Introducing our new payment methods for VPS servers

Introducing our new payment methods for VPS servers

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added six new payment methods to our site, all developed across Europe. These payment methods include Sofort, Giropay, MyBank, eps, Przelewy24, and Bancontact. Here we provide information on each one to help our customers decide which is best suited to their individual needs.

Sofort banking

This is a relatively new payment method that is based on bank transfer as a principle and is now available in eight countries across Europe. These countries include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Compared to a traditional bank transfer, details such as the beneficiary and amount are already filled out, so you are only left to verify the actual payment before it goes ahead. As a customer, you’ve got almost nothing to think about!

Sofort banking is completely safe and secure, as your sensitive details do not need to be saved, and are never visible to any third parties, including us. By using Sofort, feel reassured that your details have not been stored anywhere, and you’ll also save time which would otherwise be wasted entering lengthy card numbers. Because of this, one of the main advantages of this method of bank transfer is the elimination of human error, making it simple and accurate.

There are four main steps for you as a customer to undertake:

1. Selecting their country and bank
2. Logging in with your online banking details
3. Confirming the transfer with a card or pin reader
4. Receiving confirmation that the transfer has taken place

It typically takes two business days for us to receive your payment via this method, but be aware that it can sometimes take up to two weeks.


Giropay is an extremely popular method of payment in Germany and is used in 16% of all online transactions, impressively reaching over 40 million shoppers. All payments made through Giropay are 100% guaranteed, as the platform uses real-time bank transfer.

There are five simple steps:
1. As a customer, you select your bank from an extensive list of Giropay participants
2. You then log in to their online banking
3. You will then be able to review the payment details which have automatically been filled
4. You then need to authorise the payment when you have decided the information is accurate
5. You can expect to receive a confirmation that the process has been completed

Giropay focuses on convenience and safety, with funds being instantly transferred after they have been authorised. Our customers that choose to use Giropay can feel reassured that payments are being facilitated by their own bank, which is also free of charge.


Preferred by many across Italy, MyBank allows for simple and safe digital payments using a customer’s existing online banking service. This works by creating a direct link between the customer’s online bank account and ours, so there is no need for personal data to be stored.

Once you have checked the pre-filled payment information, you will be redirected to our website in a quick and easy process. Giropay has banking security at its core, increasing trust and reassurance for our customers if they choose to use this payment method. Giropay is also based on SEPA payment instructions which means we are able to use the platform seamlessly no matter the location, as can many others across Europe.


Przelewy24 is the most widely used method of payment across Poland and now supports 165 British banks. Przelewy24 is another service we have decided to add to our site, in order to transfer funds between us and our customers. By using Przelewy24, you can choose from a multitude of payment options such as bank transfer from a large number of banks, credit cards, or mobile payments. It’s a very simple process – you just choose Przelewy24 when you are ready to pay, and the transfer will be authorised! Przelewy24guarantees low risks of return and payments are immediately confirmed so there’s no concern about payments failing to authorise. Payments are also securely authenticated using Przelewy24 3D secure.


Eps was developed through a collaboration between the Austrian banks and the Austrian government. Eps have a guarantee on all payments, making it an easy and secure payment choice.

The bank transfer is initiated by you as the customer, and is ‘pushed’ to our accounts through a few simple steps:

1. Customers choose EPS from our list of payment methods
2. They then choose their bank from the list of options
3. Next, there is the option to enter their bank details
4. The payment is confirmed and the customer is being redirected back to our site

While Eps transactions are in Euros, they are automatically and conveniently exchanged to our currency without any input from you!


Previously known as Mister Cash, Bancontact is a market leader in Belgium for electronic payments. The payments are made immediately and in real-time, making the option quick and straightforward. Representing a large portion of the online payment traffic in Belgium, Bancontact gives customers a reliable and simple payment method which is extremely secure.

There are also no charges or reserves, as payments being facilitated by your own bank. This means that as a customer, you can feel secure and reassured that your transaction is completely safe, as your details can only be viewed by yourself within your banking reports.

Whatever your bank or preferred method of payment, one of our six new payment methods will be suited to your needs. If you’re interested In a VPS server host, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and guidance. Before you even have to choose one of these payment methods, you can try out one of our servers free of charge, and experience the long list of benefits.