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The setup for ading a VPSServer server is very easy — the entire process can take as little as a minute! This tutorial will walk you through creating and accessing your new server.


This tutorial will assume ethe following:

  • That you have a VPSServer account. If you dont have it yet you can register here[1].
  • That you have confirmed your billing details to VPSServer.

Once all is ready we can now start creating our first VPS server.

Logging in and Adding a VPS server

To go to the client area you must go to this link[2] and login using your registered email and password.

Once you are inside click on Add Server on the left Menu. You will then be redirected to another page.

Enter Server Hostname

Enter the hostname of the server you will create in the hostname field.

Select a Size for the VPS

Select the size of the VPS server based on your requirements. There is a wide spectrum for prices, power, and storage capacity. The smallest and least expensive option starts at 512MB of RAM with 1 CPU and 20GB of SSD storage. The size options grow larger from there, all the way up to 64GB of RAM with 20 CPUs and 640GB of SSD storage. Should your needs change at a future point, you can adjust your Droplet's plan using the flexible and permanent resize options.

Select Image

Create from several operating systems, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Archlinux and CentOS. Be sure to select the image of your choice (specifying the version and 64 bit or 32 bit) in the dropdown.

Additional Options

As of writing this guide the current option available for the country is USA only, but I am optimistic that will expand further to include several countries into the fold.

For the additional options, you can select the backup plan for daily and weekly as well as IPV6 connection.

Once you are satisfied with the result you click on Create Server button below to start the server creation process.

Managing your Server

Once the server creation is complete you can click on the Servers menu on the left to manage your server. You can reboot, resize, schedule backups, modify the network, open the console or even destroy the server.

Power: This menu enables the vps owner to reboot, power off or stop the server. Please note that stopping the server will result in a hard shutdown and turn off your server ungracefully.

Resize: This menu enables you to select a new plan for the server basically resizing the server based on your needs.

Back-Ups: You will see your scheduled backups in this menu. You can also schedule backups as well as create backups.

Graphs: This will show your current bandwidth in graphs for 48 hours, 14 days, 1 month or for a year.

Network & RDNS: Will enable you to see the current network settings as well as adding local network and ipv6 address.

Logs: Shows you all the logs for the particular server.

Console: opens up the web console for managing your vps thru the command line from the web browser.

Destroy: This menu is for destroying your server. Confirm by typing the word 'DESTROY' and by clicking the DESTROY button.


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