every detail to match your website's distinct requirements, and witness your pages soar to the highest ranks in Google search results.

And here's the delightful bonus: VPSServer not only delivers an exceptional hosting experience but also incentivizes you for spreading the word among your friends and colleagues. Here's how it operates:

  • Become a Virtual Server Power Broker

    Joining is both free and simple. Just click the "sign up" button. You're a Rockstar Referral Machine with your own personalized link.

  • Spread the Virtual Private Server (VPS) Gospel

    Spread the word about your link by publishing it on social media, emailing it to your tech-savvy pals, discussing it with family and friends over dinner, or even shouting it from high vantage points.

  • Watch the Credits Flow

    Every time someone signs up with your link, you earn a recurring credit on their hosting fees. That's right, free cash every month—enough to save yourself months of subscriptions and instead buy yourself a new phone, a fancy gadget, or maybe even another virtual private server (VPS) for your growing online empire.

  • Double Whammy Bonus

    You not only earn money through referrals but also secure an exclusive 25% lifetime discount on your personal virtual private server plan. It's a rare opportunity indeed!

  • But wait, there's more!

    VPSServer isn't just about speed and commissions. We are the Gandalf of customer support, always there with a helping hand (or keyboard) 24/7. Need to tweak your server settings? Got a security question? Their team of technical experts possesses exceptional capabilities akin to those of formidable superheroes, poised to swiftly intervene and rescue the situation.

  • And the choices!

    VPSServer has plans for everyone, from bloggers with tiny websites to online businesses with empires bigger than a dragon's hoard. You can scale your server resources up or down as needed, making it as flexible as a yoga instructor on a bender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may enroll in the VPS Server program?

Anyone who is already a VPSServer user or client.

Get started by sign up for a free account and to begin earning credits. Your primary task is to provide your referral link to your contacts and explain the benefits of VPSServer.

Do I have to have a VPSServer account already to join?

Absolutly, you will need an active VPSServer account to participate in the program and receive your referral code.

Creating an account is easy, requiring only a little amount of time. You will be able to access your own dashboard after your account ready.

What is the procedure for registering and obtaining my referral link?

You may enroll and obtain your referral link by adhering to these straightforward instructions:

  • Please visit the VPSServer website and access the "Referral Program" link situated at the topmost section of the webpage.

  • Following that, kindly fill out the registration form with your personal details, which should include your full name, email address, and your chosen password. Alternatively, you also have the option to register using your Google or Facebook credentials.

  • Kindly access your email inbox where you should find a confirmation link. Please proceed to click on this link in order to activate your newly created account.

  • After successfully activating your account, please proceed to log in to your personal dashboard. Within the designated "Referral Program" section of your dashboard, you will find a distinctive referral link.

  • Kindly duplicate and subsequently insert this referral link, ensuring its accessibility for sharing with your acquaintances and contacts through a variety of channels, including email, social media, or any other preferred mode of communication."

Is it permissible for me to employ a singular referral link for the purpose of referring multiple individuals?

Indeed, you are permitted to utilize the same distinctive link for the purpose of referring multiple individuals. There exist no restrictions concerning the quantity of individuals you may refer.

It is important to highlight that you can refer individuals from diverse countries and regions since VPSServer boasts 16 data centers located across the globe.

Given that VPSServer offers an array of virtual private server plans that vary in features and pricing, you have the flexibility to recommend them to individuals with varying hosting requirements and financial means. If you bring a lot of of new customers, you will gain access to our exclusive program.

Is there a maximum credits that I can acquire?

There is limit to the quantity of credits you can accumulate. Your ability to obtain credits is contingent upon your proficiency in identifying suitable leads and successfully referring them.

With your credits, you can purchase hosting for yourself or upgrade to a different VPS hosting plan.

How long do earned credits last?

Your earned credits will never expire. You have the option to utilize these credits for either upgrading or downgrading your plan. The credits accrued may be preserved for future utilization as per your requirements.

How can I monitor my referrals and accrued credits?

