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VPSServer.com (Kamatera Inc), founded in 1995 and located in United States (315 Madison Ave, New York City, New York, 10017, United States). is committed to simplicity with our dedicated server virtual machine.

We connect our customers with high-quality virtual private server (VPS server) services at competitive prices. With sixteen locations worldwide we are an expansive firm we are an expansive brand that behaves like a boutique business—providing top-level customer service, shared hosting, and unimpeachable VPS hosting to all of our customers, no matter where they are located. We have a global presence with 20 locations, beginning in Miami and extending to various other destinations around the world. We provide hosting services that offer globally accessible servers with minimal latency and cost-effective pricing.

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Say goodbye to slow servers and VPS Hosting For Virtual Server Services

We promise our customers excellence in virtual server speed. Time, after all, is money. We understand that you need virtual private servers that neither lag nor grow inflexible. That is why we provide optimized packages for our web hosting service. We ensure that our server resources are equipped with the latest technology. Choose the VPS hosting plan that makes sense for your business, and proceed secure in the knowledge that your company is running at its maximum capacity. For dedicated hosting done right, the solution is simple. Tryout our optimized single physical server operating systems and benefit from a smoother experience than ever before.

Operating Systems

Many Operating Systems

When it comes to selecting the right dedicated hosting system, you should not feel boxed in by a narrow range of options. That is why we provide our hosting solutions customers with more than 100 templates to browse and choose from. Our virtual servers operating system templates include: Windows Server, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine Linux, ArchLinux, ClearOS, CloudLinux, Fedora, Gentoo, Mageia, Openfiler, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, AlmaLinux, Scientific Linux, and Suse Enterprise. Additionally, we have application servers for specially prepared templates. When it comes to our VPS web hosting services, the sky truly is the limit. Don’t get boxed in by your physical server. Choose a solution that recognizes your own operating system needs.

Worldwide locations

Worldwide locations for Virtual Private Server Services

We have 20 locations spread throughout the planet, designed to provide low-latency VPS hosting support. Our data centers are currently positioned in: Miami, Atlanta, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York City, Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Seattle, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Dallas, Hong Kong, and Japan. Our journey as a top level VPS hosting service began in 1995 in Miami and we haven’t stopped growing since. Customers worldwide keep coming back for one simple reason: Our VPS hosting services are unmatched, our customer service is without rival, and our prices are fair, making us the best VPS hosting provider available. When it comes to selecting VPS hosting plans, never settle.

Full in control storage

Full control Web Hosting Provider Storage

You need security. Privacy. Cost efficiency. Our VPS hosting services provide these features and more through a storage platform that is blocked by 99.9 percent operational time. This ensures that any data uploaded to your virtual server is both accessible and secure.

The result is a durable physical server experience you can trust. Protected by a threefold data replication mechanism, our dedicated server and web hosting service ensures that the system will work continuously without interruption, no matter what. Even in the face of multiple drive failures or unnoticed data corruption, our VPS servers are there for you, doing exactly what you need them to do.

Clear mission and vision

We aspire to empower our VPS web hosting customers. Our goal is to give our clients and partners with high-quality, secure, dependable, and economical hosting solutions and services for virtual private servers.

User Friendly GUI Control Panel

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The control panel we use enables customers to initiate server deployment, offering a wide range of functions and features for customization. We take advantage of Kernel-based Virtual Machine virtualization technology and offer a wide range of different operating systems, along with bulk order, additional options, Three distinct server alternatives, DNS service, two-way implementation, floating IPs, API, payment methods, and referral system. But why should take our word for it? If you are a new customer, don’t forget to take advantage our our free one-day trial. No credit card information is needed and you can start right away. Alternatively, should you choose to share your payment information with us, we can grant you an extended trial period of seven days, granting access to our 8GB package, alongside a host of exclusive discounts and benefits reserved for our valued long-term contract subscribers.

Easy to understand control panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Who operates VPSServer.com?

Global Cloud Infrastructure is the company who operates VPSServer.com. We are located in the United States (315 Madison Ave, New York City, New York, 10017, United States).

What kinds of server hosting services are available through VPSServer.com?

We offers comprehensive managed hosting services for virtual private servers throughout Linux and Windows-based platforms. If you’d like to learn a little bit more but aren’t finding it here, feel free to Search for it on our search page.

From when VPSServer.com providing services?

VPSServer.com began providing customer support in 1995.

Where can I discover the precise whereabouts of VPSServer.com's data center facilities?

VPSServer.com's data center facilities are strategically positioned across key regions in United States, Asia, and Europe.

VPSServer.com offers what kinds of storage?

VPSServer.com provides hybrid storage, SSD, and NVMe.

Is there customer service at VPSServer.com?

Absolutely! Our array of customer service offerings encompasses round-the-clock live chat assistance and reliable email support, available at your convenience. Click here to take a look at our reviews.

Are there any initial fees linked to hosting with VPSServer.com?

There are no setup costs for our fully managed VPS hosting.

Is it possible for nonprofits to receive discounts from VPSServer.com?

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us via email to explore the potential eligibility criteria for our discount offerings.

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