You have a fantastic business and a voice that will shake the world.However, before you can support it with a website, you need to decide on which hosting plan is best. There are two main types of hosting plans, shared hosting and VPS, and there is a vast difference between the two.

You need to carefully evaluate the options at hand and the one more ideal for your site. However, VPS makes the most sense if you need something that would last for a while, scale up your website, manage your traffic, and meet your immediate need. Let’s check out why VPS server hosting is best over other types of hosting.

Why VPS Server Hosting?

If you are thinking long-term for your business or are optimistic about generating a lot of traffic to your website, you need VPS hosting. It gives you more bandwidth and space. Even better, you can get all the necessary power for optimal performance with VPS despite the traffic volume.Its high components will keep your website running well as well.

VPS reliability and stability will cut down the threat of downtime. Many companies lose over $2.5 yearly when unexpected downtime occurs. So, it’s preferable and safer to work with VPS. With VPS hosting, you can also grow your website over time without encountering many setbacks in the process. There is also lots of flexibility as your website grows.

The control is also an added advantage. VPS hosting gives you more control levels. Moreover, you can configure the specifications settings if you have some understanding of the technical skill. This makes VPS attractive since shared hosting doesn’t have this feature.

That understood, with many VPS hosting plans, you’ll still get reliable customer support. For instance, you can easily reach out to customer support whenever you encounter a problem outside your realm of knowledge.

Finally, while shared hosting is secured, you can get better security on a VPS package. VPS hosting affords you to have standard security measures. With the rise in cybercrime damage, projecting higher yearly, strict security cannot be overlooked.Therefore, VPS hosting is a valuable asset for businesses where security is prioritized.

When to select VPS Hosting

  • Your business is large or medium-sized.
  • You are running a well-established company.
  • When you have long term plans to expand your industry over the years.
  • It will help if you need bandwidth and significant space to contain visitors and generate a huge traffic volume to your website.
  • You seek 24/7 support for your website.
  • You are stable enough to shoulder paying for VPS hosting.
  • You want to set up the little details of your server and assume maximum control.
  • You’re anticipating better security beyond the scope of shared hosting.

Ultimately, no option is better than the other. Your individual needs and budget decide which is better. However, shared hosting is in most cases ideal for smaller businesses and individuals. It requires little effort and is quite practical.

VPS, on the other hand, is excellent for large and medium businesses.It attends to their immediate needs, allows for scalability if necessary. VPS enables us to maintain upward growth and meet up customer demands.

Is There Any Free VPS?

Although it seems unbelievable, yes, there are many accessible free VPS.But a free VPS cannot be compared to top host plans in terms of functionality. It can, however, be an excellent way to try server management and configuration.

You can find a free VPS trial from renowned host providers if you don’t want to sign up yet for the paid plans. There are many options, and even giant cloud hosting brands like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, and Google Cloud Platform unbelievably offer free packages.

Using the free unmanaged VPS package will afford you time to conclude which platform might meet your business or individual needs in the long run. However, it would be best if you took precautions about sharing your payment information or personal data, as overtime, many have fallen for the scam disguised as a VPS package.

You need not fear as this review contains a list of legit free VPS hosting.

1. AcuWeb Hosting

Although not free for life, AccuWeb Hosting provides one of the rare trustworthy and reliable free VPS hosting solutions. Even better, the hosting comes alongside a Windows operating system. AccuWebHosting boasts having over 15,000 VPS under management and has been in full-service operation for the past 14 years.

The requested software for initial setup includes Microsoft SQL, latest ASP.NET frameworks, etc. (doesn’t needs credit card). With AcuWeb Hosting, you can 30 days of free VPS hosting.


  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 35GB
  • CPU cores: 2
  • Bandwidth: 500GB
  • IP address: 1
  • Operating system: Windows 2012/2008

2. Kamatera

Kamatera offers only a one-month free hosting plan, but you’ll have loads of resources to work with.Website owners will get free VPS configurations worth $100, plus 1000 GB of traffic outgoing, and cloud block storage of 1000 GB.

Moreover, each cloud VPS server is packed with an easy management console, modern solid-state drives, and all-day support.


  • RAM: 1-32 GB
  • Storage: 20 GB – 1 TB SSD
  • CPU cores: 1-16
  • Bandwidth: 5 TB
  • IP address: 1-4
  • Operating system: Windows options and 59 Linux

3. GigaRocket

GigaRocket offers free VPS to users who participate and join their community forums. Website owners will be required to join the online message board with over 90,000 members and drop 25 posts before they are eligible to get a free VPS account.The company asks that users make 15 posts regularly to continue using the free service.

Although the specifications are not super compared to some of its competitors, the available range of Linux operating systems is impressive. GigaRocket hopes to assist developers and students with opportunities to develop their Linux server management skills. This company is a trusted option.



  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 25GB
  • CPU cores: 1
  • Bandwidth: 150GB
  • IP address: 2
  • Operating system: Debian Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, or Suse

4. X10Hosting

Powered by SingleHop architecture, this company’s cloud-based platform provides bandwidth for scalability and unlimited storage for user’s websites. X10Hosting has rapid deployment and prioritizes simplicity and speed. Beginners will especially appreciate the one-click software installations, simple cPanel interface, and flexible resources.