You will have access to a comprehensive record of the referrals you have facilitated and the credits to your account. With simple clicks, you able to view the quantity of sign-ups and conversions that your referral link has produced, along with the corresponding amount of credit and complimentary hosting services you have acquired.

Additionally, you will find detailed information pertaining to each individual referral, including their name, email address, subscription plan, and current status.

How may I proceed with the redemption of my credits towards my hosting plan?

Follow the steps below to redeem your credits:

  • Log in to your account and than go to the "Referral Program" section.

  • Click the "Redeem Credits" button, and select the hosting plan intend to allocate your credits.

  • Enter the desired quantity of credits for application and proceed by clicking on the "Apply Credits" button.

  • Lastly, confirm your order to avail yourself of the benefits associated with your discounted hosting plan.

May I inquire if it is possible to utilize credits as a means of remitting payment for the initial month of hosting services?

Absolutly, you have option to use your credits to cover the expenses with your inaugural month of hosting. It is permissible to utilize credits up to an amount equivalent to the cost of your first month's hosting, thereby obtaining a discount equal to the credit's value. This approach serves as an advantageous means of both testing VPSServer services and economizing financial resources simultaneously.

Is there a specific credit threshold for redemption?

There are no minimum amount of credit you can redeem. You can use any quantity of credits.

What occurs when I possess an excess of credits compared to my hosting plan's expenses?

You have the flexibility to apply the surplus credits towards your upcoming billing cycle or opt for a different hosting plan, there is no expiration date, affording you the freedom to utilize them at your convenience.

Can I transfer my credits to another account?

No, you cannot transfer your credits to another account. Your credits are linked to your account and your referral link. You can only use your credits for your own hosting plan or for a new hosting plan. You cant use your credits for other.

Is it okay to post my referral link on social networking sites?

Using your referral link on social media sites can be very successful way to promote your link.

Do you possess any promotional resources or materials that I could utilize to boost awareness about the program?

Yes, we have some marketing materials that you can use to promote the program. You can use our ready-made banners and widgets to display your link on your blog or landing page. You can also use our social media posts to send your link to your contacts.

Is there a community forum or group for VPSServer affiliates?

You are welcome to join our active community by joining either our Facebook group or our Discord server. Connect with fellow affiliates, share useful insights, and learn from industry professionals.

Can I contact you with any program-related questions?

Yes, please contact us if you have any queries regarding the program.

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Again, what’s better than a great web hosting provider? Web hosting that pays you

Say goodbye to the days of sluggish websites and frustrating shared hosting. Experience the ultimate speed and reliability with our virtual servers. No more distractions, just seamless performance.

And no more paying for the entire physical server that you don’t need and can’t afford. By employing a virtual private server, one is exclusively billed for the utilization of server resources, thus resulting in cost savings and a reduction in associated inconveniences.

We encourage you to verify this independently.

See for yourself why our virtual server and referral program are the best things since sliced bread:



Hosting Solutions

Experience the exhilarating balance of freedom and control

Experience the exhilarating balance of freedom and control

Be a VPS Whisperer

Show off your tech-savvy skills and knowledge by confidently recommending virtual server solutions and guiding your friends to hosting success. You’ll be the go-to person for all things web hosting.

Build Your Savings Empire

Think of your referrals as building blocks for a long-term credit stream. With our recurring commissions, you’ll get credit every month for every friend who stays with us.

The more you refer, the more you save on your future subscriptions.

Effortless Tracking & Insights

Effortless Tracking & Insights

We ensure that you remain well-informed by offering a user-friendly dashboard that enables you to monitor your referrals, conversions, and credits in real-time. Below, we have outlined several features that you can take advantage of:

Detailed analytics

You can see how many clicks, sign-ups, and conversions your link has generated and how much credit and free hosting you have earned.

Referral source breakdowns

You can see where your referrals are coming from and which channels are the most effective for promoting your link.

Tips and tools

You can access helpful tips and tools to help you optimize your referral strategy and increase your conversions.

