What will be the probable location of Indian server?

Hello, We hope India will be getting a server very soon. My query is on the location you are planning to establish it. Will it be in the central part of India or southern part? Thank you.

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  • VPSServer.com - Jeroen

    - 5 years ago


    At the moment India is still in our "go to" list. Our preferred location is Bangalore.

    What is your preferred location?

  • Bhaskar

    - 5 years ago

    My preferred location is Kolkata sir.

  • praetorian03

    - 4 years ago

    The best places in India would be New Delhi(North India), Mumbai(West India) and Hyderabad/Bangalore(South India). These places are unique in terms of environment, infrastructure availability and Global Internet Gateways wise. Any of these location can be set as DC/DR and you would get the least latency across India.