With over 15 years of operation, it can be said that x10Hosting is one of the main frontiers of the free server industry.


  • RAM: 512MB
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • IP address: 1
  • Operating system: Linux


VPSWALA, created in 2013 has 15 datacenter stations globally and hosts thousands of user’s websites. The company is aimed at helping aspiring developers, students without requesting credit card details. Moreover, VPSWALA is supported by Intel SSD storage and boasts of its performance and reliability while at the same time guaranteeing never to overprice its package.

VPSWALA also produced a custom control panel that provides customers with the ability to install different software scripts or operating systems, access server stats, reboot, turn servers on or off, and log into root access.


  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 30GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 1TB
  • CPU cores: 2
  • IP address: 1
  • Operating system: Linux or windows

6. WoomHost

WoomHost provides an unrestricted number of free hosting accounts whether you need a VPS solution, cloud, or shared hosting. The company’s VPS plan comes with free domain registration, two CPU cores, bandwidth, ample storage, and excellent customer support.


  • RAM: 2GB to 4GB
  • Storage: 120GB to 165GB
  • Bandwidth: 1.5TB
  • CPU cores: 2
  • IP address: 1
  • Operating system: Linux or windows

Do note that free VPS is usually the unmanaged type. This implies that you’re in full control of security, configuration, backups, patches, updates, and other server management and maintenance.

More so, the free VPS hosting solution has limited storage and a limited number of CPU core. This might pose trouble in the long run.It is therefore recommended that you eventually switch to a paid package for optimum performance.

What is VPS hosting?

If you seek a hosting solution for your website, a VPS hosting solution is one of the popular options for you to choose from.VPS is short for Virtual Service Provider. It gives you dedicated server resources with other users employing a virtualization technology.

VPS is more reliable and secure than shared hosting and ideal for small-scale businesses. Moreover, you won’t need a dicated server space. VPS hosting provides more than a single hosting package. It is preferred by users who have large traffic that cannot be managed by shared hosting.

How does VPS hosting work?

Where databases and files required for your website are stored on the computer are usually referred to as servers. VPS solution gives you a virtual server that replicates a physical server, but in the real sense, the server is shared by multiple users.An online visitor who wants to surf your website browser sends a request to your server. It then transmits the needed files through the internet.

Your hosting plan uses virtualization technology to install a virtual layer on the operating system of the server.This layer shares the server into compartments and lets each user install their software and OS. What differentiates a server from other servers is the OS level.

Thus, a virtual private server (VPS) is both personal and virtual because you are in full control. It’s like when you want to avoid a reboot while making compartments on your computer to run more than one operating system.

Using a VPS allows you to configure your site with trusted resources within a protected arena that doesn’t have to be shared with other users.Moreover, it gives you the same root-level access as though you are using a dedicated server at a friendlier cost.

Pros of VPS

  • Exclusive root access to your server.
  • A virtual server is reliable and faster than shared hosting.
  • Full stability of available resources such as processing power and memory.
  • You are free from traffic surges and other issues affecting other servers.
  • Advanced protection, as you can easily lock your database and files from other users.
  • Your CPU, bandwidth, disk space can easily be scaled as your server grows.

If you anticipate a spike in traffic sometimes on your website, for example, an eCommerce website selling products at a discounted price, a VPS hosting plan can be a great option. Besides, another heavy resource site like game servers will perform at their optimum on a virtual server.

You should consider getting VPS hosting for your site if you seek a business scale, dependable hosting solution at an affordable price.

Where can I get a VPS?

So you have heard about how great VPS is, and you are wondering where to get one? VPS is easy to purchase.You can get it from a hosting provider company.

Hosting company

As an extension for web hosting services, many companies provide Virtual private server (VPS) of different plans and packages to users. However, this might meet many challenges in multiple users’ virtual environments when licensing proprietary software. Also, do note that with self-managed hosting, users are in full charge of the server even without having server management skills.

Many customers experience another hurdle when selecting the right VPS providers, especially when faced with streaks of features and pricing. However, here are some of the best providers to get a VPS solution from:

  • Nexcess:perfect for growth and scaling
  • SiteGround: Great Customer Service
  • Inmotion: Best VPS solution
  • WP Engine: WordPress Hosting
  • GreenGeeks: unique Eco-Friendly Hosting
  • A2 Hosting: Reliable and fast Shared Hosting
  • HostGator:perfect for minimal functions
  • Hostinger:Affordable Hosting Plans
  • Dreamhost: cheap monthly plan
  • Bluehost: Beginners best web host


VPS hosting grants you maximum control without having a dedicated server and gives unlimited access to resources. It’s a perfect solution for heavy resource websites such as eCommerce sites experiencing medium to high traffic.Businesses that are also anticipating an expansion soon can enjoy the virtual servers’ stability and reliability. It’s worth trying if you seek a business scaling, trusted hosting environment at an affordable price.

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