Frictionless Payouts

We don’t make you wait. We update your credit balance as soon as your referrals’ subscriptions are confirmed.

Security measures

We use encryption and verification methods to ensure that your information is safe and secure. We also comply with all the relevant laws and regulations regarding online payments.

Thinking about how you can convince your folks more?

Thinking about how you can convince your folks more?

Let them know our hosting solutions don’t mess around with speed. We're talking rocket-fuel processors, memory that moves like lightning, and storage that never quits. Here's how it works:

We only use CPUs, which are the heavyweight champs of processor power.

Crank up any workload, from a tiny blog to a monster e-commerce site, and watch your site handle it with a yawn.

Get to enjoy top-of-the-funnel DDR4 RAM, the ultimate memory upgrade.

Think of it as a superhighway for your website's data. Everything zips around at breakneck speed; no traffic jams are allowed.

We spice things up with NvME SSD storage—the flash-fast storage you deserve.

Ditch the creaky hard drives and say goodbye to lag. Your website will boot up in a blink, and loading times will make your visitors do a double-take.

Unlimited traffic because freedom is beautiful.

No more counting clicks or worrying about extra charges. Your website and those of your friends can handle the crowds, from a trickle to a tsunami, without breaking a sweat. You even get to choose your own operating system,

If you think deeply about this, what we offer isn't just about raw power; it's about peace of mind!

You will benefit from unwavering reliability and uninterrupted uptime, ensuring the continuous availability of your website whenever you require it. Furthermore, our dedicated support team remains readily available to address your inquiries and provide enthusiastic assistance.

Why Us?

Why usThere are tons of virtual private servers run by different hosting websites out there. So why should you choose us over other VPS web hosting services and programs, or even go ahead and promote us?

Here’s why!

Unlike other web hosting services, we give you the best of both worlds: the speed, reliability, and security of dedicated hosting and the affordability and flexibility of shared hosting.

We offer a fully managed VPS hosting solution, so you can customize your server configuration, choose from 16 cloud locations, and install any operating system or software that you want.

And because you won't be relying on a single physical server, unlike shared hosting, our VPS are highly reliable.

Unlike other VPS hosting providers, VPS Server gives you the most generous and rewarding commission structure: you earn some credits for every friend who signs up for a virtual server hosting plan using your link.

In the event that you may not have been aware, it is important to note that there are no restrictions imposed on the quantity of credit one can accumulate or the number of referrals to friends that can be made.

But don’t take too long to join the ride. This offer won’t be there forever.

If you miss this opportunity, you’ll miss out on a great free hosting service. And you’ll also miss out on a lot of fun and satisfaction.

You see, our referral program is not only a great way to save money and earn some free hosting. Take it as a perfect way to help your friends and contacts get the best web hosting service for their websites and applications.

You’re inadvertently setting them up for success. Success with the best hosting company out there.

Our dedicated customer support team without delay.

Our VPS servers maintain an appropriate equilibrium in this regard.

Gain full root access control with dedicated server resources, allowing you to easily install custom software, efficiently manage server resources, and customize the operating system to suit your specific requirements.

In essence, you get dedicated resources using virtualization technology, which puts you in complete control of choosing the operating system, control panel, and software that you need.

Please be assured that your hosting environment will be maintained in a secure manner and meticulously optimized to ensure optimal performance.

What are you presently awaiting? We cordially invite you to Sign up for a free account today, at which point you will receive your personalized referral link. Share your link with your friends and save money for every signup.

Here's the scoop on the program

  • Easy as pie: Share your link, watch them sign up, and boom! Commissions roll in.

  • Transparent tracking: Your dashboard is your kingdom. Track referrals, earnings, and everything in between like a pro.

  • No strings attached: Anyone is welcome to participate, regardless of their prior experience with VPSServer. The greater the extent to which you engage and share, the greater your potential for earnings becomes. This principle can be succinctly summarized as follows: the more you share, the more you accrue.

  • VPS Server for everyone: Choose from different VPS hosting plans that are perfect for bloggers, businesses, or your next coding masterpiece.